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Babylicious Frozen Savoury Baby Food

Babylicious Stage 1 Frozen Foods – Suitable from approximately 4-6 Months. Perfect for weaning your little ones onto their first real food. Great tasting baby food made exactly as you’d make at home. Ingredients are carefully selected and prepared, gently cooked, pureed and quickly frozen. And like all our foods, there’s no nasties whatsoever.

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£2.88 Per Pack - Available to purchase online at or call for local stockists

Babylicious Frozen Savoury Baby Food Reviews

Product Tested by: Sarah Franks - Baby Megan 8 Months

Product Tested By Sarah Franks – Baby Megan 8 Months

Sarah Awarded The Babylicious Frozen Savoury Baby Food Top Marks 5/5

Looks well presented and well made with ingredients listed on packaging.  I was aware of this baby food range and was eager to try.  To prepare just pop in the microwave for the 800w, but I found you needed to add extra minute compared to time advised to ensure cooked thoroughly.  Ingredients are nutritional and natural.  Megan enjoyed all of the savoury foods she tried, but I found them a little smooth compared to what she is used to eating.  Certainly did try the food myself and tasted just like home made.  Megan’s favourite was Casserole with veg.  I was pleased to find out you can now purchase this online as our local Asda does stock the range but does not have a wide variety of choice, so now I can order online which is added bonus.  I would love to see this product sold in more places North West as there is only 1 shop that sells the Babylicious product.  This is great value for money and as I normally buy ready prepared meals  will continue to purchase this brand.  Megan enjoyed the foods and they are healthy, well made and nutritious so a winner with us.  Sarah Franks – Baby Megan 8 Months


Product Tested By Carina Prinsloo – Baby Marcus 10 Months

Carina Awarded The Babylicious Frozen Savory Baby Food 3.9/5

Very good.  The wording and packaging made it look and sound tasty.  I really liked the idea each pack contained 2 different meals, and would be great if the tub of food had a lid, then again could make it more expensive.  I had heard of this baby food brand, but can not remember if I had seen it advertised or in a shop.  Preparing these meals for Marcus was easy enough, but I did have to blend the food down further as my son is very sensitive when it comes to textured food.  I did not have any worries or concerns about the contents of the food as all seemed well balanced and good wholesome food.  Some mums might find the chicken stock a problem due to worries abut the salt content.  Marcus does not like textured food but did warm to Babylicious.  I would belnd food down further and add some more water initially.  Marcus did gagg when we first tried this.  As a baby food I thought it was very tasty.  Definitely something I will give to my son.  Marcus favourite was Salmon and brocolli.  I do not know if there are more mums that struggle with babies fussy about textured food.  Might there not be a market for food that is slightly less textured but still moving in same direction.  I find that it is a big jump from stage 1 to 2.  I was also advised this product is available to purchase online which is good to know.  Would love to see this in Tesco as my local supermarket.  I have purchased ready made meals in the past but Marcus would not eat them.  However, he has warmed to Babylicious and of course eats mums own.  Price is reasonable and when you take into consideration this is a nutritious meal on the go then it is good value.  Recipe suggestion would be food that contains only root vegetables.  I know that some vegetables can cause bloating and gas for babies.  Again this is also a problem for us resulting in him being uncomfortable especially at night.  A range for sensitive babies maybe?  I will definitely purchase more from the Babylicious range in the future.  I was very surprised that Marcus ate some at all without gagging.  He is a very fussy eater and did not start eating prepared food until he was 7 months.  He does not like textured food at all and I am trying to keep calm and go with the flow!!  However he did enjoy the Babylicious food.  I had to blend in the begining but later he would have a portion without being blended.  Thank YOU.  Carina Prinsloo – Baby Marcus 10 Months


Product Tested By Sharon Soth – Baby Jodie 9 Months.

Sharon Awarded The Babylicious Frozen Savory Baby Food 4/5

The Babylicious packaging is lovely.  The colours make it look scrummy.  Each pack contained 2 different meals and I think this is a fantastic idea so that you don’t have to waste your money buying 2 pots of something if you don’t know your baby is going to like it.  The downside of this is if your baby only likes one of the varieties in the 2 pack what do you do with the second 1!  I have seen this brand of baby food at our local supermarket but have always thought of it as being on the expensive side but if you take into consideration you are giving your baby home cooked food without the fuss I guess it is good value for money.  I don’t buy jars of food but don’t feel that this food is as processed so would happily buy it again.  Jodie loved the food and it was very convenient for eating whilst we were out and about as well as at home.  I will continue to buy this food on the occasions when my freezer stocks have run down.  It is very tasty and very well balanced.  The texture of the food was also very good – not too lumpy for my 9 month old.  Sharon Soth – Baby Jodie Aged 9 months.

Megan enjoyed the foods and they are healthy, well made and nutritious so a winner with us.


Sarah Awarded The Babylicuious Frozen Savoury Baby Food Top Marks 5/5

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