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Babytec Bath Float

The Babytec Bath Float is a floating cushion that provides a comfortable and safe way of bathing baby in the parent’s bathtub.  Suitable for babies from 3 to 8kg in weight.  Baby lies partially in the water, floating happily.  Parent’s hand is free to wash and play with the baby.  Compact size makes it ideal for travel. Drips dry rapidly.  Safe and convenient method of bathing your baby! Important: This product is not meant to replace an adults supervision.
Never leave a child unsupervised around water an adult must always be present.

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£7.99 - Available in John Lewis online JoJo Mamanbebe & or click onto to find local stockist.

Babytec Bath Float Reviews

Product Tested by: Melanie Marshall - Baby Louise 1 Month

Product Tested By Melanie Marshall – Baby Loiuse 1 Month

Melanie Awarded The Babytec Bath Float 4.7/5

The babytec bath float is not a product I have seen before.  My baby was a bit unsure at first as she likes to be held quite securely this product gave her the freedom to move around more than if I were holding her under her arms to support her.  It was quite difficult to wash her hair whilst she was lying in the float as it meant tipping her head forward quite a lot.  The float was easy to dry and store.  This is absolutely ideal to take on your travels and ideal to take on holiday. This does make bathing your baby much easier.  Good quality product and certainly value for money.  Melanie Marshall – Baby Louise 1 Month

Product Tested By Nikki Hilton – Baby Josh 3 weeks old

Nikki Awarded The Babytec Bath Float 4.8/5 

This bathfloat is great as it gives the baby the security of having something round him but enables him to kick and splash about freely and leaves me with a hand free to wash and play with him. Good quality, certainly easy to clean and portable.  Will be taking this away with us as a must have for your travels.  Also easy for me and my husband to use which is another great asset.  I would not hesitate to recommend this product to anyone especially babies who are not great in the bath.  Nikki Hilton – Baby Josh 3 Weeks Old.

Product Tested By Madge Horton – Baby Harrison 5 Weeks Old.

Madge Awarded The Babytec Batch Float 3.8/5

The babytec bathfloat is not a product I would have bought myself – I feel that it is just as easy to put your hand under the baby.  It did allow the baby more freedom to move around and did make playing with him easier – it was a bit like a baby lilo and he looked very comfortable floating around the bath.  It dried very quickly and folded up and went in the airing cupboard for the next bath time.  I would recommend this product as it made bathtime easier and I think my son enjoyed the bath more when using the bath float.  I think the price is a tad on the high side but if you are buying it instead of a baby bath then you would save money in the long run and it is far more portable than a baby bath and a lot easier to store.  This is well made and different idea for bathing baby.  Madge Horton – Baby Harrison 5 Weeks Old 

This does make bathing your baby much easier.  


Melanie Awarded The Babytec Bath Float 4.7/5

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