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Baby Sign Bamba’s Chatter Boxes

Bamba’s Chatter Boxes Suitable 6 Months Plus. Box contains Bamba and 5 every day objects. Each object is paired with a simple hand sign. All the objects are specially chosen as they are related to the early language development of young babies and are the objects/concepts they are likely to experience early. Box contains a Bottle (sign drink), Spoon (sign food), Blanket (sign bed), Mirror (sign Ah-look at me), Bath Flannel (sign bath) and Bamba (sign monkey).

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Baby Sign Bamba’s Chatter Boxes Reviews

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Product Tested By Polly Osburne – Katie Aged 2 Years 6 Months

Polly Awarded The Baby Sign ‘Bambas Chatter Box’ 4/5

My first impression was that it’s so child friendly and cuddly.  Idea is fantastic and superb outcome with this teaching toy.  It encourages little ones to use hands if they have difficulty in saying a certain word.  I have 3 children, eldest being 8.  As soon as I have got the 2 babies settled we played with the chatterbox.  Ideal to use after tea and before bedtime.  As Katie is slightly behind in her speech for her age, it has become a great help and has made things easier.  This has also helped reduce frustration for Katie.  It was a bit of a hit and miss situation at first as with all learning toys, but as soon as Katie was comfortable with this then she really started to enjoy playing.  Signs are very easy to pick up.  All of the family have joined in learning signs, and it has been fun for all of us.  The quality of this product is fantastic and definitely value for money.  Design is perfect, but could do with a few more signs to learn. An item well worth purchasing and rest of family agree with us after enjoying joining in the fun.  Fantastic product and fantastic outcome with our daugher.  All kiddies of pre-school age could benefit from this product.  Polly Osburne – Katie Aged 2 Years 6 Months


Product Tested By Elaine Chapman – Baby Neve 10 Months

Elaine Awarded The Baby Sign ‘Bambas Chatter Box’ 4.8/5

Came in an attractive box which was appealing to both parent and child.  My daughter also liked the individual compartments and the way we put the same things back in their place.  I am very pleased to have reviewed this product as I had planned to use sign with her somehow.  Very easy to implemet.  The booklet says you just use them to encourage your child to tell you what they want ie. thirsty by showing the monkey using the bottle and showing the sign for drink.  Neve soon picked this up and told me when she needed a drink.  This makes communicating so much easier with Neve and she now try’s to make sounds connected with the sign especially bye bye.  Neve is a calm child and does not seem to get frustrated.  However she will repeat the sign if I don’t react quick enough now.  Loved using this as it is a fun idea.  I have a 4 year old son and he has helped Neve and himself to learn simple signs.  The signs are very easy to reproduce.  Neve’s 4 year old brother has picked sings up and we have also include other signs we have learnt from a friend of mine.  Great quality, nice velvet feel especially the blanket which has become a favourite for Neve.  I would spend £30 on this but maybe only as I wanted my child to learn sign before I knew about this product.  However, I do think to attract other parents price could come down slightly.  Design is good but the compartments need to be more ridged as part of keeping it as a learning tool is putting it back for the next time (although the blanket is allowed to stay out, or we have tears) and they have had to have a few sellotape repair jobs performed.  This is very useful and does what it says it will.  I am hoping to pass this onto my cousin who is due to have her baby in May.  Excellent!  A fun and interesting way to teach sign, and can involve older siblings encouraging them to learn and share.  Elaine Chapman – Baby Neve 10 Months


Product Tested By Alice Bignami – Baby Julia 10 Months

Alice Awarded The Baby Sign ‘Bambas Chatter Box’ 4/5

The monkey Bamba and her accessories look colourful, feel very soft and make you want to play with them straight away.  I think it is useful to teach my baby to communicate with me so that I can better understand what she wants and she can better understand the world around her.  To start with I found it quite easy to implement baby sign into our routines by using Bamba’s toys while playing with my baby and using only signs, facial expressions and diferent tones of voice outside play time.  But I did not find it very easy to be consistent.  I think that the communication between my baby and me has improved after using Bamba’s toys, and certainly helped reduce her frustration when communicating.  It was fun and rewarding using baby signs and watching my baby responding.  The signs are easy to reproduce and you can also make your own signs.  This is well designed and the instructions easy to follow.  Personally I do think this is a bit expensive.  I would probably recommend to friends and family who are "dealing with" their first child so that it may help them in becoming more aware of the different ways of communicating with their babies and it may reassure them.  I would also recommend it for babies or children with learning difficulties.  Overall I think it is a useful product if you want to become more aware of communication processes and if you want to improve communication.  Alice Bignami – Baby Julia 10 Months

All kiddies of pre-school age could benefit from this product.


Polly Awarded the Baby Sign Factory ‘Bambas Chatter Box’ 4/5

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