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Babyway Humidifier

The Babyway Ultrasonic Humidifier offers a complete environment solution. The Humidifier comes with a night light, Hygrometer and a room thermometer. This saves on buying additional products that litter the baby’s toom and also costs more. The humidifier will emit a adjustable stream of cool, fresh water vapour into the air – replacing moisture lost through central heating. With a humidifier, the baby can receive the appropriate level of humidity therapy in a convenient and affordable piece of equipment for the bedroom.

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£39.99 Available to purchase online or click online for local stockist

Babyway Humidifier Reviews

Product Tested by: Emma Silcock – Ewan 2 Years

Product Tested By Emma Silcock – Ewan 2 Years

Emma Awarded the Babyway Humidifier 4.1/5

When the product arrived, it was well packaged. Once out of the box I was impressed with its sleek modern design, relatively compact size and how easy it was to put together and get going. I did not find the instructions to meet my thorough standards. It is recommended that the product is situated 2 meters away from any furniture or walls, which is almost impossible in our house because the nursery is the smallest room. The instructions also didn’t explain if any essential oils could be used in the humidifier such as lavender or eucalyptus. But other than those two points the instructions were concise and easy to follow. The humidifier itself is very easy to use, you fill it up, plug it in and off you go. I found the thermometer a little hard to read due to the positioning. The increase in steam released isn’t too subtle so you can tell if you have turned it up sufficiently. The fact that the water barrel is clear and lights up is lovely because it acts as a good nightlight in the room. I noticed a difference when the humidifier had been on and I walked into the room, it felt fresh and cool, especially on a day when the heating had been on and the house felt stuffy, although it didn’t cool the room so as to become cold. Ewan often has chest infections which are quite difficult to shift, he had one whilst I’ve been testing this product and it definitely cleared up much quicker, I do think it would have been even better if I could have got some eucalyptus circulating too. I found the cleaning and maintenance relatively easy, having to use vinegar to clean certain parts is a bit of a chore but easy enough to do, the only part I found difficult was refilling the barrel, once I lifted it off the base water regularly spilled out, also maneuvering the barrel once filled was quite difficult too. I think the product is well made, everything attaches together well and it has a lovely sleek finish, the rubber on the feet to stop it sliding is a good idea too.  £39.99 is excellent value for money as it is something that could be used for a long time.  This is something I would definitely consider buying. A modern sleek product, easy to use with great health benefits! Emma Silcock – Ewan 2 Years

Product Tested By Aleen Shinnie – Benjamin 2 Years

Aleen Awarded the Babyway Humidifier 3.6/5

A rather large but colourful looking product. The instructions were easy to understand and explained everything that is needed to operate safely. After reading the instructions the humidifier was very simple and easy to use. I noticed a little difference to the air in the room when we used it, it seemed cleaner. Cleaning the humidifier was simple to do too and it didn’t take that long. The quality of the product is good and I think it is great value for money when compared to others on the market.  My son loved the blue colour when the machine was switched on and was drawn to it therefore we never used it in his room which I would have liked to do. Will continue to use it in our living area especially in the evening in the hope that it will help with his breathing. Aleen Shinnie – Benjamin 2 Years

Product Tested By Kerry Reardon – Kaleb 11 Months

Kerry Awarded the Babyway Humidifier 3.5/5

I was shocked at the size but the style and look of the product are very modern and have an impressive quality. Item was packed very well and securely, the instructions were also explained very well and very clearly. The humidifier itself was very easy to use and the tank of water lasts for a good few days before it needs to be refilled again. I did notice a slight change to the air in the room but nothing dramatic. The cleaning is explained in detail in the book however I found having to use vinegar inconvenient as it is rather smelly and I had to go and buy some! The quality of the product is very impressive and at a high standard but I personally would not be willing to pay the RRP as I feel it is just too expensive. I had a problem with using the product for the first time with it leaking water but after emptying the tank and trying a couple of times again the item worked fine and I am very happy with the quality, mechanism and look of the product, worth recommending it one can afford it! Kerry Reardon – Kaleb 11 Months

This is something I would definitely consider buying. A modern sleek product, easy to use with great health benefits!


Emma Awarded the Babyway Humidifier 4.1/5

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