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Babyway Park Stroller

The Babyway Park Stroller is practical and lightweight, they are perfect for
holidays, days out and travelling on public transport. They also fold down
compactly for easy storage. It includes an handy basket under the stroller for
babys garments, feeds and loose items.

  • Easy to fold up
  • Strong durable design
  • 5 point harness
  • Swivel wheels for ultimate ease of use
  • Comfy seating
  • Foot rest

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Babyway Park Stroller Reviews

Product Tested By Chantelle Curran – Jake 2 Years & 2


Chantelle Awarded the Babyway Park Stroller 4/5

This is very handy for travelling
on public transport. The instructions were good in helping me erect and fold
away the pushchair easily. It’s a little stiff because it’s new but as you break
it in it works great. It looks comfortable until my son falls asleep as the
buggy does not lay back even a small bit. The harness is very secure and easy
to use. When out shopping with this it’s quite hard to turn whilst shopping,
I.e. holding the basket in one hand and trying to turn. Fits perfectly in to
the boot, leaving enough room for shopping too. This is a great price and I
would recommend this product for travelling on public transport/ holidays as
it’s easy to fold. Chantelle
Curran – Jake 2 Years & 2 Months

Product Tested By Fiona Rudd – Hannah 18 Months

Fiona Awarded the Babyway Park Stroller 4/5

This is basic, but good quality. It’s
a useful buggy to keep in the car. I found it Very
quick and easy to erect the pushchair but folding it away takes some getting
used to because you need to bend down and use your hands. The seat appears to
be fine comfort wise, but Hannah looks a little slouched at times. The safety
harness is a good fit and easy to secure. Fortunately my daughter is not able
to unfasten it. Really easy to fold away in the car. Doesn’t take up much room.
Not a lot of room under the pushchair to store things. No good if it is raining
as there is no hood and not waterproof. Fabric is fine providing it isn’t
raining or snowing and it’s very easy to steer compared to other buggies like this.
The pram is a good design for indoor shopping or summer, but not very practical
for bad weather. This is great value for money though, it’s cheap and practical
to keep in the car! Fiona
Rudd – Hannah 18 Months

Product Tested By Lauren Gee – Sebastian 17 Months

Lauren Awarded the Babyway Park Stroller 4/5

It was well packaged. The
pushchair was very slim and long. The seat material looked durable. The wheels
were quite ‘plasticky’. The instructions were
reasonably clear but they didn’t make it obvious which way round the front
wheels should be attached. Luckily I figured it out ok. Once I got the wheels
on it was ready to go. My first couple of attempts at folding it didn’t go too
well, I think because it was new and the catch was stiff. Also, because I was
doing it indoors I didn’t have shoes on and you need to otherwise the catch
hurts your feet. Sebastian didn’t seem to have any complaints. He was able to
sit up comfortably. Because his legs aren’t long enough yet for him to sit with
his knees bent at the edge of the seat, his legs did get dug into a little bit
by the seat edge, but I solved that by putting a little blanket under them. The
harness is a five point harness which is good. Even with the straps adjusted to
the correct length he could wriggle out of the arm bits sometimes due to where
the straps are attached to the pushchair, meaning it’s not possible to snugly
fasten them. It’s nice and thin which made it easy to manoeuvre through tighter
spaces when shopping. The wheels didn’t work too well on shop floors though –
any kind of smooth surface seemed to stop them turning sometimes so it could be
a bit of an effort to push around. You can’t really hang things off the handles
so it wouldn’t be any good for putting lots of shopping bags onto! The shopping
basket is easily accessible but the majority of it is under the seat, and quite
close to it, so you can only fit slim things in. For holding only a couple of
items it was fine though. It is very slim so left plenty of room for other
things. Lengthwise it only just fit – I think in a very small car it might not
fit in but we have a smallish hatchback and it was fine. It’s basic and
functional, and easy to use. The handles could do with being a bit higher as
I’m 5ft 4 and it was just about ok for me to push, but there was no way my 6ft
4 partner could push it comfortably and my taller sister also had some
difficulty. For short trips to the shops, or taking on holiday this is an ideal
pushchair. Not so good for wheeling on anything other than pavements, and
definitely not good in the rain / wind. Lovely and compact for keeping in the
car. For a lightweight run around for older babies this is great value for
money, and it does everything you need it to. Any improvements would just be an
added bonus but it’s great as it is. Lauren Gee – Sebastian 17 Months

I would recommend this product for travelling on
public transport/ holidays as it’s easy to fold.


Chantelle Awarded the Babyway Park Stroller 4/5

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