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Baby Touch & Feel ‘Bathtime’ Book

About Baby Touch and Feel Bathtime

Help your baby discover all about bathtime with touch and feel textures

Stroke, tickle and touch the textures together with your baby and help them discover all about bathtime. Let their little hands roam and feel how shiny the bath ducks are and how soft the fleecy towels feel. They’ll learn as you play.

Twinkly, bumpy, scaly, silky, sandy, sticky and shiny textures in a chunky package: perfect for encouraging tiny fingers to explore and tiny minds to develop.

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£3.99 Available or Waterstones

Baby Touch & Feel ‘Bathtime’ Book Reviews

Product Tested by: Inga Semjonova – Oksana Aged 2 Years

Product tested by Inga Semjonova – Oksana Aged 2 Years

Inga Awarded Dorling Kindersley Touch & Feel Baby Bathtime Book 5/5

Very bright to look at and very pleasant to touch book. High quality (it is still alive, usually any book doesn’t survive in our little hands). My daughter was veryimpressed.  It has captured her attention and she is still enjoying the benefits of this book after a few weeks.  She loves the pictures and the textures and looking inside.  We both loved this book and very stimulating for young minds. I would definitely buy it and recommend it to all parents. We just loved it. Inga Semjonova – Oksana Aged 2 Years

Product Tested By Lucinda Tooth – Charlotte Aged 1 Year

Lucinda awarded Dorling Kindersley Touch & Feel Baby Bathtime Book  3.7/5

This is a chunky, bright and fun book. There are not many books for 0 – 3yrs old. Good thick and high shine wipeable pages. Unfortunately my little girl tried to drop it in the bath! She understood the bath-time concept and tried to get it to join in…..! Very interested in the fluffy towels and textured not as keen on the smooth pages as didn’t feel that different than the shiny page. She kept on turning the pages to the fluffy towel page. There is no real story, just pictures and words which is suitable for the age range but will quickly become boring as she develops. She liked looking at the book but maybe would have been better with lift up flaps or squeaks. I felt it was a shame that she couldn’t read it in the bath?! Personally I would not purchase this particular book but would definitely consider looking at others within range. Overall it is a fun, bright wipeable book.  Only problem is my daughter thought it was also a washable book! Lucinda Tooth – Charlotte Aged 1 Year

Product Tested By Natasha Brassil – Aiden 3 Years and Elliot 1 Years

Natasha Awarded Dorling Kindersley Touch & Feel Baby Bathtime  Book 5/5

Bright and sweet with simple yet interesting illustrations and well designed for little hands to manage. The website is easy to navigate and information is arranged clearly. I liked that you could see a selection of pages from the inside of the Bath time book – always helpful when purchasing children’s picture books online. DK publish a fantastic range of children’s books. Bath time seems sturdily made with lovely materials. After a month banging around in my handbag it still looks great. My little one liked the look of Bath time – it’s a good size for him to hold with a lovely soft cover and safe curved corners, cute illustration, sparkly writing and little felt inserts to capture his attention. My older son was interested too. We both like the illustrations. They are colourful and simple, so easy to interpret, and he especially likes the sparkles and the touch and feel sections. My one year old loves this book. He squeals and grunts and points and plays and really seems to engage with the material. Bath time is a picture book with some descriptive text and not a storybook as such. Eliot has started to identify the objects in this book as they appear in every day life so I have found it stimulating for him. For example he has learned to quack when he sees ducks which we all found very exciting. Overall, for a simple, inexpensive picture book I have found Bath time surprisingly entertaining for my boys. This book has become a standard addition to my handbag on our trips out. It never fails to entertain my little one and even my older son enjoys reading it. Natasha Brassil – Aiden 3 Years and Elliot 1 Years

We both loved this book and very stimulating for young minds.



Inga Awarded Dorling Kindersley Touch & Feel  Baby Bathtime Book Top Marks 5/5


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