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BabyDam CozyToze Hooded Towel

The BabyDam CozyToze Hooded Towel is uniquely designed to provide head to toe comfort.

Hooded for warmth with a pocket for CozyToze makes drying time a comforting and secure experience for baby.

Made from 100% bamboo with a super soft texture whilst absorbing up to four times as much water as ordinary cotton towels.

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BabyDam CozyToze Hooded Towel Reviews

Product Tested By Emma Dalzell – Toby 5 Months

Emma Awarded The BabyDam CozyToze Hooded Towel 5/5

Initially I thought that it was maybe going to be one of those ‘shiny’ towels that don’t dry properly but I thought it was a good size and very white and fresh looking. Ideal for keeping baby warm and cosy all over when coming out of the bath. It fitted my little boy brilliantly with room to spare. He is a reasonably chunky and long 5 month old (despite being 5 weeks premature) so I did worry that he would be too big for it ( his other little hooded towels are a bit small now and I have to use 2 at a time!). The BabyDam towel has plenty of extra room length wise for a few more months growing and it wrapped round him completely keeping him all cozy.  Head and toes well covered with room to grow. Very easy to use – just pop feet in bottom and head in hood an wrap baby up! I was able to use it to dry his hair while keeping his head warm – he doesn’t like being cold after the bath. This was very soft and gentle. I had never used any towels or cloths made of bamboo so I was a bit sceptical but I was pleasantly surprised! This is definitely really absorbent. It was excellent at drying baby – after my initial thought that it looked shiny it was the complete opposite. I washed it with my white wash then tumbled – it came out lovely and soft and kept its shape. I’ve used it about 4 times now. I bath baby in the en-suite then wrap him up and cuddle him for a while before getting him ready for bed. I loved the generous size and the softness. Quality is excellent – soft, excellent absorption and washes well. Some people may think it is pricier than the average baby towel but it is much bigger than the average baby towels that they outgrow so quickly. I would buy this as it has a reasonable longevity for a baby towel. I would recommend this as Toby is my 7th child and this is the best baby towel I have ever come across. It’s a very useful baby item that can be used from birth up until at least 7 months.  Good size and sooo soft!  Pleasantly surprised firstly at the size of the towel and secondly at its absorption and softness.  Baby is happy to be cuddled after bath because he is cosy and warm. Emma Dalzell – Toby 5 Months

Product Tested By Charlotte Padmore – Belle 5 Months

Charlotte Awarded The BabyDam CozyToze Hooded Towel 5/5

I like the design, and love the pockets for the head and toes and the fact that the towel is fairly large so is suitable for larger babies and probably up to toddlers. Other colours and designs would be nice. The towel is quite large so if my daughter’s head is in the hood her feet don’t reach the bottom pocket however it does mean that there is lots of towel to fully wrap her up. I love the design of the towel, the only slight ‘issue’ is that the towel is large so doesn’t fit my daughter. However I like this as it provides lots of towel to dry her properly whilst keeping her head and toes nice and warm. This was very easy to sue. The towel is incredibly cosy and soft. My daughter enjoyed playing with it during drying time. I am a big fan of bamboo in general, so loved the fact that it was bamboo. It is so soft and feels like silk on the skin and does not feel scratchy at all. This was certainly super absorbent without feeling heavy and wet also. This towel really washes well. It maintains its soft texture and silky feel. We use this every time it is freshly washed. It will be my first choice towel. Used this at home after a bath. If there was the ability to go out for swimming lessons. I would certainly take this with me due to its absorbency and size and lightweight feel. The softness is definitely the selling feature of this product. It is a good quality bamboo product. The size is brilliant. My mother was also incredibly impressed with the quality and feel of the towel. I think the towel seems a little pricey for some. However it is still a lot cheaper than a lot of other baby towels on the market. I would choose this towel over others due to the fact that it is bamboo and the size would mean that it will last longer. I love the fact that it is very lightweight. Knowing the cost of bamboo face cloths etc I understand the cost of it. I would buy this. I buy bamboo face clothes for myself (£5 for 1) so £15 for a towel of this size I think is very reasonable. I would love to see perhaps a pack of three or a towel and wash cloth. I would recommend as I think the hood and toe pockets would impress most parents and the feel of the towel is amazing. For me the 100% bamboo makes this towel one of the best out there. It makes it incredibly soft on baby’s skin. I love it.  I have really enjoyed using this towel. And as soon as it has been washed this is the towel that I choose as the feel is incredible. I would purchase this towel even without the toe pocket as I love the material. As said earlier I would love a gift set or a set of three towels or different designs. Charlotte Padmore – Belle 5 Months

Product Tested By Abby Cope – Nate 3.5 Months

Abby Awarded The BabyDam CozyToze Hooded Towel 4.5/5

The towel arrived in a recyclable cardboard box, and no plastic packaging, which I think is important these days. The towel is super soft and a really lovely size. I was really pleased as soon as it arrived, and I felt it was good quality. I love the white and grey colour, and the pocket for the toes – this is the first towel I have seen that has a hood for the head and feet. I love how cozy it is. The only thing I would note that I really don’t like is how big the logo is. I would make it smaller as it is too in your face and doesn’t need to be that big on the towel. I think it makes the towel cheaper looking, when in fact, it is excellent quality. The size is excellent so will last a long time, which is also great value for money. So many baby towels are so small and only last the first few months before they grow out of them. It is super warm and cozy and so soft. My baby has loved it! My  baby was very snuggly and comfortable, and unlike with normal towels that just have a hood, their feet were warm and cozy too! This was really easy to use, kept baby warm and dried really quickly after bath time. The hood was lovely and a really nice size. Super comfy and helps keep baby warm, as soon as they come out of the bath. This really is super soft. My baby has quite sensitive skin and this was perfect, very gentle and didn’t cause any irritation at all. This towel was really absorbent. I was able to dry my baby after bath time so quickly, and this meant they stayed nice and warm and didn’t get cold! I felt it did launder quite well. I think overtime, the more you wash it, it will lose its super softness, but I think this is expected with most items. I think as it’s made from bamboo, it does wash really well, and also dries very quickly – which is great! I used it most days after my baby’s bath – it is already my new favourite go-to towel as it keeps my baby so warm, especially in these current winter cold months. I used this at home after bath time. It was perfect for using to carry baby from the bathroom into the nursery and keeping them super snuggly in the process. My favourite thing about the towel is the hood and pocket for the head and feet and the fact it is made from bamboo and very soft. The quality is excellent, I feel like it will last a long time, even with washing and a really great size. It is well made and a really quality product! I think the price offers good value compared to other similar items on the market. A pack of 2 towels would be good as you would then have a spare one for when the others in the wash! I really love this towel but probably wouldn’t buy another one for myself unless the logo was moved or made smaller. It really does take away from the look of the towel. But if they made a different design, then yes, I absolutely would! I would recommend as it’s a lovely product, and different to others out there on the market. I think it would also make a great baby gift too! This is a great product and I really love it. The only thing stopping it being a 5 is simply the logo design and placement. This is a really lovely towel, super soft and snuggly and one of a kind with the cozy toes section. It dries baby so quickly after bath time and is soft and gentle on baby’s skin. It is an excellent size and provides great value for money. Baby is kept warm and dry after bath time and the towel washes really well. We love using it – thank you! Abby Cope – Nate 3.5 Months

I would buy this as it has a reasonable longevity for a baby towel. I would recommend this as Toby is my 7th child and this is the best baby towel I have ever come across. It’s a very useful baby item that can be used from birth up until at least 7 months.  Good size and sooo soft!  Pleasantly surprised firstly at the size of the towel and secondly at its absorption and softness.  Baby is happy to be cuddled after bath because he is cosy and warm.


Emma Awarded The BabyDam CozyToze Hooded Towel 5/5

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