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Babyway Home Safety Set

All the thing you need to get started to make your home safer for your baby. Comprises 2x door finger trap protectors, 6x drawer locks, 2x multi purpose locks, 8x corner cushions and 12x socket protectors. Always read instructions.

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£12.99 Available to purchase online or click online for local stockist

Babyway Home Safety Set Reviews

Product Tested by: Sian Hosmer – Isabelle 11 Months


Product Tested By Sian Hosmer – Isabelle 11 Months

Sian Awarded The Babyway Home Safety Set 5/5

The product came just at the right time- as my baby had learnt to crawl and I had to ‘baby-proof’ my house. The pack contained everything I needed to do this and was easy to use. Everything fits into a relatively small box and the packaging is informative and describes exactly what is inside. The back of the box shows clear instructions for all of the safety devices. The pack included all the safety devices that I needed for my home- door finger trap preventers, cabinet/ drawer locks, multipurpose locks, corner cushions and socket protectors. I couldn’t believe that it all fitted into the box. There was plenty of each product apart from only 2 door finger trap preventers. However, these are quite bulky so only a couple fitted into the box. I used all the items as my baby had just started to crawl and I needed to make my whole house safe. Good quality, although the plug covers are quite basic compared to others I have seen that are perhaps more difficult to remove. Definitely good value for money. There is so much in the box and I would be happy to pay £12.99 for it. I would purchase if I had not received one to review. I have already recommended to others.  I was really happy to receive this product as I was about to have to buy all these items individually. It was useful to have all that I needed in one pack with easy to understand instructions. Overall, this as a great product and I would recommend it. Sian Hosmer – Isabelle 11 Months

Product Tested By Corrine Cirkovic – Steven 11 Months

Corrine Awarded The Babyway Home Safety Set 4/5

Great! Just what I need as my baby is crawling, standing and learning to walk. Packaging Sturdy and professional looking. The instructions are all clear and easy to understand except for the instructions for the Drawer Lock. The picture of the catch doesn’t really look exactly like the catch as it is. I’ve tried and tried but I can’t work out which position/angle to put the catch. Also should be separate instructions for how to attach it to the cabinet and how to attach it to a drawer. It says it is a Drawer Lock, but the picture is for a cabinet. The diagrams could also be labelled. Excellent variety of items. There are ledges in my home which require some sort of soft ‘bumpers’ and also the legs of chairs pose a hazard, so some sort of bumpers to protect baby against falling against them would be good. I’m thinking along the lines of something like cot bar bumpers, but for the legs of chairs and ledges. Including something like that would add to the variety. Quantity supplied for each item just right. I don’t have a big home, so this is perfect for me. I have not used the multipurpose locks yet because baby is not allowed in the bathroom yet, so no point sealing the toilet bowl. Also there are no ‘box’ things in my home to seal. I also have not used the drawer locks because while everything else is ‘self-assembling’, this requires some handyman skills (which I don’t have) like putting in the screws and I still can’t work out the instructions. Definitely continue to use. It is very useful and I think I will use it even more when baby becomes even more mobile. The products are very high quality. The only thing is the finger trap protectors. I can’t leave them in all the time as there are occasions when I want the doors completely shut so I can see how they could end up breaking after a while from regular removal and insertion, as they are basically just pieces of hard foam. I would say it was value for money if it was priced at £9.99. I can’t see us needing any more yet, but if I did buy, I would like to stock up on the corner cushions as I think those are brilliant! I would definitely recommend this to any friends who are expecting babies or who have babies. I particularly like the corner cushions. as they can be used on a variety of corners, not just for desks, but any kind of sharp corners like the edges of beds, chairs, speakers etc. I have also used these on the pull out tray for my computer keyboard as it is metal and very sharp and baby loves kicking this when he sits on my lap. The socket protectors are a breeze to use and really give protection from curious little fingers. The finger protectors are also very useful and can really protect against doors slamming shut and doing serious injury to baby. If you have big boxes with lids in the house, the multi-purpose locks would be perfect. The instructions for the cabinet and drawer locks could be clearer. All in all, a very useful set of products for anyone with active little toddlers! Corrine Cirkovic – Steven 11 Months

Product Tested By Laura Whitelaw – Poppy 10.5 Months

Laura Awarded The Babyway Home Safety Set 4.4/5

A great pack full of useful safety equipment. Good clear packaging that displays accurately what is in the box. Clear instructions. Not all pictures represent the actual appearance of the products in the pack but this is clearly stated. A good range of safety products, some of which I would not have considered buying if they weren’t included in the pack. A good quantity. I have a 3 bedroom house and had enough of each item, with a few spares left over. I tried them all but haven’t chosen to use them all permanently. I have used plug sockets covers and a few door locks. I haven’t used more door locks as I’m happy for her to explore some of the kitchen cupboards containing safer items. I haven’t used the corner protectors as I tend to watch her closely near sharp corners as there aren’t many at her level in the house. I didn’t keep the toilet seat clip on as I don’t really want her to be trying to lift the toilet seat at the moment as I don’t think it is very hygienic. She does respond to ‘no’ and I think it is important to learn to follow this rather than simply locking everything away. I will continue to use the socket covers and some of the door locks. I may use the corner protectors on the corner of the dining table as she get taller. I am sure at some point I will find a use for the toilet seat locks. The only thing I am slightly concerned about is the fit of the socket covers. They are very easy to remove compared to similar products I have used. I am a bit worried that as she gets older she will be able to remove them. There are a good number of products for the price. A comprehensive safety kit that offers good value for money and a wide range of products to fulfil different needs. Laura Whitelaw – Poppy 10.5 months

I was really happy to receive this product as I was about to have to buy all these items individually. It was useful to have all that I needed in one pack with easy to understand instructions.


Sian Awarded The Babyway Home Safety Set 5/5

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