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BabyDan Cooker Top Guard – Electric Cookers

Fits most standard width cookers Easily fitted without any tool nor screwing on to the oven, with specially developed high temperature resistant adhesive. Two adhesive backed rails are placed at either end of the oven door, two panels are then screwed onto the adhesive rails; adjusted to the necessary length; with included screws. Panels can then be easily removed for cleaning if necessary. Dimensions:  Panel length: 39cm to 76cm

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£19.99 Available to purchase online

BabyDan Cooker Top Guard – Electric Cookers Reviews

Product Tested by: Lynne Bodfish – Baby Edward 7 Months

Product Tested By Lynne Bodfish – Baby Edward 7 Months

Lynne Awarded The BabyDan Cooker Top Guard – Electric Cookers 3/5

Surprised by how neat it is – I expected a much larger item. Attractive and easy to assemble.  Website is easy to navigate, good range of products. I love the price and ‘in stock’ information being immediately available. The packaging is efficient and informative. Economical wrapped – that’s good! I am not good at this sort of thing, but it was all very simple and easy to follow. Actually securely fixing the two strips was quite tricky. Visiting toddler certainly was safer in the kitchen whilst we were warming her lunch.  However this does make it difficult to use the hob e.g. frying pan handle! Cleaning the cooker top is more difficult. Cleaning the actual guard is a nightmare! The adjustable width/slide and the folded top crease mean that it quickly becomes stained, and these ‘creases’ are not easy to clean – it quickly looks ‘grubby’. The restraining stick strips which have to be placed on the side of the hob don’t seem to be very robust. It is  difficult to keep clean and I must admint I like all my kitchen equipment to look ‘shiny and new’. Stick on strips to hold in place and I cannot believe that these will be robust for very long! Surely they should fasten securely on to the frame? I would prefer to pay more and have a more durable product. Although I will use a cooker guard I will not use this one. For me it must be easy/ efficient to clean and fasten securely for the time this is needed for my child. I will purchase an alternative one. Although the price is excellent, there are too many cleaning issues to make it a good value for money product. A cooker guard in my own personal opinion must be quick and easy to maintain as well as safe:  This is safe, but issues with cleaning. As a busy working mum I do not have time to use this hard to clean Baby Dan Guard. Lynne Bodfish – Baby Edward 7 months

Product Tested By Fleur Greer – Josiah  Aged 1 Year 2 Months

Fleur Awarded Baby Dan Cooker Top Guard 3.7/5

It is very sturdy and well made. It comes compactly packaged. The website is easy to navigate around.  It has a wide a variety of products which are found through the alphabetic menu making it easy to access. Before you access an individual product it tells you if they have them in stock. Each product is given a clear explanation and lists each feature. The only thing I would say is you are unable to click and compare similar products like you can on some other sites. The only information on the cooker guard box is the fact that it is a cooker guard and in white. It doesn’t actually say it is for an electric cooker or that it will fit nearly any size cooker. If you order it off you would have already read the information. The hardest thing was the setting up.  I couldn’t push the part out that was needed and required support to set it up.  I was also very cautious that I would break it if I forced it.  Obviously this is good that it doesn’t have flexibility once it is in place and being used, on the other hand setting up was hard. It does do it’s job and stops the child being able to touch front rings and therefore burning themselves.  It is the first time I have actually seen ‘one’ although knew they existed.  I just found it hard to access the rings once it was in place. I found it hard to put saucepans on the front rings as the handles needed twisting to awkward angles.  It also made it more difficulty to pick them up which could cause an accident in itself if you haven’t got hold of them securely and confidently. As I have completed both a nursery nurse and child minding course, I imagine that a number of people who don’t already have experience with children’ may not be aware that such products are on the market. It was secure and remained in place throughout. It really is made just to be a cooker guard.  You may be able to use it in some other way to stop a child reaching something you don’t want them to.  Therefore, I would say it really isn’t versatile. My only main comment would be the unfolding of the cooker guard.  I understand that it needs to be hard to change though. It is  a simple design with little fixing to do.  It does the job it says it will. The only downside for me was setting it up which I had problems doing so independently. Although I realise it needs to be tough to do the job it is required to do. It was too hard to use the front rings and I was concerned about lifting the saucepans over it to drain or dish up. I will make sure Josiah is supervised and keep him out of the way when using the hob or moving saucepans around. The product is sturdy and will do the job it is required to do. The product was strong and sturdy preventing a child to get to the hob. It fits securely to the hob. Using the front rings was not as easy with it in place and you have to be careful when lifting saucepans over the barrier that you don’t knock them. I had always wondered about having a cooker guard but having used one personally I would prefer to use other preventative methods for safety whilst cooking.  However, it is your own personal choice and some people could get on really well with this item. Fleur Greer – Josiah  Aged 1 Year 2 Months

Product Tested By Donna Kirk – Jimmy & Jason Aged 2 Years

Donna Awarded The BabyDan Cooker Top Guard – Electric Cookers 4/5

Was really pleased when this arrived as my twins are into everything!  Very small and compact, looked OK and easy to attach to cooker.  Website is fab, as full of safety items for the home and caters for every age and every eventuallity.  This website is now marked as one of my favourits.  Packaging sufficient and easy to follow instructions.  Certainly helped keep twins safe and I felt more confident when they were in the kitchen with me.  You know what boys are like into everything so always trying to pull things and investigate.  This kept them protected when in the kitchen as could not reach scalding items.  This did make cleaning the cooker a bit more difficult, but what price do you put on your childs safety.  Rather encounter a little bit of hassle and protect my twins.  It does stain quickly, but then again always scrubbing cooker and every cooker stains eventually! The restraining stick strips placed on the side stay secure. Good value for money, could do with a few improvements to make life a little bit easier.  Good idea and well worth checking out other alternatives online to get the best one for your cooker.  Donna Kirk – Jimmy & Jason Aged 2 Years

The product was strong and sturdy preventing a child to get to the hob. It fits securely to the hob.


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