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BabyDam SpongePod Booster Seat

The BabyDam SpongePod Booster seat is an ideal solution to keeping baby safe and secure during feedtimes or play.

Uniquely soft and spongy, making it super comfortable for baby, the SpongePod can be used anywhere – a flat surface such as a playmat or picnic blanket or simply attach the safety harness to a dining chair at home or when eating out.

The wipeclean surface ensures that even the messiest mealtime or playtime just simply disappears!

The SpongePod is lightweight and easily transportable and can be used in any setting as an alternative to a highchair saving you valuable storage space.

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Price £41.99 Available Amazon and online

Bizziebaby Silver Award Winner 2020 Booster Seats & Feeding Category

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BabyDam SpongePod Booster Seat Reviews

Product Tested By Karlie Taylor – Victoria 9 Months

Karlie Awarded The SpongePod Booster Seat 5/5

Really loved it actually, I was surprised as I was expecting it to be plastic but it’s soft rubber and very sturdy. It was a good size for my daughter as had tried the Bumbo seat with a previous child and that chair was very tight and uncomfortable so I was a little wary of these kinds of seats. It was a nice neutral colour which I liked, it fits in with my décor. My daughter seemed comfortable in the chair and she enjoyed sitting at the table in it. I think it’s a great concept, it’s a good solid chair that can be used for travel or every day. It’s great for space saving as full size high chairs often take up lots of room in the kitchen. The design is great I like that it’s a little squared off as it fits the dining chair better. I like the neutral colour  and the seat shape was supportive. The instructions were straightforward, the chair was easy to use even without the instructions. I was very happy with the safety of this chair, it felt secure and attached to the dining chair very easily. My daughter was comfortable and liked being in the chair. This was a good fit for my dining chairs although some consumers may want to check their dining chairs have a level seat before purchasing as I tried it on a different chair with a slightly curved seat and the booster didn’t feel as stable. She was very comfortable, the chair is soft and she seemed to enjoy being in the chair. The safety harness was straightforward to use, easy to clip and unclip and was able to make the strap suitably tight. The tray was a very good accessory and good it comes included as I believe some other brands the tray is an additional cost. I didn’t use the seat for playtime as my daughter is crawling and prefers to roam free! This was very easy to keep clean, no crevices to catch food and crumbs which is GREAT! Used daily x 3 for meals and we also used it at our fire pit (on the dining chair) so that we could keep little one off the ground and away from the fire.  Mainly used in the kitchen and patio area. This was perfect for my child, she wasn’t too squished even when using outdoors with her snow suit on. Will last a good while. I would take this in the car for holidays to use in the accommodation but it’s not compact enough to transport around every day, like just going down to a café for instance. I don’t think it would be suitable for airplane travel as it’s too bulky. I was surprised how well made it was, very soft and I like the shape of the seat. The tray and safety clips all worked well which was v important. I think it’s value for money as an everyday high chair, compared to prices of full size high chair and it’s so compact which is perfect for my small kitchen. I would buy it as it’s a versatile and I like compact high chairs that don’t take up too much space.  I would recommend for all the reasons above. It is perfect for my small kitchen, it does what it says on the tin and my daughter likes sitting in it, it’s win/win. Nothing negative to say about this chair it was fab. I would love a version for my 4yo she is a bit short for a dining chair, she has to sit on her knees to reach the table, but is too big for a high chair and also too big for this chair. It should be without the crotch part (or this could be removable) and the seat be more level rather than leaning back. Karlie Taylor – Victoria 9 Months

Product Tested By Natalie Connelly – Kingsley 9 Months

Natalie Awarded The SpongePod Booster Seat 5/5

Loved how the seat was a lot more spacious than the other seats similar that we have tried. Fab idea, love how it could be used on its own as well as attached to a chair at the table. Lovely design and very comfy for the little ones. Good instructions but the seat was pretty self-explanatory. Little one was very secure in it. This worked really well attached to the chair with ease. Kingsley was very comfy in this and it is spacious.  The safety harness was very easy to use as just clicked shut.  I expected it to be quite flimsy but it shocked me how secure the tray was once clicked into place. We used it for playtime as Kingsley loved sitting in it to play with his toys. Easy to keep clean just wipe and done. We’ve used it daily since receiving it! We mainly used this at home. Perfect age that they still need a little extra support. This is much easier to store than a normal high chair as it’s only half of the size and can even be left on the dining chair.  I loved the fact it was so spacious but still secure. Really good quality and well made. I do think it’s a little pricey, which would put me off buying before using the product, but it’s worth the money when you actually use it! I would buy this as it is very good. I would recommend to family, it’s a fab product to have! I just loved this seat. Love this product and happy to keep using it and lucky that we got to test it! Natalie Connelly – Kingsley 9 Months

Product Tested By Zerin Fay Watkins – Caoimhe 1 Year

Zerin Awarded The SpongePod Booster Seat 4/5

Quality looked fantastic, loved the fact it was nice and soft and that you can lock the tray into place! I think the concept of the SpongePod is good! I like that it is nice and small so it can be stored away easily. The design of the SpongePod is good, I liked the fact that it had straps to keep Caoimhe in place so she doesn’t climb out of it. The instruction were nice and clear and easy to understand. This did keep Caoimhe safe and secure as I could keep her in one place whilst trying to feed her. This is a good fit for our dining chair  and such a fantastic idea as we don’t always have room to put the highchair by the table so having this option was perfect.  Caoimhe was very comfortable and had plenty of room in the booster seat. The safety harness was easy and safe to use. The only issue I had was that it had is one buckle bit had come loose and we struggled to put it back together as it didn’t want to stay in place.  The fact that you could lock the tray in place was brilliant as in others my daughter has Shebhad managed to remove the tray and climb out of the booster seat!  We did use this for playtime as we put Caoimhe toys on the tray for her to play with and it’s also keeps her safe so we know where she was at all times. This was very easy to keep clean.  We use the booster seat daily so Caoimhe could watch telly or just chill out and eat her snacks. I used this most when I wanted to feed her breakfast so I didn’t have to get the highchair out all the time . This was ideal for Caoimhe! It’s a perfect size. I do agree this is ideal to transport. I managed to take it to my parent when they looked after Caoimhe for me so that I didn’t have to take her highchair.  I like the fact that the tray could get locked into place so that Caoimhe couldn’t get out.  I think the quality was OK but the fact that the middle strap came off and wasn’t easy to put back together (even my partner struggled). I think it does deliver good value! It’s a handy product and easy to store and clean. I would buy this as it is handy to take places so that you can still feed her and the fact that it straps onto a normal chair so you don’t need to ask for a high chair in places. I would recommend this product to friends and family as it’s a good product and saves space.  I’ve given it 4/5 because of the strap that came off.  Overall this is good quality, good design, easy to use and clean, easy to store and comfortable for Caoimhe. Zerin Fay Watkins – Caoimhe 1 Year

I was surprised how well made it was, very soft and I like the shape of the seat. The tray and safety clips all worked well which was v important. I think it’s value for money as an everyday high chair, compared to prices of full size high chair and it’s so compact which is perfect for my small kitchen. I would buy it as it’s a versatile and I like compact high chairs that don’t take up too much space.


Karlie Awarded The SpongePod Booster Seat 5/5


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