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Baby nose-clear Vapour-ring

 The 4little1 Baby nose-clear Vapour-Ring helps clear baby’s nose for easier feeding. It is impregnated with a helpful natural vapour to clear baby’s nose. It is mess free, easy to use and simply pops on any standard wide neck bottle.Each pack includes 3 rings individually sealed in resealable sachets. Each ring can be used multiple times and then stored in the sachet. The vapour will gradual reduce depending on the time spent out of the bag. When the vapour in a ring fades simply discard and replace. Depending on the length of the feeds each ring should last for around 24 feeds, which is 72 feeds per pack.Designed by a clever dad and Winner of 3 innovation awards.Also available from Boots and leading independent pharmacies. 

Each pack contains 3 rings in convenient sachets• Each ring lasts around 24 feeds – so 72 feeds per pack •100% natural vapour, safe pre-metered dose• Simply pops over standard wide neck bottles• Mess free to protect baby’s sensitive skin and eyes• BPA Free• From 3 months 

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Baby nose-clear Vapour-ring Reviews

Product Tested by: Shirley Everitt – Faith 4 Months

Product Tested By Shirley Everitt – Faith 4 Months

Shirley Awarded The Baby nose-clear Vapour-ring 5/5

Nice packaging all the information you need to see whether it is right for you and your baby. Attractive packaging lots of details about the product, how it works and tells you what bottles it fits. Very clear. The instructions with this product are very easy and simple to follow and use on a day to day basis. As being a full time parent you haven’t always got the time to read loads of instructions, but this does give you all the information you need. These are extremely easy to fit onto bottles you just open the packet remove the ring and press firmly onto the teat as close as you can to the teat holder/ring.  Could not be simpler! These are very easy to remove so you can clean the bottle and they slip back off very easily with a little pull. They really helped and they are fantastic. After my little girl had her immunisations she devolved a cold and a very snuffly nose and it was hard for her to feed but these really helped clear her nose as at her age there is not much you can give to them. In my personal opinion I think the vapour aroma was just right if it had been too strong for her I would have stopped using them straight away. They are only recommended for 3 months plus. They last ages if you use them as directed on the box after every feed try and take them off the bottle and place back into the resealable packet after wiping.  I did not do this with the first one as I completely forgot.  Thevapour was still as strong after it had been out of the packet for around four days. I think this product is very wellmade very strong and sturdy (the plastic ring that contains the vapour). Very good value for money with 3 in a pack they are brilliant and last ages worth every penny. A design suggestion you could make them to fit other bottles e.g. Tommee Tippee normal bottles and the vital like breast bottles. As I know a lot of people now use these brands. Also if they could make them for older babies/toddlers to put on sippy cups they would also be brilliant and a fantastic buy. I will buy these as soon as I run out and will always keep a pack in the cupboard as you never know when your little one will get the snuffles. I will recommend this product to all my friends with babies and parents to be. I think this product is fantastic a great buy and a must have. Shirley Everitt – Faith 4 Months

Product Tested By Anna Hartley – Amelia 7 Months

Anna Awarded The Baby nose-clear Vapour-ring 4.3/5

Good idea, good design. I like that each ring is reusable, not single-use. Not over packaged, recyclable and I liked the resealable packets. Clear,concise instructions. Easy to fit to the bottles they worked with, i.e. Philips Avent. Stayed put too until removed. When you needed to remove these came straight off easily. Amelia had a cold for a couple of weeks while trying this product and I think it definitely helped keep her nose clear while feeding. I found the aroma quite strong at first but it didn’t seem to affect Amelia’s feeding. Much better second time around. They lasted a couple of days before replacing, approx. 6 feeds. Seems very good quality, well made. Good value for money especially as they are not single-use rings. A different design maybe required to work with other bottles. I mainly use TommeeTippee bottles which the ring does not fit. I would purchase this product and definitely recommend. Easy to use item that does the job, providing you have the right bottles. Anna Hartley– Amelia 7 Months


Product tested By Karen Smythe – Sylvia 8 Months

Karen AwardedThe Baby nose-clear Vapour-ring 4.5/5

This looked like a really good idea and neatly packaged. Box is informative and the rings come in a sealed packet which is great to use again. Instructions were very easy to follow. I found these very easy to fit onto our bottles. Only trouble is did not fit all of our bottles as we have Tommee Tippee bottles along with others (always have loads as a mum) but these did not fit. Once these were fitted on the bottle they were secure and you could certainly smell the menthol aroma. These are so simple to remove and just place back in packet and they keep the aroma for when you are ready to use again. I found these certainly cleared Sylvia’s nasal passage and when she was a bit sniffly these certainly helped. I thought the aroma was strong, but when you have a blocked nose you need this to clear the nasal passage and never seemed to worry my daughter. Each ring would last for 5-8 feeds. The quality is good a neat little design and fitted some of our bottles very well. Certainly good value for money. I would suggest making these in a range of sizes to fit all bottles as many of us have a range of bottles and you really need a universal fit. I would buy this product as very effective and easy and safe to use. Would recommend. Kept my daughter happier when feeding as helped to clear her nasal passage and she was able to feed a lot easier. Karen Smythe – Sylvia 8 Months


I think this product is fantastic a great buy and a must have  


Shirley Awarded The Baby nose-clear Vapour-ring 5/5 


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