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Babymule Pegasus Change Bag

Pegasus: big, bold and beautiful. A large tote style messenger gives you complete freedom and bags of space (pardon the pun) for all the things required for you and your little one/s. Two large easily accessible separate pockets in the main bag with netting pouch and poppers to keep essentials in their proper place. A zippered pouch at the front and two sleeve pockets for close at hand items.  100% premium cotton canvas outer and cotton lining means your Pegasus is a high quality changing bag manufactured to premium standard in order to look fantastic and stand up to every day use. Adjustable shoulder strap and grab handles are made to look sleek and feel comfortable. Buggy clips tuck out of view when not in use. With nickel free details and reinforced stitching your Pegasus bag is ready for action.


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Babymule Pegasus Change Bag Reviews

Product Tested by: Rachel Meller – Ewan, Zoe & Toby – 3 Years & Twins 3 Months

Product Tested By Rachel Meller – Ewan, Zoe & Toby – 3 Years & Twins 3 Months

Rachel Awarded The Babymule Pegasus Changing Bag 4.9/5

Large,versatile, well-made change bag. Messenger/shoulderbag, adaptable strap options, suitable for mums and dads! I usually prefer to have the option of a zip or flap over the main compartment of a change bag, as I feel this is more secure, but I often overfill bags so I can’t use the zip anyway! Strong canvas, fabric feels like it will last well, minor marks sponge off easily, and instructions say it can be machine washed, but I did not need to try this. Good quality fabric and accessories, zip pocket easy to fasten. Good number of compartments, although I like to have a zipper pocket inside bags for hiding away snacks or medication from toddlers. Enough space for most essentials for baby twins and a toddler, without feeling like a suitcase! Versatile, would be useful for beach use, not padded, so would be cautious about using as a laptop bag etc. It only fastens with a popper, so I would not want to carry valuable items in the main compartment. Comfortable to carry with robust handles and straps. Hand and shoulder straps good quality and suitable length for mums and dads, shoulder strap just long enough to fit across my double buggy, although handle bar clips are also provided. Good quality straps,length suitable for cross body and shoulder carrying options. Good strap thickness so it doesn’t cut in to shoulder or hand when carrying heavier items. Good size for carrying essentials for both my twins and bits for a toddler too. Strap options mean it is practical when I take children out in the pushchair, but also useful if taking babies in car seat or sling. Change mat is washable, which is very handy, rather than just wipeable. Good bottle bag. Good size wet bag. The nappies/wipes pouch is insulated so has the option to use as a mini cool bag. The pouch can be attached to the inside of the bag with a popper, although it did tend to come loose when I was rummaging for other things in the bag. I will continue to use this bag and I would highly recommend. Good quality, well proportioned, versatile change bag, suitable for mums and dads! Rachel Meller – Ewan, Zoe & Toby – 3 Years & Twins 3 Months

Product Tested By Anna Helm – Finn 4 Months

Anna Awarded The Babymule Pegasus Changing Bag 4.4/5

I love it; the style is just perfect for all this unusually warm British beach weather! The style is just right for me as I always go for a messenger style bag that can easily fit onto my pushchair but also over my shoulder. I love the fact that the fabric is very hard wearing, although it does pick up mucky marks quite easily, but having said that they are easy to wipe off. I have not been able to use the bag in a heavy downpour yet (which is unusual for Britain) but I do have concerns over how water proof the bag would be?! The bag is clearly good quality and this can be noticed straight away, as there is not a stitch out of line and it is very secure. There are plenty of compartments for each and every need you may have! Couldn’t ask for any more!  Fab! The bag is plenty big enough for me, a mother of 1 baby boy and 3 older boys (so I have plenty of junk to carry around). Therefore I would sum it up as being a perfect size. The main issue I have with this bags versatility is that the main compartment is just a click button fastening, which is great for quick baby access, but just not secure enough for me to use as an every day bag which I would carry valuables about in. Which is a shame, as all it needed was a zip. There is a secure outer pocket that is zipped but I don’t like to keep valuables in such easy reach (on the outer part of the bag) for criminals. It’s great to carry apart from it could of benefited from a padding on the long shoulder strap. All the options are there, shoulder, and grab handles & buggy clips! Top marks there! The shoulder strap has a great length adjustment and the grab handles are easy to hold.  As mentioned before I feel it would have been nice if the shoulder strap had some kind of padding. I wouldn’t say this bag makes taking care of my baby easier but it certainly does not hinder me in any way at all. I like the accessories, they all serve their purpose well but if I was to be picky they are a bit plain and bog standard (I find this happens a lot with changing bags… a lot of effort goes into the bags design and use but not so much the accessories). It is a lovely well designed bag that I am very happy to be seen with and use. The bag has a few drawbacks but for this price (not bad for a changing bag) it’s a winner and I would recommend. Quality bag that looks great! Lovely summer baby changing bag with just a few draw backs, but no major problems to report at all, just trying to be critical, so maybe an improved bag will surface in the future. If you are looking at buying this bag, then go for it!! Anna Helm – Finn 4 Months


Product Tested By Rebecca Morris – George 4 Months

Rebecca Awarded The Babymule Pegasus Changing Bag 4/5

Looks good, lots of extras included with the bag. Style of this bag is nice and big with various ways to carry it. Not too feminine looking so my husband was happy to carry it. Fabric is canvas so very hardwearing, not wipe clean so not sure how it would be with any potential liquid spills, and luckily we have not had this yet. Very well made with good quality material. Could do with a zip pocket inside the main compartment as well as the one on the front for extra security as don’t like leaving valuables in front pockets. Also the front zip pocket is not big enough for my keys, phone purse etc. and due to this I put my phone in the main compartment while on holiday and while in ataxi it fell out of the bag and I did not realise, luckily a very honest taxi driver returned it but expensive phone calls from Dubai to UK to have phone locked as the main compartment is only closed using one popper fastening so not completely able to shut it and I feel this is the main draw back to the bag a sit was very easy for my toddler to access the bag and take out what she wanted.  Would make it easy for people to steal anything valuable from main compartment. Nice and big, lots of room for essentials, I have 3 young children and used it to take on the plane for a 6 hour flight and was able to carry, spare clothes, food, wipes nappies and small toys for all of them in it.  Some people may find it too big for day to day use with only 1 child. I would only use it as a change bag. Nice thick strap make it comfortable to carry but due to size can be heavy.  Great, pram clip straps especially good. Also long handle and 2 small handles so very versatile. Great straps, nice and thick and appear very strong and hardwearing. Adjustable long strap. Initially I enjoyed using it but as it is so big it can sometimes be difficult to find things but the big drawback it the fastening of the main compartment and I was worrying if everything was secure which is why I will probably not continue to use it. I did enjoy the accessories, particularly the change mat with a pocket for a nappy and wipes so I only had to take this into a changing room rather than the whole bag which made things easier. Good range of accessories, changing mat very good, breastfeeding at present so don’t need a bottle warmer. Wet bag handy, I used it to store a spare clean outfit and then put in the dirty one if needed. Good, practical hard wearing change bag with the main flaw in my opinion being the lack of zip in the main compartment, if you carry a handbag as well as change bag then may be better but the potential to lose something e.g. baby’s favourite toy would put me off.  Also too accessible for toddler to get at her snacks or any medication we may need to carry etc.  Very well made with good accessories and excellent choice of ways to carry the bag, especially the pram clips. Rebecca Morris – George 4 Months








  I would highly recommend. Good quality, well proportioned, versatile change bag, suitable for mums and dads! 


Rachel Awarded The Babymule Pegasus Changing Bag 4.9/5 

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