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Baby Kingdom 2-1 hair & body wash

Gently cleanse hair and skin with our kind and mild 2 in 1 hair and body wash. Lovingly created with a mixture of  Aloe vera and Chamomile extracts to soothe, calm and moisturise delicate skin. Nurture skin and hair with Nettle and Panthenol extracts to assist in healing, and protecting. Our 2 in 1 is Sulphate free, to gently cleanse without drying skin and hair or irritating  skin, scalp and eyes.


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Baby Kingdom 2-1 hair & body wash Reviews

Product Tested By Kate Andrews – Arabeth 2 Years

Kate Awarded The Baby Kingdom 2-1 Hair and Body Wash 4.5/5

Lovely packaging, would make a lovely gift, but also concerned about environmental impact. Great to take on holiday/travels as only one bottle needed. Good clear instructions and easy to follow. Very well presented and I liked that it was a pump bottle. Very easy to use, pump action made it very easy to get product out, whilst keeping a free hand to steady my daughter. This was a very good body wash, cleaned well and had a lovely smell.  My daughter enjoyed playing with the foam.  After using this skin was very smooth and soft and didn’t irritate her skin.  This is also a very good hair wash. Was good at cleaning my daughters hair, gave good coverage.  Her hair smelt lovely and clean and her hair was soft and fairly easy to comb through.  We did not need to use this for dry scalp condition.  We used this 3-4 times.  Not vegan but being natural, Paraben free etc. is important to me. The quality of this product is great. I might buy as a present but would not use as a regular thing due to price. I loved the pump action made it ideal for one handed use.  I would recommend if they wanted a cute gift idea.  Great product, loved the presentation and pump action, but expensive and worry about environmental impact with extra packaging. Good experience and daughter liked it, made bathing safer as could use with one hand. Left skin and hair smooth. Kate Andrews – Arabeth 2 Years

Product Tested By Emma Dutton – Elis 2 Years

Emma Awarded The Baby Kingdom 2-1 Hair and Body Wash 4/5

I thought the packaging was really smart and looked expensive.  It’s a good concept, and time saving too. You can wash babies’ hair and then with the residue that’s left on your hands you can wash their body too. Instructions very clear and straight forward. Loved the style of the bottle.  A great pump system, no tops to unscrew which is great when bathing a slippery baby. This was super easy to use. This was a really good body wash.  The smell was amazing.  It was great; it left baby smelling lovely and his skin looking and feeling soft and smooth.  I would’ve given the hair wash top marks, however it seemed to take a long time to wash out of my baby’s hair, he hates the water going over his face so the increased number of rinses that I had to do was a bit too much for him. This hair wash did leave his hair clean and feeling soft.  We did not need to use it to clear dry scalp condition.  We used this 3-5 times a week.  Being a natural product is very important. I try not to use sulphates and paraben based products on my child. A great quality product. So easy to use and left skin feeling soft and smooth. Personally I feel the quality is great but it is very expensive.  Even though I thought it was a great product.  I liked the smell, the ease of application and the way it left my baby’s hair and skin feeling smooth. It was too expensive and it took too many rinses to wash off of my baby’s hair. I would recommend as it really is a lovely product.  It is a great product and smells great product. However it just seems to take too long to rinse off.  I feel that the cost of this product will mean that a lot of mums would find this out of their price range. It is a prestigious product and one that I am sure many well off and celebrity parents would no doubt use.  The smell was great and the packaging and bottle were a great design making the use of the product very easy. Emma Dutton – Elis 2 Years

Product Tested By Siobhra Cran – Sionnach 18 Months

Siobhra Awarded The Baby Kingdom 2-1 Hair and Body Wash 4.4/5

Initially, I was delighted with how generously sized the bottle was and the fact that it was a sulphate free wash, something which is high on my priority list when it comes to finding baby-friendly washes. I know that the company are proud to be British but I wasn’t too taken by the large union jack on the packaging, I felt it was a bit naff.  To be honest, I used all my baby washes for hair and body, whether they’re deemed for ‘hair’ or ‘body’ but I think the concept of a 2 in 1 would be attractive and convenient to those parents who feel slightly more limited and led, if that’s the correct term, by advertising and packaging. Pump, lather and rinse – pretty self-explanatory! 🙂  I really like the pump part of this bottle. It means I can get soap easily and one-handed if necessary. I took the lid off immediately and haven’t used it since, and feel that maybe this is an unnecessary part of the packaging, which contributes to excess plastic waste in a world where we are trying to combat it; a twist lock mechanism might be a more eco-friendly way to go? Once the lid was out of the way, a really easy design to use. I have found that the pump gives out perhaps too much soap in one go as you only need the smallest amount but once I had that figured out, and knew not to press too hard, it was very straightforward.  Absolutely – it was really effective at clearing away muck and general baby grime very quickly! My son enjoys drawing on his legs and the soap worked very well and washing it off with minimal effort.  I find this difficult to answer to be honest as I think my baby’s skin is always soft and smooth.  I would confidently say that it didn’t have any negative effects on his skin though- and he has very sensitive skin so that’s a big deal! A little really goes a long way with this stuff! It lathers really nicely and is easy to rinse out. There have been times when I haven’t rinsed it out as well as I should have but it has just dried away and not had any negative effect on my baby’s scalp or hair.  It has a lovely smell and has given my son very shiny, sleek and soft hair. Worth noting also that the smell is mild enough to not be irritating or feel ‘over-perfumed’.  My son has never suffered from dry scalp, however, at times, if I haven’t rinsed other soap brands out well enough; it has caused some dry patches. This did not happen with this wash. We used this pretty much every night on his hair and his body. Being sulphate free has always been a priority for me when purchasing washes for my son after reading some articles about it. I was not as aware of the harmfulness of parabens if I’m honest, but this will not be important for me also when choosing washes for my son. Whether or not a product is vegan friendly is not something that concerns more or that I find important.  A really good product, smells good, works well, convenient bottle for one-handed bath times. I really like how long it lasts and how it lathers so quickly and cleans away dirt so efficiently. My son isn’t the biggest fan of baths at the moment so the speed at which this works is really important to me! It comes in a very good quality bottle and the outer packaging is also luxurious and gives a good first impression of the product.  Normally, I wouldn’t even consider spending £18 on some hair and body wash for my son, however, I do actually feel that this product offers excellent value for money as it lasts for so long! I only need to use the smallest amount and over the time I’ve used it, I’d have used 3 or 4 times the amount of popular child’s wash brands.  I really like how it is sulphate free (and paraben free!). I don’t think enough people are aware of the dangers of these and I think it’s fantastic that it’s advertised so clearly on their packaging. Also a big fan of the fact that it lasts for so long – and that the pump is that little bit too hard for little hands to pump themselves… definitely contributes to less soap waste during bath time! :).  I would buy this as it works out as excellent value for money and is super kind to my little boy’s sensitive skin. It’s also difficult to find decent children’s washes that are sulphate free.  I would recommend with the warning that the price tag seems quite high initially but is actually worth it as it lasts so long. Overall I really like this product and feel happy and confident using it on my son’s sensitive skin. I have, however, marked down for the excessive packaging. My husband and I both came up with similar opinions on this product, summarised as follows: kind to skin, washes out well, easy to use pump, smells nice, lasts ages, lathers really well, and cleans effectively and without too much effort. Siobhra Cran – Sionnach 18 Months



Great product, loved the presentation and pump action, but expensive and worry about environmental impact with extra packaging. Good experience and daughter liked it, made bathing safer as could use with one hand. Left skin and hair smooth.


Kate Awarded The Baby Kingdom 2-1 Hair and Body Wash 4.5/5

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