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Bambeano® Baby Bean Bag and Toddler Bean Bag Cover

Get a FREE matching "My 1st Bean Bag" cover with every Bambeano® purchase!  Extend the life of your baby bean bag up to 5 years by transferring the beans from the Bambeano® into the "My 1st Bean Bag" cover.The Bambeano® Baby Bean Bag has been awarded a Bizziebaby Silver Award 2012/13 in the Baby Chairs & Swings category! This coveted award is voted for by parent’s themselves. We have received excellent feedback and reviews on the Bambeano®.Baby bean bags are perfect for your newborn and the Bambeano® Baby Bean Bag offers a comfortable bed for tiny babies so you can relax while they sleep.Suitable for 0-6 monthsSecure safety harnessSemi-upright position -helps babies with acid refluxRemovable, washable 100% cotton coverThe unique Bambeano® Baby Bean Bag comes with a harness to secure your little one in place and is suitable for 0-6 month olds (approx).With innovative design and superior quality fabrics the Bambeano® Baby Bean Bag is a perfect combination of comfort and safety. It allows new borns and young babies to sit securely, comfortably and fully supported in a semi upright postion so that they can see the world around them.This baby bean bag seat is particularly helpful for babies with infant acidreflux as a practical support cushion as they can sit securely in a semi-elevated position. Available in beautiful soft polkadot colours.  Also an ideal gift idea for expectant parents!

Bizziebaby Silver Award winner 2012/13 and Bizziebaby Silver Award Winner 2013/14

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Bambeano® Baby Bean Bag and Toddler Bean Bag Cover Reviews

Product Tested by: Kelly Evans – Lucy 4 Months

Product Tested By Kelly Evans – Lucy 4 Months

Kelly Awarded The BeanBagBazaar
Bambeano® Baby Bean Bag and Toddler Bean Bag Cover

was very impressed with this product when I first received it in the post. There was even a personalised message from
someone at the company which I felt was a very nice touch. The instructions were extremely easy to
follow and I was over the moon to find a complimentary toddler cover to use as
Lucy got older. The beanbag is a
great size. Not too big so as to take up
a lot of space but not to small so it was not secure for my little one to lie
on. I chose the neutral beanbag and
absolutely loved the colour and the polka dot print. I can’t say my three year old agreed with me
though – she wanted the pink! I love how
you have a choice of the three colours; however, the neutral was a winner in my
eyes as when it was not in use it wasn’t as conspicuous as a coloured one may have
been. And of course it may be used for
future children. The beanbag is light,
portable and can be used in any room in the house. We even took it on many trips to Granny’s
house – it was great to be able to put Lucy down where I knew she was safe. She was so comfortable she fell asleep for
her morning nap on it more than once. Lucy
never complained – I really liked how the bag can be shaped for purpose. When she was tired I would make the beanbag
recline into a flat ‘bed’ and Lucy was extremely comfortable. If Lucy wanted to be sitting up and looking
around it was easy enough to just ‘fluff up’ the beans. It was extremely easy to get Lucy in and out
of the harness and as it was adjustable I felt she was very safe. My only criticism is the quality of the
harness strap itself – it is poor quality compared to the quality, durable
fabric of the cover. Being able to
remove and wash the cover is a god send.
Lucy is a very sickly baby and so it was whipped off many times to be
popped into the washer. It washed very
well indeed. Aside from her bouncer,
this was the first time Lucy has been able to sit up a little without being
held. As it helped her sit up that
little more than she is able to in her bouncer – she was happy to look at and
play with toys while being in an upright position. It also helped Lucy to fall asleep on her own
for her morning nap as she had been very used to being held – especially when
visiting Granny. It is a product
of a very good standard. The fabric is
soft but durable and it is obvious that time has been taken on design. As stated my only criticism is the quality of
the strap on the harness. It may seem a
little expensive for a bean bag; however, considering it costs less than a good
quality bouncer yet has more uses I would say it is well worth the money. It is better for baby’s naps as it can be
shaped to be flat, can be used as a chair and is easily transportable (I often
have just chucked it in the car boot or between the seats in the back to take
with me on visits to family and friends.)
The fact you get a free toddler cover is brilliant as it is a product I
want to use for as long as possible and my oldest will be thrilled when I pass
it onto her. So many of her things are
being passed down to Lucy that it will be a nice change for something of Lucy’s to be given to her. I would definitely purchase this item. I will definitely recommend this product to
family and friends. The Bambeano Baby
Bean Bag is a quality and versatile product that combines a lot of the usual
baby products into one easy to use and attractive seat/bed. Something that will be used every day. Kelly Evans – Lucy 4 Months

Tested By
Karen English – Isla 6 Months

Awarded The 
The BeanBagBazaar Bambeano® Baby Bean Bag and Toddler Bean Bag Cover 4.2/5

nice quality and super customer service.
Large enough for young babies but needs a little more space for bigger
babies. Lovely shape and idea but it
would be nice to see a larger range of colours including bold shades. We would use this in the bedroom and living
room. This is very comfortable and the
two older children (3.5 and 5 yrs.) love the bigger bean bag. Harness was a little fiddly as it only
fastens on one side meaning you have to feed the strap through instead of just
having two separate fasteners. The
removable cover is a great feature easy to remove and handy with a sickly baby. I have a very happy baby anyway but she did
enjoy sitting in it. The cover was a
little rough before washing but softened with fabric conditioner. In relation to other similar products this
offers great value for money. I would
purchase this item. I wish we had gotten
it when Isla was younger. I would
recommend. The product arrived quickly
was easy to use and was nice to look at, as explained it would be nice to see
bolder colours in the range and a harness that fastens in two places would be
the only improvements I could suggest.Karen English – Isla 6 Months

Tested By
Debbie Stevenson – Rosie 6 Months

The BeanBagBazaar Bambeano® Baby Bean Bag and Toddler Bean Bag Cover  4.9/5

looked stylish and practical. The size
is perfect for a baby of up to 6 months.
The style of the bean bag is lovely and modern. I used the bean bag in my living room and also
my bedroom. It is so light it can be carried wherever you need it to be. My baby was 5 months old when we received the
beanbag and was starting to sit unsupported; therefore she kept trying to sit
up in it and became frustrated. However had I had this product when my baby was
younger it would have been perfect and extremely useful. I didn’t feel my baby was safe in the harness
due to her age and ability to sit unsupported. However I would rate the
safeness 5/5 for a baby under 4 months. The
removable cover is brilliant and you can easily pop it in the wash. I think this product is of very good quality. This product is extremely good value for
money as it comes with a toddle bean bag cover. I was able to easily place the
bean bag balls into the toddler cover and use this for my 3 year old. Therefore
this gives the product extra life. If I
had a newborn I wouldn’t hesitate in buying this product. I have recommended this product to family. Handy that there is a toddler bean cover. Debbie Stevenson – Rosie 6 Months

I will definitely recommend this product to family and friends. The Bambeano Baby Bean Bag is a quality and versatile product that combines a lot of the usual baby products into one easy to use and attractive seat/bed. Something that will be used every day. 


Kelly Awarded The BeanBagBazaar Bambeano® Baby Bean Bag  and Toddler Bean Bag Cover 4.9/5

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