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BabyBjorn Smart Potty

The Babybjorn Smart Potty is the perfect combination of function and convenience.  It is small, yet stable and easy to empty and clean.  Ideal potty for small bathroom.  It takes up minimal space and is easy to take with you.  With its ergonomic design and soft lines, the Smart Potty is also nice and comfortable for your child.

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BabyBjorn Smart Potty Reviews

Product Tested by: Lynn Potts – Joey Aged 2 Years

Product Tested By Lynn Potts – Joey Aged 2 Years

Lynn Awarded The BabyBjorn Smart Potty 3.6/5

Nice simple design in good bright colours. Well presented website, easy to navigate with clear photographs of products and a nice straightforward layout. When delivered arrived in a plastic bag. Fairly traditional shape – nice soft lines though – no sharp edges and raised front is good for splash prevention.   Just about right for a 2 year old bum. Not entirely ‘portable’ as suggested on website though! Certainly looked comfortable to sit on. Joey does not like potties, but then he doesn’t like potties in general it would seem.  I like the insert – much more practical than attempting to wash the whole thing when cleaning it. Excellent quality. I like the rubber base too for the stability.  Having seen the price on some well known websites, I wouldn’t pay that much for it. Perhaps would pay 2/3 of that or slightly more. Would not purchase at the full price. I would recommend based on the functionally.  I think it’s very good and if they were prepared to pay for it then I’d be happy to recommend.   It’s nothing radical frankly, but it is very comfy looking and the pullout insert is excellent. Lynn Potts – Joey Aged 2 Years

Product Tested By Kim Tonkinson – Baylie Aged 2 Years 5 Months

Kim Awarded The BabyBjorn Smart Potty 4.5/5

I am very impressed with this item, it looks great and my daughter stuck straight to using it. She especially finds it comfy and loves the teddy on the front. The Babyjorn website was full of products and useful information. It was laid out very well which meant I could get round the site with ease. The Smart potty did not come in any box however came in bag. Not sure if this was because it was posted out to me. I am very impressed with the potty shape. My daughter finds it very comfortable and I found it easy to clean as the part where wee/poo was could be removed and cleaned separately.  The potty size was perfect. It is small enough to keep in what ever room my daughter was so being this size helped with my daughter’s potty training. The potty looks very comfortable. My daughter had a previous potty which she used to hate to site on however she now loves sitting on the smart potty.  Baylie loves the smart potty. She is telling everyone about it when they come to visit. From detail to the small teddy bear on the front, my daughter loves this potty.  The potty is very easy to empty & clean as it has a removable area where the wee/poo is. The quality of the product is outstanding. One point I noticed which was very good was around the base of the potty there was a material that made the potty grip the floor which meant none/less accidents where potty has fallen or been knocked over.   The price at 1st does seem a little expensive however after using the potty I would reconsider buying the potty as it has a lot of positive points rather than ‘just a potty’. It has helped my daughter no end with her potty training.  Yes, although price is a little expensive I would consider buying this as my daughter has found it very helpful.  I am very impressed with this potty, it has helped my daughter gain confidence in potty training which is a great help. Kim Tonkinson – Baylie Aged 2 Years 5 Months

Product Tested By Adrianna Stan – Ayesha Aged 2 Years

Adrianna Awarded The BabyBjorn Smart Potty 3.9/5

Nice product.  Looked at the website practical and easy to navigate.  Packaging was standard.  Potty was basic, not very fancy but very easy to use.   Potty size is ideal for Ayesha. I must admit this potty is not so comfortable for Ayesha and quite hard to sit on for longer periods of time. However, she is ok using the potty and she likes using it. This is a good shape and very easy to empty and clean.   Good quality and value for money.  We liked this potty but one design suggestion would be to make the seat more comfortable for your children to sit on.  Overall a good practical little potty.  Adrianna Stan – Ayesha Aged 2 Years

Very comfy looking and the pullout insert is excellent.


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