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Babystyle Mutsy 4Rider

The unique Mutsy 4Rider Light is a revolution in travel system design and functionality combined with a playful, sporty and fashionable image. Available in a range of finishes and with a whole host of extras available the Mutsy 4Rider Light can be tailor made to suit your exact requirements and taste. Large swivelling front wheels offer exceptional manoeuvrability in the city and extreme stability when used off road. The silver lightweight chassis and frame with comfort foam handle and classic spoke wheels will turn heads wherever you go. The add on items designed to personalise your Mutsy include the Traveller Car Seat, Safe to Go Car Seat and Fun Seat plus you can add a sun canopy, foot muff, step up board and a dinner tray. The unique single spoke chassis is a new option for 2010.

Mutsy 4Rider . Chassis £235.00. Seat £124.00. Traveller Car Seat inc adaptor £163.00. Safe to Go Car Seat £122.00. Fun Seat £72.00. Foot muff £42.00. Sun Canopy £30.50 Step Up Board £47.00. Dinner Tray £13.00. A wide range of other accessories are available. Available in Cargo Grey, Cargo Black, Team Lime, Team Red and Team Purple.


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Set supplied to testers including Car Seat £409.00 - Click online to find local stockist

Babystyle Mutsy 4Rider Reviews

Product Tested by:

Product Tested By Donna Lovegrove – Baby Layla 6 Months

Donna Awarded The Babystyle Mutsy 4Rider 5/5

Stylish and modern, lightweight but sturdy and well packaged. Cannot fault the instructions, had a quick glance and was an expert before you knew it. Came already built just had to add on the wheels which clipped on with ease and decide whether you wanted to use the pushchair or the car seat, very easy.  To erect the pushchair one lever and a pull of the handle and voila you are good to go.  It is very simple to fold down once you have done it a few times but there is a knack to it and the more you do it the easier it is.  Layla has fallen asleep almost every time she has travelled in the Mutsy; I think that tells us it is very comfortable.  Safety harness extremely easy to use and seems as safe as any other pushchair and car seat on the market. Fitted Layla well and was easily adjustable.  An absolute dream to shop with this pushchair; the wheels were fantastic and glided around corners. The pushchair was even great to use with only one hand and it got a lot of attention from other shoppers.   I liked the basket as it had lots of room above it to put in taller items and when shopping it accommodated a supermarket basket with ease. It could afford to be slightly deeper in order to stop items falling out, however that would mean you couldn’t place a supermarket basket in there, so its swings and roundabouts really.   The pushchair sun canopy was great, loads of features including pockets for bits and bobs and it covered Layla really well on sunny days. The car seat canopy wasn’t as good but with a blanket it was easily rectified. I was surprised at the size of the pushchair folded I thought it would have been smaller, having said that there was plenty of room left for the weekly shop so all fitted in boot of car perfectly. The fabric is very practical, easily wiped clean and durable.  I cannot fault the Mutsy for its maneuverability on any terrain.  I have easily pushed this pushchair on a number of surfaces including grass, cobbles and sand with no more effort than on the sleekest of surfaces.  The design is recognizable and practical, people who had owned one before came up as they had recognised it straight away and people who hadn’t seen it before wanted to know what it was.  Too expensive for some people, but I’m a firm believer you get what you pay for and this pushchair is certainly worth the RRP.  I love it so much I bought the buggy board to match for my toddler.   I would buy this pushchair in a heartbeat. Until now I never knew such convenience existed in a pushchair. Visually eye catching and practically designed, with an easy to use cherry on top.  Donna Lovegrove – Baby Layla 6 Months

Product Tested By Deeann Bonar – Baby Callum 8 Months

Deeann Awarded The Babystyle Mutsy 4Rider 5/5

Looked very smart.  Already assembled when used, easy to follow instructions to change from car seat to pushchair.  Very simple to erect pushchair.   I found it quite difficult to collapse the pushchair, it took many attempts and I had to be shown a number of times.  However, with more practice it got easier.   Callum looked comfortable and happy in the seat. I found the safety harness very secure and very easy to adjust.  Ideal pushchair to take on shopping trip and, maneuvers very well.  I really liked the size of the shopping basket and found it very practical. The cover for the car seat I found to be small and did not cover much of the baby and you couldn’t tuck it back as it was either on or off.  The cover for the pushchair was superb size, ample coverage and protection.  This was a perfect fit for the boot of our car, lots of room left and fitted well.  The fabric is high quality, and very strong and easy to wipe clean which is just what you need with a young baby.  I must admit this pushchair just glided along the pavement, a joy to steer.  We only used this in and around town, did not try on other surfaces. The overall design is very good, I loved the fact you could change from pushchair to travel system and have car seat to use independently in the car.  It is superb, brilliant quality and easy to use.  I think it is definitely great value for money since having this to review.  Offers value for money when compared to others like it, really simple to use and great to use.  Would certainly recommend because it is practical and easy to use.  Designed well, easily changeable to suit your needs and wonderful to use.  Deeann Bonar – Baby Callum 8 Months

Product Tested By Carol Lea – Baby Laila 6 Months

Carol Awarded The Babystyle Mutsy 4Rider  4.4/5

Quality looking product, well made and sleek.  All that was needed was a quick assembly and it couldn’t have been simpler.  One lever erects the pushchair chassis and clip on the seat and it’s ready for your child.  There is a unique way to fold away this pushchair, once mastered its quite simple, it would be impossible to collapse by accident so a great safety feature.  The car seat looks really comfortable; the car seat comes with added plush support for the baby. On warm days I did notice Laila getting sweaty particularly on the back of her head; I think this was because the material is not very breathable.  Safety harness was secure and easy to adjust, and these seem to be a familiar design for most pushchairs these days, but they are safe.  Car seat straight onto the frame for quick use or if leaving from home you can use the regular pushchair attachment which is very easy to install. The wheels glided around corners and its standard size left me with no issues in door ways or aisles. Personally I feel the shopping basket could have been bigger or at least deeper.  The pushchair had a viewing window in the sun canopy which had a cover and also pockets. Not something I have seen before but thought it was very handy. The car seat had a canopy which again was uniquely designed but was not movable to shade baby which was a shame.  I have a larger boot as my car is a hatchback, would not think that it would go into a much smaller car but I did not have any problems at all.  The fabric quality and feel looks wonderful and easy to clean but the material didn’t seem breathable and left baby sweaty when warm out.  Lovely on pavements, wheels go where guided and it feels light.  Took the pushchair to the beach which was shingle, it had to be pulled rather than pushed but was still easy to maneuver. Love the storage on the sun canopy on the pushchair. Also the car seat has its own unique storage which was great for a spare blanket and baby’s hat. Never seen the design before but found it aesthetically pleasing and practical.  Very expensive, worth it in some aspects in others not.  This is a great product and for some it would be the ideal purchase, but for us just a bit too highly priced. Liked the design think it needs a fabric that would allow for baby to be in the pushchair for a while without getting sweaty. If it came down in price then I would possibly buy one.  It is a lovely looking pushchair and it serves its purpose and more.   Although pricey, an easy to use designer pushchair.   Carol Lea – Baby Laila 6 Months

Until now I never knew such convenience existed in a pushchair. Visually eye catching and practically designed, with an easy to use cherry on top.


Donna Awarded The Babystyle Mutsy 4Rider 5/5

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