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babyboomboom Baby band-bag

The baby band-bag comes with a babyboomboom CD (you choose English plus either French, German, Italian or Spanish), along with a baby drum, a rainbow-shaker, a “fishy shake-shake” and a cage-bell. All the instruments are ideal for small hands to grasp and play. Each verse is sung in English then repeated in the second language. All the words are included for both languages.
Nursery rhymes on the CD include: -1 Old MacDonald -2 Five Little Ducks – 3 The Mulberry Bush – 4 Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
5 This Little Piggy – 6 Head, Shoulders, Knees & Toes
7 Itzy Bitzy Spider – 8 Round & Round the Garden
9 Tommy Thumb – 10 The Alphabet Song – 11 Brother John
12 The Wheels on the Bus – 13 London Bridge
14 If you’re happy and you know it

Instruments in the baby band-bag are tested from 3+ months but recommended from 6+ months. Instrument colours may vary from those shown.


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babyboomboom Baby band-bag Reviews

Product Tested By Fiona McDonald – Ella 23 Months

Fiona Awarded the Boom Boom band in a bag multilingual 5/5

A really good product that is perfect for little hands! It came in a nice bag without too much extra packaging. This is good for the environment. Also the bag allowed Ella to carry the instruments around by herself and inside was a nice variety of instruments that were easy for her to use. There were many helpful instruction sheets with the product and they can be used almost anywhere! Ella enjoyed taking them to her grandparent’s houses and often played with some of the less noisy instruments in the car. There was a good range of instruments in the bag. They are all easy to handle especially for little fingers and hands. We played the CD’s but Ella wasn’t too bothered listening to the music. She enjoyed some of the songs she knew from her Toddler classes that she attends, but preferred to sing on her own. Ella has only really started speaking clearer in the last few weeks, so didn’t show any awareness of the different language. This seems a good product with a good choice of instruments. The CD provides a good choice of songs, which I am sure many children would love listening to. It is a good price for the CD and the instruments but I wouldn’t buy this product for Ella. As a teacher I have lots of CD’s with nursery songs already in the house, and she has quite a collection of instruments already. For me the CD was just a repetition of what I already own in the house. I would recommend this to friends and family especially those who are not teachers. It is a good resource to encourage children to enjoy music and potentially learn a new language. Initially we enjoyed the product lots and lots. However, Ella is much more interested in messy play or role play at the moment than playing with instruments. On saying that, Ella would often return from her music class and would pull the instruments out to copy the instructor. But that was short lived as the thrill of painting was much stronger for Ella, but the product is still fantastic. Fiona McDonald – Ella 23 Months

Product Tested By Sabrina Kellett – Evan 20 Months

Sabrina Awarded the Boom Boom band in a bag multilingual 3.5/5

A good product, but the instruments were slightly smaller than I expected. Packaging was fine, the see through material made it clear to see the contents. Perhaps the carry bag could be a little more child friendly to keep the instruments in after opening i.e. a bigger zip? We used the products as ‘downtime’ from watching the TV, my daughter ages 7 also joined in! They are lovely instruments, well made just a little small for my two, I’d say more suited to a baby around 6-12mths. We loved the CD it was effortless, really easy to listen to and to follow! My child did pick up some of the simple words, however the french part of the Cd seemed quite quick, my daughter struggled picking up all of the words and she has a grasp of french.  A brilliant idea product wise, still room for improvement. The cd is lots of fun but probably the same that you could get from a nursery rhyme CD. The french part is quite fast and can be difficult to keep up with but this may improve with practice! The toys are lovely quality and bright primary colours but best suited to 6-12mths in my opinion, purely due to the size. Sabrina Kellett – Evan 20 Months

Product Tested By Amanda Harnett – Billy 23 Months

Amanda Awarded the Boom Boom band in a bag multilingual 4.5/5

This is a fantastic product, I was very pleased when I first saw it and I thought that it looked like good fun. I also liked that the products inside the bag are great for small hands; they looked very suitable and safe too. The packaging for the product is good, it is very handy that you can see what’s inside before buying it if you are purchasing. We used the product at any time during the day, Billy liked having the instruments with him when we went out so that he could keep entertained, and he really enjoys using them. I think the instruments are all very well made and the French CD is also good too, but Billy isn’t that interested in french as of yet, he finds it too fast to keep up with! But this is a fab product that I would thoroughly recommend for all children! Amanda Harnett – Billy 23 Months

It is a good resource to encourage children to enjoy music and potentially learn a new language.


Fiona Awarded the Boom Boom band in a bag multilingual 5/5

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