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BabyDam Orbital Bath Seat

The BabyDam Orbital Bath Seat is ergonomically designed featuring a 360° swivel for ease of use. The robust structure provides support and stability at bath time, with a removable arm rest for easy access.

The seat is easy to fit into the bath, featuring 4 strong suction cups which provide a strong base. The Orbital Bath Seat allows you to safely secure your baby in the family bath whilst allowing free movement.

Suitable for babies from approximately 5 months old and onwards and until baby can sit up unaided and is more confident in the water.
Price £23.99 Available Amazon and online

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BabyDam Orbital Bath Seat Reviews

Product Tested By Zoe Naylor – Ava 7 Months

Zoe Awarded The BabyDam Orbital Bath Seat 5/5

On arrival I was surprised at how small it was compared to previous seats we have used. It was well packaged and the box gave a clear indication of what was inside and its uses. I liked the concept, my daughter can now sit confidently and no longer enjoyed laying on her baby bath seat, this looked like the ideal to solution to our bath worries. I like the design of the seat, especially the removable front bar as this made getting my daughter in and out easier.  It was a good size and she had plenty of room to move and wasn’t restricted. The seat itself swivels to make getting babies in and out easier but our bath is quite narrow, so this feature didn’t work for us, that said it was so easy to put her in and out of the seat, the swivel feature wasn’t needed. Simple and easy to use, instructions were self-explanatory and easy to follow. Very easy to fit in the bath, literally took out of the box and put straight into the bath, stuck well and felt secure once in. The suction pads were effective and kept the seat in place well. If anything they were too effective and removing the seat from the bath proved quite difficult due to our bath being narrow and being unable to easily get to the release pulls on the suction caps. I personally did not find the 360° swivel feature useful as we have quite a narrow bath. The width of the seat meant that if I tried to swivel the seat my daughters legs would get caught on the side of the bath. We didn’t therefore use this feature but I do see how it could be beneficial to someone with a wider bath. The removable arm was a very useful feature and made getting my daughter in and out of the seat very easy.  It is easy to remove and secure in place and once in place cannot be removed by the child. Once the removable arm is in place, the baby is nice and secure in the seat. With the arm down and locked in place my baby was able to lean forward to reach her toys without the fear of her falling. The only reason I have given 4 stars is that her toys would often drop into her lap and she would then struggle to retrieve them due to the arm being in the way. My daughter felt very safe in the seat. I knew that she couldn’t slip under the water once the arm was in place and equally the seat was well secured to the bottom of the bath and wasn’t going to slide around. My daughter enjoyed using the bath seat as it meant she was able to play more easily with her bigger sister whilst in the bath. She enjoyed sitting up rather than lying down and could easily reach her bath toys.  We used the bath seat every other day during the testing period.  The seat itself is a little difficult to store due to its size. It is quite large so finding somewhere to put it in a small family bathroom proved difficult, we instead opted to keep it in the bath when not in use. It was easy to clean, we just sprayed it with the shower when finished  with it. I feel this was definitely age appropriate for my daughter. Even though my daughter is a confident sitter, I would still use the seat for some time due to the added security it gives. I like how secure it made my daughter feel when in the bath. I liked how it allowed her to play freely with her sister whilst still being safe. This product was good quality, it felt strong and well made. I feel that for the price of this seat it is good value as it will last a long time and the safety it brings to bath time is worth the price. I would happily buy this seat due to it being useful and the safety it brings to bath time for my daughter. I would definitely buy this product for friends and family who have babies who have just learned to sit up. It gives babies more freedom than the lie down seats and keeps them happier as a result. I would give this product full marks as it helped to make bath time easier, kept my baby happy and I knew that she was safe once in it. Overall the seat was easy to use, is well made and structurally sound. It was easy to get my daughter in and out of. The only thing I felt wasn’t necessary for us was the swivel feature but this was primarily due to us having quite a narrow bath.  Zoe Naylor – Ava 7 Months

Product Tested By Rhianydd Wray – Maia 7.5 Months

Rhianydd Awarded The  BabyDam Orbital Bath Seat 3.8/5

My first impression was how sleek and minimal it looked compared to a cheaper bath seat I already had! I liked the fact it wouldn’t stick out like a sore thumb in the bathroom! The concept of the bath seat is great! It makes me feel that bit better than having baby laid unaided in the bath as even h supervised it can be daunting! It also means I can bath with my daughter and have my hands free to bath myself!  The design is very modern and matches moth traditional bath/sink set ups so doesn’t stick out like most bath seats! My biggest concern over the design is that the leg holes are only just big enough for my 7.5 month old so we will have to use her old bath seat again soon as the holes are much bigger! Saying this, it makes it more secure for her for the time being! I believe the product is generally self-explanatory however the instructions were very clear re installation and use it is just how to reattach and secure the suction cups to the base that could have been touched on more! This is not suited for my bathtub particularly as tree base is textured but it does fit on the end where there is a small textured area! It does state this on the website so this is not unexpected however, it would be good if they could make a product that is universal! The actual suction cups suction worked well.. however only one small area of my bath is flat as the rest has a non-slip texture and so it can only suction onto the flat part! Also the way the suction cups are attached to the seat itself is not very secure as I have had the seat come off of them leaving the suction cups behind! It is beneficial as allows me to easily wash my baby while I’m in the bath with her without having to go round the other side! She can also move it herself to have a look around! This removable arm rest  is a good concept and I enjoyed the novelty of it for the first use or so but it is actually quite difficult to reattach with a baby in the seat trying to grab it and take it off you so I don’t use this feature any more but maybe for a younger baby who isn’t quite so active?  As I encountered the issue with the suction cups not reliably enough attaching to the seat so I would not be comfortable to allow complete free movement as I have to have one hand on the baby at all times just in case! Again I think that the actual attachment of the suction cups needs to be improved before I can say that this bath seat is completely safe! However the seat itself is secure for my baby to sit in. My baby is just now hitting an age where she doesn’t like to be restrained so she has started to whinge a bit in the seat now but for the first month or so she’s been loving being able to sit up and swivel in the bath! From 5 months my baby used this every bath time! Now she prefers to sit herself in the bath so it is only used when we have a bath together twice a month maybe! It is very easy to wipe down and we just store it in the bath! It fills up with water that doesn’t completely drain after each use so I would worry about that water going stale/growing mould and mixing with her future bath water if unchecked. The age suitability sounds about right for my baby! However from 5 months until she could sit unaided was about a month so I wonder whether it would be worth the money for only a month+ use as she is now frustrated in the seat! The most attractive feature about this bath seat was the appearance! I don’t have a lot of storage space and so keep the seat in the bath full time and some of the bright coloured ones are an eyesore! If the rating was based on the seat itself I would give 5/5 as it is great quality! It’s just the suction cups on the bottom are on a flimsy bit of rubber and come off easily which is a shame! I think someone who wants a bath seat that looks attractive in the bathroom would pay this price for it.. however my other bath seat was £15 (half the price) and will last longer as it is bigger and has a ball on the front for her to play with! I would probably buy this again despite any issues as it is a great concept and practical  and looks visually attractive! I would recommend
but I would explain that a cheaper seat may have better suction so only to spend the money if they value the aesthetics and are willing to supervise and hold baby whilst they are using it! This product is such a great concept, easy to use, easy to clean and so attractive it is just a shame the suction cups are not suited to every bath (however it does state on the website not suitable for textured baths) and come off of the product easily!  I was so disappointed at the suction cups on this product as I was excited to have a bath seat that was so visually pleasing!!  I also like that it sits closer to the base of the bath than other bath seats so requires less water to cover babies legs! However, the product is generally fit for purpose and I will continue using until my baby grows out of it! Rhianydd Wray – Maia 7.5 Months

Product Tested By Melissa Shirley – Theodore 7 Months

Melissa Awarded The BabyDam Orbital Bath Seat 3.4/5

Looks much kinder than other leading bath seats , all smooth plastic and a solid base. What parent doesn’t want something that makes bath time safer and easier.  I love that it is plain and not a bright colour, the plastic is all smooth with no harsh edges to dig in to chunky legs. Instructions easy to follow. I found it easy to fit however our bath has built in anti-slip dots and I couldn’t get the suction pads to all stick properly. Our bath has built in anti-slip dots and the suction cups would not stick to them , but if I moved it up the bath , the bath is more curved and I again couldn’t get a good grip so not the best for us unfortunately. The 360° swivel is a great feature and just gives baby more freedom. I never actually used the removable arm rest. I couldn’t get a strong enough seal and our seat actually tipped with my 7 month old in it ( luckily and as should be I was there so didn’t hurt himself)  i did however stick it to the bathroom floor and it stayed stuck down there so maybe a different bath would be OK. Unfortunately for us it was no good in the bath due to the suction pads not sticking well enough. Our son did enjoy this bath seat until it tipped. We tried this once a week when he had a bath, I tried it each time but could never get a good enough seal. I found the actual seat easy to clean but not the suction pads under neath and its quite bulky to store however I can’t imagine that there would be a way to make a safe bath seat not be bulky. I agree the age suitability is about right in fact I would probably use it until baby stopped allowing me to put them in it. I really did like the sleep design.  Quality is good and a good design, smooth plastic with no rough edges. Very good value , you can’t really put a price on a child’s safety.  If this had fitted our bath I would buy this.  I would recommend as long as their bath does not have built in anti-slip dots. I loved the design and concept but unfortunately was no good for us as did not suit our bath.  We gave this a try every bath time but unfortunately it didn’t stick well enough to the bath to be considered safe! I would certainly try it on a bath without the anti-slip dots or a bigger flatter bath. I love the design, no bright colours and smooth plastic with no hard edges. Melissa Shirley – Theodore 7 Months

I would definitely buy this product for friends and family who have babies who have just learned to sit up. It gives babies more freedom than the lie down seats and keeps them happier as a result. I would give this product full marks as it helped to make bath time easier, kept my baby happy and I knew that she was safe once in it. Overall the seat was easy to use, is well made and structurally sound. It was easy to get my daughter in and out of. The only thing I felt wasn’t necessary for us was the swivel feature but this was primarily due to us having quite a narrow bath.


Zoe Awarded The BabyDam Orbital Bath Seat 5/5

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