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BabyBjorn Bouncer Balance Soft

Bouncer Balance Soft
Natural rocking and fun
Soft design for an extra cosy feeling
Soft fabric, round forms and supportive design create an extra cosy feeling for your baby.Rocking that develops motor skills and balance
The enjoyable rocking develops your baby’s motor skills and balance in a natural way. No batteries are needed.Proper head and back support
The ergonomic design of the bouncer gives your baby proper support from age newborn.

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BabyBjorn Bouncer Balance Soft Reviews

Product Tested by: Rosie Steven – Thea 10 Weeks


Product Tested By Rosie Steven – Thea 10 Weeks

Rosie Awarded The Baby Bjorn Bouncer Balance Soft 4.7/5

It was easy to use, straight from the box with no putting together. It was clear to see how it worked at first glance without having to look at the instructions. The fabric used is of a lovely quality, whilst the underlying construction struck me as being robust.  A great first impression, I was excited to get my baby strapped in! The quality of the chair is very good. The fabric has a nice natural feel to it, without any roughness. The metal frame is amazingly strong, yet flexible; give it a nice smooth bounce.  Again it has a sound quality feel to it, and certainly suggests that it will endure all that a little one or two might throw at it! The fabric used is lovely. With nice soft cotton feel to it with no roughness, but still gives me confidence that it’s robust enough not only my baby, but also my older child. I only removed the cover today to wash it for writing this review as it spot cleans so easily, or has hidden the dirt well! The cover slipped on and off the metal frame unbelievably easy considering how secure it feels. I washed it at 40 and it has washed nicely. I have just slipped it back on the frame to dry there. There appears to have been no shrinkage and the fabric has held its colour well. I would only mark it down slightly as it gathers fluff on the surface of the fabric, which is really nit-picky, but nothings perfect! There are good varieties of seating positions, though it might be better to have one more that was flatter again. Maybe it will go flatter when the bambino gets heavier of course! This chair is very easy to put up and take down with one hand and stores into a nice small place, with an almost flat profile.  Also it is nice a light to carry at the same time as baby. I don’t think I have another piece of baby equipment that stores so small.   If it were essential to my baby settling, then yes it would be easy to put into the car for a self-catering holiday where we were taking the car. It certainly wouldn’t take up much room. I would definitely consider taking it on holiday in the UK.  It would also be possible to pack round it in a large suitcase for flying. It’s flat enough to go in a large suitcase and not so heavy it would take up your whole weight entitlement. My daughter has increasingly enjoyed the chair. I think at first she was a bit little for it, particularly as she is a very cuddly baby and would ideally like to be cuddled the whole time! As she gains more skills she is enjoying it more as she can be upright and watch what’s going on round about her now.  We were certainly getting big smiles in it today when she was watching me potter around the kitchen! I will definitely continue to use it, it’s a great product to have somewhere like our (dining) kitchen, where the demands on the space are continually changing; one minute its kitchen next it’s a speedway. I can easily pop her into this for a few minutes as it isn’t bulky or tricky to put up and down. The harness at the front is really easy use too, not quite a one handed job yet, but that will come with practice. I would recommend this to my family and friends. I have another bouncer, which vibrates, and definitely prefer this one, despite being over the price, it’s so much better than the one I already have. The bouncing action is so much smoother and reflects how much the child needs bounced whereas my other one is clunkier and takes up a lot of space in comparison. If the child takes to it, it would be a better investment as it works as a child’s seat as well. I’ve lost count of the number of children’s seats I’ve bought that now lie unused. I could see how a child would stick with this chair through into toddlerhood.  My 3 year old certainly likes sitting in it, even though she’s a bit on the heavy side for it.  This is a very nice piece of kit, perhaps not on the essentials list, but I’d definitely say it’s a fantastic bit of kit that if you are looking for a bouncer, definitely spend the extra and invest in this over a cheaper alternative. A beautifully designed and highly functional piece of baby equipment, it just helps to make life with our baby just a little bit easier.  Rosie Steven – Thea 10 Weeks


Product Tested By Rachael Pearce – James 9 Weeks


Rachael Awarded The Baby Bjorn Bouncer Balance Soft 4.5/5

I thought this looked nice and easy to use when I first saw it. The chair is good quality and seemed sturdy. The material used is good quality, washed well however does attract fluff, but the colour (black) might have made that more obvious. You do get other seating positions available but I have only really used the lowest setting so far due to baby’s age. This chair is very compact; folds flat and stores very easily. It is very portable too and we have taken it to the Grandparents.  James seemed to like being in the chair; he likes that it bounces when he moves. We will definitely continue to use it. I would recommend it to family and friends.  We like this chair and have enjoyed trying it out and look forward to using it more as our baby gets bigger. Rachael Pearce – James 9 Weeks


Product Tested By KatieGodden – Tilly 24 Weeks


Katie Awarded The Baby Bjorn Bouncer Balance Soft 4.8/5

This chair looked good, not complicated but expensive. Theq uality is very good and sturdy.  My Daughter is long but can sit nicely in this chair without looking like her feet will be on the floor in another couple of weeks.  Also when she bounces it herself and kicks her legs she is kicking fabric not hard plastic which is often the case with many other chairs. The material is very practical, cleans well and dries quickly.  It also moulds to the baby so they don’t have that awkward look that their head is pushed forward.  Onlyn egative is it collects dust easily! This chair has a few seating positions and is good to have a choice but at 24 weeks my daughter prefers to be in the most upright position. It is so easy to store. This is certainly a positive feature of the product. Very compact and easy to store when folded and easy to fold and put back up again.  It is very portable too; fits easily in the car taking up little space. Tilly absolutely loves this chair and she is able to control the bounce herself.  This has become our go to chair as she enjoys herself in it. I will definitely continue to use it. I would recommend it to others based on product not price.  It loses a point on price, nothing more. This is a fabulous product but hugely over priced in my opinion.  It would not have been a chair we would have experienced if we were looking for one to buy because of this.  Katie Godden – Tilly 24 Weeks



It’s a fantastic bit of kit that if you are looking for a bouncer, definitely spend the extra and invest in this over a cheaper alternative. A beautifully designed and highly functional piece of baby equipment, it just helps to make life with our baby just a little bit easier.


Rosie Awarded The Baby Bjorn Bouncer Balance Soft 4.7/5

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