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Bambo Nature Nappies Maxi

Eco friendly disposable nappies. Bambo Nature Nappies have all the features of leading conventional disposables but are much kinder to your baby’s skin and the environment. Bambo Nature Nappies contain no optical brighteners, perfumes, lotions or moisturisers, meaning less risk of allergic reactions and rashes. Raw materials used to produce the nappy are certified free from harmful chemicals. Bambo Nature has been awarded the Nordic Swan Eco Label. All materials used are approved by the Danish Environmental Protection Agency. Production process minimizes the consumption of energy and uses state-of-the-art techniques that save and recycle raw materials wherever possible. Manufacturer uses environmentally friendly fluff pulp from a controlled Scandinavian Forestry where more trees are planted than felled. Pulp used is bleached using oxygen rather than chlorine, therefore having a considerably lower environmental impact. The absorbent core in Bambo Nature Nappies has a high percentage of starch – a naturally absorbant material that is also 100% biodegradable

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£9.90 Bambo Maxi (8-18kg) pack 50. Purchase 6 packs or more Postage FREE - Available to purchase online

Bambo Nature Nappies Maxi Reviews

Product Tested By Julie price – Thomas Aged 1 Year

Julie Awarded the Bambo Nappies Maxi 4.6/ 5

These nappies felt slightly stiffer than our usual brand. They are soft and thick and appear absorbent and comfortable. The waistband fits well and there is good elastication around the legs. There was no leakage at all as the nappies are very absorbent.  Ideal for daytime and nightime use. The tabs are very secure and easy to re-position. These Eco disposable nappies are nice, slim and  not at all bulky. Good value for money compared to other well known brands and they fit well.  Also are very absorbent. I was very impressed with the overall fit.  Although the nappy appeared slightly stiffer than my usual brand the inside was soft and it looked comfortable for my baby to wear. Great Eco frinedly nappy which is easy to use and a good fit.  There was no leakage and the nappy was very absorbent, even with the runniest mess! Julie price – Thomas Aged 1 Year

Product Tested By Debbie Rawlins – Kai Aged  1 year

Debbie Awarded Bambo Nappies Maxi 3.9/ 5

These nappies are larger and the material is harder than the usual nappies I buy. In my opinion the texture is too hard.  However, they are good and absorb well! Fits well and seems comfortable. Keeps baby dry day and night. When wet the nappy is rather bulky. There are cheaper ones on the market with more nappies in a pack but I have not tested these so cannot compare texture and absorbency. The texture could be improved as it feels rather hard compared to the other brands.  However the absorbency is very good.  PriceAlso is more than the other brands, but you are paying for an Eco friendly disposable nappy which are normally slightly more expensive. Thios is a good nappy, fits well, does a good job and keeps baby dry.  Personally I felt the texture could be softer.  If you are keen to use Eco disposable nappies then these are well worth a try. Debbie Rawlins – Kai Aged 1 year

Product Tested By Alison Parry – Rhoslyn Aged 2 Years

Alison Awarded The Bambo Nappies Maxi Top Marks 5/5

Fantastic – another range of eco friendly nappies. Texture of the nappy feels like the leading brands. Texture inside again, smooth like leading brands.  Once on the nappy did not look too thick or bulky.  Was a very comfortable fit for Rhoslyn.   Superb during the day and kept her dry.   Was certainly effective at night time, Held a substantial amount with no leakage!  I had no problems with fasteners or readjusting them. These are pretty slimline nappies.  Having an eco nappy is very important to me.  They retail at much the same price as the leading brands and they are Eco friendly and disposable. Design is great and will certainly be purchasing more.  Will be recommending, although there are alternative eco nappies. If you like pictures on the waistband you’d prefer these. Plus they come in packs of 50 which are handy.  I already use an environmentally friendly nappy so it was nice to try an alternative. I’ve also used a leading brand nappy from time to time and Bambo were just as good.  Alison Parry – Rhoslyn Aged 2 Years


There was no leakage and the nappy was very absorbent, even with the runniest mess!


Julie Awarded The Bambo Nappies Maxi 4.6/ 5

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