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BABYBJÖRN Baby Carrier Miracle


  • Waist belt and flexible carrying for superior comfort

    New, adjustable design with an ergonomic waist belt allows flexible carrying in a variety of ways.

  • Fits baby perfectly – from newborn up to 15 months

    Developed in collaboration with pediatricians to fit your baby perfectly. No extra insert needed.

  • Extra soft and durable fabric

    Made from a soft, durable cotton mix. Non-chafing seams.


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BABYBJÖRN Baby Carrier Miracle Reviews

Product Tested by: Paula Blair – Thomas 5 Weeks and 6 Days Old

Product Tested By Paula Blair – Thomas 5 Weeks and 6 Days Old

Paula Awarded The Babybjorn Miracle Carrier 5/5

My first impression of the Miracle Carrier was that of high quality.  The packaging was impressive and the instruction manual was thorough yet straight forward.  I was blown away at how substantial the product was and at the high quality fabric that it was made of – with no rough nylon or synthetics that would dig into you once a baby was inside it.  I was also impressed with the measure on the front of the carrier which would adjust to suit the size of your baby!  All in all I was blown away by the luxurious item that arrived and felt eager and excited to put my precious baby in it! I started to use the Miracle carrier when my Son was 8 days old and I found it easier to carry him in the Miracle Carrier than to push him in the pram as I had had a c section. It’s made out of a very soft but strong fabric and the design made it very comfortable and supporting around the shoulders and back. The design makes it so easy to adjust around the shoulders and lower back and the tape measure in the seat is perfect for any woman with Baby Brain as you don’t have to try and think about the weight of your baby, just the length. You put it on like a back-pack; clip it together and you’re ready to go!  It’s so easy – especially when you have a newborn in your arms. It’s so easy to “load’ the baby into the carrier (especially a 9lber) as each side unclips and slides into place so easily. The adjustable head support meant that not only was my Sons “floppy” head supported but I was confident to carry on with household chores and playing with my toddler and not worry about having to hold his head to stop it moving.  I have also found that my newborn sleeps better in the Miracle Carrier than in the pram as not only is his head close to my body but he feels so secure and comfortable. I found that the Miracle Carrier was that comfortable that I didn’t realise that I was wearing it!  The straps are made out of a soft but padded material and are designed to evenly spread the weight of the baby so that there is no pressure on either the lower back or the shoulders!  I found that not only did it support the baby, but it also supported my bad back and improved my posture when I was carrying the baby in it!  I would say that the Miracle Carrier was more comfortable to wear than my favourite bra! In fact it’s that comfortable to wear that I have a running battle with my Husband as to who will wear it and carry our Son in it!  It has now become my best friend whilst pushing my 17 month old in her trike! My routine has improved since I’ve been carrying my newborn in the miracle carrier.  Not only because I am confident not to have to hold on to my son in the carrier but because whenever he goes in it has he gone into a wonderful sleep! He is close to my chest and can hear my heartbeat but he feels secure and comfortable.  I have also found that my Son doesn’t get as distressed in the Miracle Carrier in the hot weather as he does in his pram. I think the Miracle Carrier is very versatile. I’ve started adjusting the height measure as my Son is growing rapidly and I find this is a fabulous feature. I think the Miracle Carrier is excellent value for money, however, I feel that some Parents would be put off by the price as they would not appreciate how good this carrier is compared to others and I feel that a lot of parents would see this is a 5 minute wonder and a waste of money!  It’s only when you try the product that you appreciate how good it is and what good value for money it is! I will definitely continue to use it. The Miracle Carrier is my new best friend.   The only problem I have is getting it off my Husband! I have already recommended the Miracle Carrier to my pregnant friends. I’d like to give the Miracle Carrier a 10/5 but that’s not allowed!  Fantastic item – just wish Baby Bjorn would create some sort of sleeping bag for a night time! Testing the Miracle Carrier has been a wonderful experience.  It’s made coping with a newborn and a toddler so much easier as I can strap my newborn on and not have to worry about him whilst carrying on with my usual routine of housework and play.  I can’t recommend this product enough especially for women who have had c sections. Paula Blair – Thomas 5 Weeks and 6 Days Old

Product Tested By Sarah Waldron – Lewis 8 Weeks

Sarah Awarded The Babybjorn Miracle Carrier 4.6/5

At first I thought it looked difficult to use and wasn’t too sure it would be comfortable for me and my baby. I did use it for my newborn; it took a while to work out how to adjust all the straps and some where quite tough to move. All parts that are next to my baby’s skin are nice and soft. Outside is of good quality and easily cleaned, very hardwearing. First use is difficult but after practising it becomes very easy to adjust and put on. If you have a wiggly baby (like I do) it can be awkward trying to hold baby safely and strap him in. You need to develop the ‘knack’ of putting him in. Once Lewis was in the carrier, he was very snug and I felt he was very secure. I had no worries about his safety at all. This carrier is very comfortable because you can adjust it around your lower back; it was excellent for me as I have a back problem, but was also very good for my husband. Having Lewis strapped to me, I was able to hoover or do some baking with him close to me and he was happy and safe so I could carry on with my daily routines. Lewis was happy from the first time he was put into the carrier at 2 weeks old. We didn’t try any of the other features. When Lewis is bigger we can turn him around to face forward, but as he is so small we couldn’t try it out yet! It is quite expensive but I think over time, with its hard wearing material and being able to turn your baby around, you will get lots of use. I will continue to use the carrier. My husband uses the carrier whenever he can as it makes him feel closer to Lewis. I will use it when I go for walks or if I need to get things done around the house. We will definitely be recommending this to family and friends. After being slightly scared looking at the instructions, which were not particularly clear, I decided to just put the carrier on and work it out for myself. There are some picture instructions on the actual carrier which did help a bit, but just playing with it was definitely the way to go. I was really surprised at how comfortable and secure it felt especially around my back. It was difficult to get Lewis into the carrier without help when he was 2 weeks old but as he got bigger I was able to get him in fairly easily. Even though he is a wiggler, I had mastered the best and quickest way of getting him in it easy. Lewis is quite heavy (13lbs) but it doesn’t cause a problem carrying him. I know we will be using this for a long time as both Lewis, my husband and myself are very happy and feel secure using it.  Sarah Waldron – Lewis 8 Weeks

Product Tested By Lindsay Smith – Jayden 9 Weeks

Lindsay Awarded The Babybjorn Miracle Carrier 4.8/5

Straight away, my initial impression was that this carrier looked of superb quality. I played about with it before I put my baby in so I got used to how to adjust things and so on. I put Jayden in it when she was 3 weeks old and she looked so snug and comfy. The fabric quality is fantastic, and I was pleased at how padded the carrier was. I did find adjusting it very easy after I had done it the first time. It was straight forward getting on and off too and I found it very easy to get my baby in and out of it which is another great thing about this carrier. Jayden was so secure, once in the carrier and I felt total confidence with her being there. The adjustable head support was fantastic too and I could move around freely and carry on with the usual things around the house. I would walk into town wearing this, carrying Jayden and was really pleased because it was so comfy to wear and I knew that my baby was comfortable too. Even my husband was impressed with it and carried Jayden quite a few times too so great for Mommy and Daddy. My daily routine actually got better as I was able to do more. If I came back from the shops and Jayden was asleep, I just kept it on and put my shopping away or I would carry on with a few other jobs. I know she likes being in her carrier because she never gets upset. She actually falls asleep and if she wasn’t comfy I am sure she would have made that clear by now. I have used the height adjustment feature since having the carrier and I thought this was a great addition too. It’s very versatile and once my baby is old enough, we can put her front facing if we wanted too. It does seem a bit pricey but for me it’s totally worth it as it’s so versatile. I will definitely continue to use it and have already recommended it to my friends who are expecting at the minute. My overall experience of this baby carrier is, it’s fantastic. It’s safe, snug and secure for both baby and user. I felt total confidence using it, which I think is very important when it’s for something as special as your baby. Lindsay Smith – Jayden 9 Weeks

I can’t recommend this product enough especially for women who have had c sections.


Paula Awarded The Babybjorn Miracle Carrier 5/5

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