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Babymoov’s Nutribaby 5-in-1 processor

Babymoov’s Nutribaby 5-in-1 processor –  Steam cooks to maintain freshness and
nutritious values of foods-Mixes to prepare soups, sauces, purées -Warms bottles and jars – Sterilises bottles and accessories – Defrosts small meals prepared in advance.   Nutribaby makes homemade’s baby food very easily! This food processor will steam cook meals, puree.100% automatic: just set him off and nutribaby is doing the job!5 functions, right from birth: warms baby bottles, and jars, sterilises, steams, defrosts, blendsBottle warming and sterilising: up to 3 bottles at a timeTo-the-minute adjustable cycle duration: no more need to calculate the water quantity to put into the tank!2 baskets to separate the food groups, and thus preserve nutrients and tasteRemovable tray to adjust the cooking capacityLCD screen to easily manage all the different  functionsChopping thanks to a button on the top of the bowl: possibility to open the cover during chopping to add liquid to adjust the texture, or any other ingredient to create an original recipeSound and visual alarmsAutomatic switch offMemorization of the last cooking time. BPA free

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£99.99 Available to purchase online Amazon, Mothercare or click online to find local stockist

Babymoov’s Nutribaby 5-in-1 processor Reviews

Product Tested by:

Tested By
Diana Higgs – Sawyer 9 Months

Awarded The Babymoov’s Nutribaby 5-in-1
processor 4.5/5

I like the
look of it. Very sleek and compact. The box was not too big and the product was
not too heavy to carry around. Was a bit
difficult to find the English version and there were not as many instructions
as I would have liked. Very good quality
well-built and clean looking would fit into any kitchen. Would prefer it to be cheaper as it is
expensive having kids and the cheaper price would be an incentive to buy it. Was very good and much healthier than boiling
all the nutrients away I was more creative with food for my baby. Was very good nice and powerful and I like
the different settings as you have more control over what you are blending. Was
effective at warming bottles, but not at 3 in the morning with an impatient
baby but overall was good. I like the fact that this machine sterilisers as
well as warms the bottles. Only used it
twice to defrost but was effective for the job at hand. Very adequate seems to work better than other
products I have tried in the past. I
would certainly recommend this as so versatile.
I like the fact that it has so many features in one as it saves
kitchen counter space so you don’thave to
have separate products and gadgets on your counters. I
would have liked there to be more recipes as a first time mother I
want my baby to have more variety I like the sleek design it looks very
modern. I found it easy and quick to clean as that is important around a baby. Diana Higgs – Sawyer 9 Months

Tested By
Sarah Curran – Saffy 9 Months

Sarah Awarded
The Babymoov’s Nutribaby 5-in-1
processor 4/5

Nice to look
at, compact, easy to use. Came well packaged.
Instructions were not very clear and brief. Good quality, washes well after use. I personally wouldn’t pay £100 for a blender.
Steamed food well in 30 mins. It took a
few attempts to blend to the right consistency. It doesn’t handle being full
and blending well. Warms the food to a
good temp but it is a slow process, not to be done if you are in a hurry! Sterilising I found to be a slow process and
it is designed I think for slim bottles rather than the ones I use (Tommee
Tippee). Defrosting food took 20 mins
but the food was very hot after it so I didn’t need to then heat it. I like to batch cook more at 1 time than this
caters for. It is not as big as my usual steamer, but if you only want to do approx.
4-5 meals then it is handy. I would
certainly recommend this product. I
enjoyed testing this product but I will only use it for steaming and blending
in future as my steriliser and microwaveare a lot quicker and holds more.
The instructions are vague, but it was simple to work out what to do. For some
reason after steaming for 30 mins, if you need to steam for longer than the
product needed to be turned off at the switch and back on to reset the timer. Sarah
Curran – Saffy 9 Months

Tested By
Stacey Hughes – Jack & Tia – 9 Months & 2 Years

Stacey Awarded
The Babymoov’s Nutribaby 5-in-1
processor 3.8/5

Its small so doesn’t take up much room. Good
packaging lots of information on the box, maybe a little bit too crowded. It
was neatly packed and protected will so it didn’t break on delivery. Fairy
simple to use and the instruction was easy to understand. The quality is good
and I have not had a problem with it, it fully works how it should. It’s a good
product but I personally feel the RRP is high for this item. It steamed ok but
did need longer than the time that is automatically set for steaming. Blenders blends food well but think a hand
blender is quicker and easier. The warmer was prefect warmed the food to a nice
temperature. It takes too long to
sterilise and I could only fit in 2 bottles as my bottles are fatter than
others (tommy Tippee bottles). Defrosting
was good it’s ok for time easy and defrosts properly. I though the product was
adequate and did what it was supposed to do. I would recommend this to new
mothers as has so many settings. The
product is ok but I don’t think it’s worth the RRP. It doesn’t sterilise enough
bottles and isn’t quick enough. Although the steamer and blender are good to
use even if you don’t have a baby.
Stacey Hughes – Jack & Tia –
9 Months & 2 Years


I want my baby to have more variety I like the sleek design it looks very modern. I found it easy and quick to clean as that is important around a baby.


Diana Awarded The Babymoov’s Nutribaby 5-in-1 processor 4.5/5

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