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Bambo Nature Nappies Junior

Eco friendly disposable nappies. Bambo Nature Nappies have all the features of leading conventional disposables but are much kinder to your baby’s skin and the environment. Bambo Nature Nappies contain no optical brighteners, perfumes, lotions or moisturisers, meaning less risk of allergic reactions and rashes. Raw materials used to produce the nappy are certified free from harmful chemicals. Bambo Nature has been awarded the Nordic Swan Eco Label. All materials used are approved by the Danish Environmental Protection Agency. Production process minimizes the consumption of energy and uses state-of-the-art techniques that save and recycle raw materials wherever possible. Manufacturer uses environmentally friendly fluff pulp from a controlled Scandinavian Forestry where more trees are planted than felled. Pulp used is bleached using oxygen rather than chlorine, therefore having a considerably lower environmental impact. The absorbent core in Bambo Nature Nappies has a high percentage of starch – a naturally absorbant material that is also 100% biodegradable

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£9.90. Bambo Junior (15-25kg) pack 42. Purchase 6 packs or more Postage FREE - Available to purchase online

Bambo Nature Nappies Junior Reviews

Product Tested By Jennifer Rhymer – Lynsey Aged 3 Years

Jennifer Awarded The Bambo Junior Nappies 4/5

A great idea, helpful to the environment. I was very impressed when I first looked at the nappies. The texture and feel is fine. Inside the texture is soft and I was assured they would be comfortable for my child.  These were a great fit and perfect size for Lynsey. The nappy leaked on one occasion but that happens occasionally with all nappies.  When we used these at night Lynsey’s bottom was a little damp, but only on some mornings when she was very wet. The closures could easily by repositioned and the nappy stuck fine every time. A little bulky under clothes, more so when the nappy was wet. It is extremely important to me these are environmentally friendly nappies. They are a little expensive at £9.99 but they are just as effective as leading brands  A well designed Eco disposable nappy which performs as well as other leading brands. A very effective nappy as they are also great quality. Just feel they are a little on the expensive side.  Very good nappies, just as effective as any other leading brand but with the extra satisfaction of knowing I am doing a bit extra to help the environment.  Jennifer Rhymer – Lynsey Aged 3 Years

Product Tested By Alison King – Adam Aged 2 Years

Alison Awarded The Bambo Junior Nappies 5/5

Works as well as the leading brands, along with being more eco-friendly.  The nappy has a soft and cloth-like feel on the outside and very durable.  Inside texture is soft to the touch, very absorbent. Didn’t seem to break down even when filled to capacity.  Looked very comfortable on baby. Plenty of give at the legs for movement, but still kept leaks at a minimum.   Snug enough to prevent leaks, but roomy enough to not restrict his energetic lifestyle!  We rarely had any daytime leaks – nappy seemed to hold quite a lot of moisture without difficulty. We rarely had any night-time leaks. Less than we did with our usual brand. The closures stayed affixed very well, even after several repositionings. The nappy seemed very slim under clothes – not any bulkier than we are used to with other brands we have used in the past.   I do worry about the impact our nappy usage has on the environment, but I don’t think I could face cloth nappies at this stage in my life so these were idea as eco friendly and disposable.  I love the convenience as well as the earth-consciousness of Bambo.  They are a bit pricier than the brand we normally use, and seem to be about the same quality, but the added eco-friendly benefit does mean a lot to me.   I was really happy overall with the design and performance of the nappies. Can’t think of any improvements.   If the product was available in shops, I would definitely buy it over our normal brand. I’m not sure if I would if they are only available online, as it adds another complication to a hectic life.  I like the fact that it is a disposable nappy that does it’s best to be friendly to the environment and that it worked even better than our normal brand at eliminating leaks.  I’ve used nappies a selection of nappies in the past that have been a terrible disappointment, and a real mess. Bambo nappies have worked a treat for us, and the added bonus of environmental consciousness puts them at the top of my list!  A comfortable, reliable, eco-friendly nappy that works as well if not better than other brands we have tried in the pastGreat value for money.  Alison King – Adam Aged 2 Years

Product Tested By Caroline Lawson – Andrew Aged 2 Years 1 Month

Caroline Awarded The Bambo Junior Nappies 5/5

Was eager to try these as not heard of them before.  They work just as well as any other disposable nappy and are GREEN.  The nappy feels soft to the touch and they are strong.  These were very comfortable for Andrew to wear, and also found the absorbed everything.   Fit was good, no leaks at all during the day.  He would walk around and look comfortable so a success for us.   We also used these at night and worked well, had a few minor leaks, but not a problem at all.  In fact they performed better than the nappies we had been using.  Looked very comfortable on baby.  Easy to put on, stayed in place and the tabs stuck well.  A bit bulky under clothes, but aren’t all nappies.  I loved the fact these nappies were Green and disposable as suited our lifestyle and I felt I was helping the environment. Andrew was comfortable in these nappies and they were effective.  I just love the convenience of using disposable nappies and love these even more as Eco friendly.   Quality great, design good.  Will be purchasing more online and would be nice to also see this brand in our local supermarket.    Bambo nappies have been ideal for us and just love the fact they are GREEN.  Heve been recommending to friends and family.  A good quality nappy, that is comfortable, effective and Green.  Caroline Lawson – Andrew Aged 2 Years 1 Month

Very good nappies, just as effective as any other leading brand but with the extra satisfaction of knowing I am doing a bit extra to help the environment.


Jennifer Awarded The Bambo Junior Nappies 4/5

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