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Baby Robot

Published by DK Children
This interactive baby book with 6 sounds and sparkly LED lights will keep little picture book fans entertained as they follow the story of a robot who has lost his noisy sounds!Press Baby Robot’s button to hear him make a whirr-whirr, beep, buzz sound and to switch on his twinkly lights. Then name his body parts, touch his circle button to hear him click, bleep, and ping, and follow him as he has a very busy day. But after all the fun, Baby Robot feels tired. His lights aren’t working, and he’s lost his noisy sounds! Baby Robot wishes he could still have cool lights like his toy car, sound amazing like the phone, and play a beautiful lullaby like his musical box. Luckily, Big Robot knows what to do. Baby Robot just needs a rest! The next day Baby Robot’s battery is recharged, and he lights up, beeps, buzzes, pings, and plays a tune. Baby Robot feels great!Baby Robot: A Beep-buzz!, Light-up Story has simple text that helps babies and toddlers learn that we all need a rest to be at our best. The book has different shaped sound buttons, helping little ones to learn shapes. In addition, touching the buttons to turn on the sounds and lights helps children develop fine motor skills, as well as stimulating their senses, and teaching them cause-and-effect, which encourages logical thinking.With so much for children to learn and lots to delight them, Baby Robot: A Beep-buzz, Light-up Story is a unique, early learning, light and sound book, a great sensory toy for babies and toddlers, and perfect for anyone who wants an imaginative, novelty robot book for kids.With 3 replaceable button cell batteries.

Bizziebaby Bronze Award Winner 2018 – Baby Books Category

£11.99 Available, Waterstones and online here

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Baby Robot Reviews

Product Tested by:

Product Tested By Helen Anslow – Harrison 16 Months

Helen Awarded The Baby Robot Book 5/5

A colourful front cover with a good illustration. It was thick and chunky, good to have thick pages to turn for little fingers. It was a lovely bedtime story. The sound effects were loved by my son. The front cover is very appealing and my son was keen to open it. He enjoyed listening to the story and enjoyed pressing the buttons too. It certainly was an entertaining book for my son. Illustrations are colourful and well-drawn.My son loved the lights and sounds. He kept pressing the buttons and pointing to the lights. He is only 16 months old and not ready to understand shapes yet. I do believe this is a good educational book for the future. Excellent quality and very good value. I loved the lights and sounds made it a winner for my son. I would buy this book. It’s a nice story to relax to that gives the child something extra to look at and listen to. I would recommend as it is a good sensory book. A colourful, well-illustrated book, that includes lights and sounds that keep the child interested. Helen Anslow – Harrison 16 Months

Product Tested By Gareth Howard – Hugo 17 Months

Gareth Awarded The Baby Robot Book 4/5

Well packaged, Good Quality Book. A good concept about needing rest after doing things and learning things. Bright, Colourful, engaging front cover that with the extra light up and sound option, Hugo wanted to open it straight away. My son did enjoy reading this book and it certainly kept him entertained. The illustrations are bold, creative and good detail. Hugo loved this extra to the book and the lights were great and he loved going back to each page to press the button again. This book will help him learn about shapes.He is a bit young to fully comprehend but we started talking about them and pointing to the different shapes. This is a fun educational book and great book to have for your child.Quality is very good. I think story could be a bit longer for the price. I really liked the interactive touch button to show the robots emotion was great and the lights kept Hugo entertained too.I would purchase this book. I would recommend. Our little boy totally loved the book, the interaction with each page and the sounds and lights kept him entertained and wanting more! A great children’s book! Gareth Howard – Hugo 17 Months

Product Tested By Claire Gooding Matthews – Henry 4 Years

Claire Awarded The Baby Robot Book 4/5

Looked interesting and fun. Thought being a board book it was aimed at a younger child. I liked the lights and sounds to help engage the child during story telling. My child was interested in the lights and sounds and the fact it was a robot. I thought front cover was eye catching. Was interested the first time but never asked for the book again and always chose other books over this one. This did initially keep him entertained pressing buttons, but not ongoing. Lovely illustrations, colourful, eye catching. The sounds and sparkly lights are really engaging and he enjoyed pressing the buttons. My son already knew about shapes so would not say this helped. I believe this would be educational for a younger child. Excellent quality, hard wearing book that would keep its quality after multiple reads. I feel the £11.99 price mark is a little high. I really loved the noises and lights as they helped keep child’s interest. I would not buy for my son’s age group as feel more suitable for a younger child. I would recommend as it’s a great book with a lovely story line. A lovely engaging book, for younger children. Entertaining with a lovely story line. Lovely book unfortunately my boy wasn’t overly interested as in my opinion it was aimed at a younger audience. Claire Gooding Matthews – Henry 4 Years


Helen Awarded The Baby Robot Book 5/5

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