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BabyDam Bathwater Barrier

BabyDam fits in seconds across all standard straight sided baths, helping to save time, water, power and money.  Suitable from birth to toddler, BabyDam requires less water in the bath meaning safer bathing for your child.  And once removed it lies flat, so this ultimate space-saver offers some much needed room when every square inch of the house is filled by baby bumph!  The perfect credit crunch bathroom accessory, BabyDam can be positioned halfway along the bath, saving you valuable minutes, water, heating and cash.  A must during climate changes, water shortages and ever rising energy costs. 

Why BabyDam? 1 BabyDam will accompany your Baby while 
growing from a newborn to a toddler. 2.  BabyDam saves you time and water, by only using the amount of the bath that you require. 3.  BabyDam is easy to fit anywhere within the bath to create your Baby’s own space. 4. BabyDam is space-saving, easy to store and can conveniently travel anywhere with you. 5. BabyDam is so practical, making it a must for any busy parent.

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BabyDam Bathwater Barrier Reviews

Product Tested by: Caroline Davidson – Milly 3 weeks

ProductTested By Caroline Davidson – Milly 3 weeks

Caroline Awarded The BabyDam Bathwater Barrier 5/5

As a 1st time mum what a great idea. Saves water and easy to store. Instructions very clear and concise. So easy to fit in the bath.  This really worked well and we loved it.  Once fitted you can ensure the bath size is the size you need for your baby and keep all the water in one end.  Milly loved having a bath and I found this so easy and convenient to use. We live in a flat so this was just perfect for us as we have a very small bathroom and storage space is minimal. This saves water and space as small and neat and easy to store. This suited us but having used a baby bath and the Baby Dam not much difference but the convenience and the water saving and ease of storage is a winner.  This is very well made and looks like will last for a long while, so will be able to pass onto my sister who is due to give birth early next year.  The price is expensive but the savings outweigh this so I would say good investment and good value for money.  A superb idea, easy to fit, saves water, space and energy what more could you ask for.  Caroline Davidson – Milly 3 weeks


Product Tested By Jennifer Staines – Dillon 3 Months

Jennifer Awarded the BabyDam Bathwater Barrier 4.7/5

Looked a good quality product, nice and small. In this day and age you are counting the pennies so anything that saves water and energy has got to be a good idea. Instructions very clear and easy to follow.  I found it very easy to fit and so did my partner.  It is very easy to adjust to the size you need and I was really surprised the water stayed in one place and did not leak.  I must admit I was very pleased and impressed with this item. This is made of very high quality, durable material. Using this has definitely saved on amount of water used and of course price of heating the water.  Plus the size is brilliant and so easy to store when finished using. Dillon was very happy at bath time and no complaints. I would purchase this item and definitely recommend.  Areally good quality product good value. The initial outlay is high but take into account the savings then this is worth the investment. A Fantastic product which I have already recommended to so many. Thank you for the chance to test this item.  Jennifer Staines –Dillon 3 Months

Product tested By Emily Richards – Harrison 10 Weeks

Emily Awarded The BabyDam Bathwater Barrier 3.5/5

A good idea but not a product that I would go out and buy.  Good sturdy packaging, but possibly looks a
little dated. Instructions very concise and clear.  I found it quite difficult to fit, and had to
ask my partner to do it for me.  Works
brilliantly! Just as it promises on the packaging. It is a good idea, but I
probably wouldn’t have gone out and bought one as I didn’t realise that I had a
need for one. It is easier than a baby bath as there is less mess and physical
strength required. (I usually have to lift the baby bath in and out of the main
bath when filling/emptying and it can be heavy when it has water in it).  Also it
is much easier to store out of sight or can even stay in the main bath. Very
well made, it is very sturdy.  For us it
was not value for money as my baby only stayed in the baby bath for about 6
weeks and is now happily splashing away in the main bath.  However, for someone with a newborn would
last longer and work out to be better value for money.  Personally I feel the only advantage is that
slightly less water is required in the bath. 
I would recommend possibly for a child that had a fear of being in
a large bath. Well-made but not something that has made my life any easier.  Emily Richards – Harrison 10 Weeks


A superb idea, easy to fit, saves water, space and energy what more could you ask for.


Caroline Awarded The Baby Dam Bathwater Barrier 5/5

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