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Babystyle Oyster

The Oyster from BabyStyle features stunning space age design and ticks all the boxes when it comes to choosing the ideal pushchair for your baby. Suitable from birth the Oyster offers everything that baby and parents need in a cost effective, feature packed product. The Oyster can now be personalised with a fantastic choice of 12 fabric pack colours. The new fabric packs contains a hood and soft and sporty liner that come packed in a ‘bag for life’ in the same colour. Lightweight and compact the Oyster has been designed with a narrow width chassis, making it easier to get in and out of doorways, while still offering a full width seat and optional carrycot. The seat unit is reversible and folds down in either direction. When used from birth the Oyster carrycot features air flow ventilation and is easy to remove. When used with a car seat you can add the Oyster car seat, however it has been designed to be fully compatible with the Maxi Cosi Cabrio or the Britax CTP. Swivelling and lockable front wheels offer excellent manoeuvrability and thanks to the independent cantilever suspension across all 4 wheels the Oyster takes kerbs, bumps and off road trips in its stride. The reclining pushchair seat incorporates an extendable hood and sun canopy with integral UV sunshade, a viewing window in the hood, an adjustable footrest and an adjustable and removable bumper bar. The compact and lightweight chassis has a large shopping basket with easy access, an adjustable handle and removable wheels, allowing the Oyster to fit into even the smallest car boot. A range of accessories are available including carrycot, matching footmuff/summer liner, changing bag & car seat.

The Oyster from BabyStyle. Chassis available in black or anodised finish. Stroller £220.00, Colour Pack (choice of 12 colours) including hood, soft liner and bag for life £49.00. Oyster Carrycot £109.00, Oyster Car Seat (black only) £79.00. Oyster Car Seat Adapter £15.00, Maxi-Cosi Car Seat Adaptor £18.50, Footmuff (black only) £40.00, Oyster Changing Bag (black only) £40.00.

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Babystyle Oyster Reviews

Product Tested by: By Anmarie Smith - Baby Tayla 2 Months

Product Tested By Anmarie Smith –  Baby Tayla 2 Months

Anmarie Awarded The Babystyle Oyster Stroller  4.9/5

I loved it straightaway. I thought it was modern looking. Very clear instructions, so easy to understand.  The 1st time I put this pushchair together I was 39 weeks pregnant yet I could still put it together singlehanded. So I do think this pushchair is so easy to erect.  When folding down I did find this a little tricky at first as it stuck a little but I think I may have been trying to do it wrong as I have never had a problem with it since. I like the ease of it.  the pushchair seat unit isn’t suitable for a young baby in my opinion as it doesn’t lie flat and the harness cant tighten securely enough around a newborn but the car seat was brilliant and now at 2 months of age tayla is big enough now to use the seat unit so I have just started using it as a pushchair as well as travel system with car seat.  the seat unit harness doesn’t tighten enough for a newborn but has enough give to grow with baby. The car seat harness was a brilliant fit.  The fact I could push the pram and hold a basket in my other hand was a real plus for me as was the fact it was slim enough to fit through any shop door.  I thought the shopping basket to be too small, I can fit a regular pack of nappies under and a box of formula but would struggle to store anything else which was quite a let down especially as the single bar handle meant I couldn’t hang shopping bags on the handles.   The rain hood is a brilliant fit, covers as it should keeping baby totally dry.  it folds so compact that it fits any boot, in fact we had a folded down cot in the boot with it the other day and it was an easy fit no need to squeeze anything in. Great, functional fabric that wipes clean easily.   So very easy to steer, I can push it and keep hold of my 2 year old at the same time.   It sticks a little on uneven surfaces like grass but can be pushed over without too much of a struggle.  Design is modern, functional and attractive.  Absolutely fantastic pushchair and it is very good value for money.  It’s attractive, light and easy to steer that’s such a hard thing to find all the qualities in one pushchair but this has it all. I also love the fact that the back wheels have some suspension for walking.  Would purchase this as it was a pram we were considering whilst expecting tayla.  Yes I’d definitely recommend this because for parents with other young children it can be pushed single handed whilst holding a walking child’s hand. For any parent it’s functional as it grows with the child so there really isn’t any need to buy a smaller buggy as baby gets older like so many parents currently do.  A lovely experience with this pram that has convinced me that spending that bit more on a good quality, trusted name is most definitely worth it.  Anmarie Smith – Baby Tayla 2 Months

Product Tested By David Smith – Baby Tayla 2 Months

David Awarded The Babystyle Oyster Stroller 4.7/5

I didn’t originally like the look of it but it handles well.  Very clear instructions, easy to follow.  Shame other pushchairs aren’t as easy! Very straightforward to erect.  Flat folding for small spaces, folds well.  Well Tayla is too young to tell me if she is comfortable but seems to be happy in it, sleeps well enough.  Safety Harness secure enough does the job well.  Reasonable to push round the aisles, fits easily through shop doors but struggle when carrying shopping as cant hang shopping on the handles.  The shopping basket needs to be bigger in my opinion, just about fit a pack of nappies in.   The hood doesn’t fit well, its hard to pull out. The rain hood is a brilliant fit; it covers well and has a bit of stretch to it too. Fits well into car boots even with shopping to put in too.  Fabric seems to be pretty stain resistant.   Steers well even one handed.  The front wheels seem to stick a bit initially but once moving at a steady pace it’s do-able.   I’m not too keen on the design; at first I didn’t think it looked strong enough or safe. I do now realise its strong enough and very capable- looks are deceiving in this case.  This is very good value for money.  Multi functional as it can change according to your needs i.e. car seat, pushchair so it fits well with all aspects of family life.  Would purchase this item as it has definitely made enough of an impression.  Have already recommended to others as made such an impression.  Very positive experience with an impressive and very functional travel system that suits all aspects of family life.  David Smith – Baby Tayla 2 Months

Product Tested By Frederick Nicholson – Baby Daughter 4 Months

Frederick Awarded The Babystyle Oyster Stroller  4.8/5

It first hit me how light the pram was and how easy it was to manoeuvre all the extra bits fit on easy and without to much effort. Overall this is a very nice looking & very good pram to use & store I have ever used. Just one thing I found was the storage space underneath was a bit to small.  The instructions were easy to follow.  Like it as so easy to erect.   Very easy to fold away too.   The seat looked comfortable for my daughter.  The harness was a bit difficult but it was ok .but it is there for the safety of the baby. My daughter had no problem with it.  Very easy to shop with this pushchair as .just the right size, not to wide.  Shopping basket was ok but like I stated earlier was too small in volume.  Shower cover could do with more height I thought it was a bit to close when over the baby.  No problem fitting into the boot of the car and I like the way it compacts. This is the thing I liked the most the shear effortless in which it takes to steer.  Design is spot on.  Great value not many pushchairs on the market have been as good as this.  The pushchair was 1 of the best I have tried .the thing that let me down was the storage underneath everything else spot on.  Would recommend, because of the light weight, the handling and the easy way it collapses ideal for a mum on her own doing the shopping or just traveling around.  Excellent.  Frederick Nicholson – Baby daughter 4 Months

A lovely experience with this pram that has convinced me that spending that bit more on a good quality, trusted name is most definitely worth it.


Anmarie Awarded The Babystyle Oyster Stroller 4.9/5

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