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Bach Emotional Eating Kit

Bach Emotional Eating Kit is a set of three carefully selected flower essences from the system of 38 to give a helping hand with diet and healthy living regimes. It is the first product available in the UK of its type to specifically help deal with the emotions linked to comfort eating. Flavors include cherry Plum, Crab Apple and Chestnut Bud.

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Bach Emotional Eating Kit Reviews

Product Tested by: Kirsty Budgen – Oliver & Finley Ages 19 Months & 9 Months

Product Tested By Kirsty Budgen – Oliver & Finley Ages 19 Months & 9 Months

Kirsty Awarded the Bach Emotional Eating Kit 5/5

My initial impression was that I thought the kit was going to be bigger. There is a massively wide range of things from the company – and it’s available to everyone – there is something for everyone. The website itself is amazingly professional, but very easy to navigate as well. The packaging for the product is very simple, easy to understand and use and the instructions also couldn’t be simpler. The contents of the kit is great, it is perfect for finding out what you need to take and when. I used the products whenever I needed to, which happened to be quite a lot. The kit helped me identify when I wanted to eat and because of that it helped me find out why I was feeling hungry when I wasn’t really. The quality of the product is fantastic, it’s a lovely kit. Once you’ve used it, and it’s helped you realise WHY you’re eating, you actually are able to use it LESS because you can help yourself before you need to use it. It’s a massive help for those that emotionally eat and I can’t find any fault in it. It has been a life changing test which has helped me find myself and reasons why I’m eating and to help prevent this. It’s amazing to be able to control my eating. Fantastic. Kirsty Budgen – Oliver & Finley Ages 19 Months & 9 Months

Product Tested By Maria Treagle – Kyle & Baby Ethan Ages 2 Years & 4 Months

Maria Awarded the Bach Emotional Eating Kit 4.7/5

The packaging for the product was nice, very clear and not excessive. The contents of the kit were also very nice and non-complicated. I added the products to a bottle of water and then sipped from it, making sure that I did it on four occasions when I fed my little boy too. He has four feeds so I made sure that I had sips when he was fed. I used the kit in a hope it would aid weight loss, and at first I was skeptical, but I did lose a few pounds, so something good came from using the kit. I will definitely be replacing the product when I have finished it and I would also highly recommend it. At first I really did not think that this product would work and at first it didn’t seem to. But after 2 weeks of using it I found that my jeans started to feel loose and I’d actually lost 8lbs! I feel much better in myself, I am not sure if I do actually eat less but I do believe that it helps to get your mind motivated into reaching your goal of weight loss. Maria Treagle – Kyle & Baby Ethan Ages 2 Years & 4 Months

Product Tested By Lisa Clark – Violet 13 Months

Lisa Awarded the Bach Emotional Eating Kit 4.5/5

Looks simple enough! Packaging is clear and attractive. The instructions were quite brief and I had to read them through twice to make sure I understood how to use the product correctly! The contents were great – each bottle had a slightly different use and the three bottles can be used together or separately.  I used all three bottles at the same time – taking drops from each three times a day. I was curious to trial the kit as I am aware that I have been eating my way through some tough times and using food as a comforter. I couldn’t explain why but when taking the drops I found I was more aware of when I was eating and was more easily able to stop myself eating when I was not actually hungry. I think Bach is a trusted high quality brand. The bottles in the kit are small but I found the product helpful to me, so I would say it is good value for money. I feel like I have broken some bad habits by using this kit – I would consider buying it again in the future and I would recommend it to people who needed support with Emotional Eating issues. I found this product really useful and lost 5lbs during a month of using it, alongside exercising more and eating healthily. Lisa Clark – Violet 13 Months

Product Tested By Charlotte Roberts – Daniel 1 Year

Charlotte Awarded the Bach Emotional Eating Kit 3.8/5

I was interested to see how the product could possibly stop me from over eating, and I was willing to give it a try. Nice and bright packaging, it is clear what the product is for and allows you to see what is enclosed. Very easy to follow instructions, and also gives you a couple of options on how to take the essences, either straight from the bottle or in some plain water. Good sized bottles for the recommended retail price. The essences also smell really nice. I used the product when I felt that I really needed to or if I felt like I was going to lose control of my diet. I tried to use if for its intended purpose to stop me from over-eating, however I didn’t find it effective for me. Very good quality product, from a well known brand. I think the product would be good value for other people if it works for them, however as it didn’t work for me I personally don’t consider it value for money. Although the product looked good and the instructions were easy to follow, I personally didn’t like the taste of the three essences, which kind of put me off taking them. They definitely didn’t taste like they smelt.  I did persevere though and tried to take the essences as I should do, however I don’t think it really worked as I would still find myself snacking during the evening or when I was bored?  Would probably work well for someone who has a lot more will power than me. Charlotte Roberts – Daniel 1 Year

Product Tested By Jenni Quinn – Poppy & Jamie 2 & 1 Years Old

Jenni Awarded the Bach Emotional Eating Kit 4.8/5

I thought the concept sounded very interesting, I was very intrigued. The website had a variety of products and although I have only heard of a few it was interesting reading what they have to offer. The box is compact just the right size for the product. It is small enough to be conveniently carried around with me in my handbag. The instructions were very clear but initially I assumed I would just sniff the vials! The contents are three vials – crab apple, cherry plum and chestnut plum – and drops are to be taken by certain vials according to your mood. I found the concept really interesting as I had a take a moment to think about how I was feeling and choose accordingly. I was the only person in my family to use the kit as I am overweight and I used the essences every day until I had finished the course. I used the kit to try and help loose some weight and also to try and understand the feeling I have when I emotionally eat. I did not actually loose any weight during the course but as I added the essences into my drinks and as a result I did drink lots more water and took time to analyze my feelings. I was very impressed with the quality. The essences are free from artificial additives and colorings, suitable for vegans (I am vegetarian so was very happy to see this), suitable for all the family and alcohol free. The price is quite reasonable as some regimes command a big price with no guarantees that they will work. I would possibly recommend this to my friends but would advise that it didn’t really work for me. It did make me drink more water though and stop and think about my feelings of hunger. I enjoyed using the kit but unfortunately still have the same relationship I had with food as before, but the kit has definitely made me stop and think about my emotional feelings and my relationship with food. Jenni Quinn – Poppy & Jamie 2 & 1 Years Old

It has been a life changing test which has helped me find myself and reasons why I’m eating and to help prevent this


Kirsty Awarded the Bach Emotional Eating Kit 5/5

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