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Our sleep suits have long arms and legs as well as attached feet, where our body suits are without legs and have short sleeves.

The suit changes colour when the baby’s temperature rises. We have ensured that there are bright white contrasts on the suit to make it easier for you to determine whether the suit is still coloured or whether it has already turned white completely.

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Baby Glow BabyGro Reviews

Product Tested by: Johanne Burns – Baby Ellie 4 Months

Product Tested By Johanne Burns – Baby Ellie 4 Months

Johanne Awarded the Babyglow 5/5

I thought that this product is a brilliant idea. Would be great for babies first few days to give mum peace of mind and it has a nice design too. I think the design is nice and simple I like the logo on the neck of the Babyglow and the little tag at the side. Good that it is available in blue pink or white. Bit plain though (maybe unable to have pattern with the colour changing abilities) The design is practical for new babies as it has poppers down the front for easy dressing of baby. Great quality fabric washed well. No shrinking or going out of shape. Also in my experience a lot of baby grows get worn (bobbly) on the back from winding the baby this baby grow has not done this at all. Ellie is a small baby the Babyglow is quite a wide fit on her, but the fabric still changes colour so great. Ellie does seem to be comfortable in this baby grow. When first looking at this product I thought it would be difficult to wash with the colour changing fabric. But was impressed when discovered it is machine washable and tumble dryer safe fantastic! Only down side is that it can’t dry in direct sunlight so not so good in the summer months. I think it is good value for money if you worry about your babies temp. Would make a great present for new baby especially for first time mums. I think this is a great product and wish i had it when Ellie was first born as a first time mum and I worried about overheating her. Love the free room and head thermometer come in handy and help you to identify any problems with temp quickly.  Not available in premature baby size though, think it would be useful to have it in these smaller sizes. Johanne Burns – Baby Ellie 4 Months

Product Tested By Hayley Richards – Baby Imogen 3 Months

Hayley Awarded the Babyglow 4/5

I was unsure whether I liked this at first but the fabric was very soft and washes well too. She looks very comfortable in it and it caused no irritation at all. I think it’s useful for when your child is ill, but it’s more of a luxury baby item. It’s a lot of money for baby clothes, more than I would pay, but in some situations they may be worth it. This product was awkward to test, seeing as my baby didn’t have a temperature. It is great quality and does what it says on the packet. Hayley Richards – Baby Imogen 3 Months

Product Tested By Harjeet Dial – Baby Milan 15 Weeks

Harjeet Awarded the Babyglow 4/5

At first glance the idea behind the product seems a good one and offers peace of mind to parents. It did seem a little expensive though. The size is good, it was a little big, but my son was early. He can still fit into it, so this is good. At first the fabric appeared a little thin to me, but my son seemed to like it and there were no problems. It also washed well with no problems. My baby looked very comfortable and snug and suffered no bad reactions from wearing it. Very easy to wash, fast drying and doesn’t need ironing. It gives you peace of mind, as it is not always easy to tell if baby is too hot. Having a product that does this for you is great, especially overnight. I feel it is good value for money, considering the returns. I liked the product and will purchase the next size too. Based on the value of what it offers, I now think its good value and have already recommended it to my friends. Harjeet Dial – Baby Milan 15 Weeks

handy and help you to identify any problems with temp quickly


Johanne Awarded the Babyglow 5/5

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