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Bambo Nature Nappies Mini

Eco friendly disposable nappies. Bambo Nature Nappies have all the features of leading conventional disposables but are much kinder to your baby’s skin and the environment. Bambo Nature Nappies contain no optical brighteners, perfumes, lotions or moisturisers, meaning less risk of allergic reactions and rashes. Raw materials used to produce the nappy are certified free from harmful chemicals. Bambo Nature has been awarded the Nordic Swan Eco Label. All materials used are approved by the Danish Environmental Protection Agency. Production process minimizes the consumption of energy and uses state-of-the-art techniques that save and recycle raw materials wherever possible. Manufacturer uses environmentally friendly fluff pulp from a controlled Scandinavian Forestry where more trees are planted than felled. Pulp used is bleached using oxygen rather than chlorine, therefore having a considerably lower environmental impact. The absorbent core in Bambo Nature Nappies has a high percentage of starch – a naturally absorbant material that is also 100% biodegradable. 

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Bambo Nature Nappies Mini Reviews

Product Tested By Bev Robson – Abigail & Rebecca Aged 2 Years & 11 Weeks.

Bev Awarded The Bambo Nature Mini Nappy 3.6/5

Looked generously sized but a little bit on the cheap side. The main part of the nappy is quite soft but the waistband with the picures on is quite rough.  Texture inside the nappy is very soft.  These are comfortable around waist but looked very bulky between my daughters legs.  A good fit around the waist but the nappies are very long and and went quite high up her chest.  These nappies did keep Rebecca dry initially, but we did have some leaks, and found best way to deal with this was change her more often.  This meant we were using more and we had some major leaks which went through to clothes and we had to throw some of the clothes away.  We did try to use these overnight, but were not suitable.  For us best to use these for daytime wear and change regularly.  Nappy closures were effective but sometimes needed a bit of a pull to release them from the nappy before use, so were strong. The nappy was a little bulky under clothes, but you expect this with most nappies.  These are enviromentally friendly and important but also practicality is another important factor. One comment the writing on the pack was Danish and would prefer to see this in English. With 2 children I do not have time to use re-usable nappies so disposables are the ideal option for me.  Reasonable value for money, as easy to use, disposable and also Eco nappies.  Do not mind paying a little bit extra for eco friendly product.  This was a reasonable product but for us not as effective as other disposable nappies we have used in the past.  This could have been down to the fact they were not a good fit for Rebecca, causing leaks.  Bev Robson – Abigail & Rebecca – Aged 2 Years and 11 Weeks.

Product Tested By Michelle Bews – Baby Freya 8 months

Michelle Awarded Bambo Nappies Mini 3.4/ 5

Sounded like a good product from the information leaflet that accompanied the package. However, I was not keen on the wrapper for the nappies as, in my opinion, it looked quite cheap. The nappies didn’t look like they would hold much and the elastic in them was quite slack. Texture was soft and nice to touch but it felt quite flimsy and not like it would be very absorbent, seemed to feel quite like a layer of cotton wool with some fabric over the top. Freya seemed just as comfortable in it as in her normal brand of nappies. They fitted her very well especially considering she was nearing the top end of the weight scale that they were designed for.  They didn’t leak but were sometimes very full and looked to be on the verge of leaking after a short period of time.  The nappies were not absorbent enough to last more than probably 4 hours max, which is an issue if the child sleeps all night.  We found Freya woke earlier than normal due to a very wet nappy so tended not to use over night, but ideal for day wear..  These nappies are more suited to daytime wear. The fastenings were really very poor, not suitable to be repositioned and they didn’t really stick very well. Yes it is environmentally friendly and this would be important to me if the cost of the nappies was lower. They are extremely expensive compared to other disposables and are not absorbent enough to warrant paying this much for them so unfortunately the cost outweighs the benefit of them being environmentally friendly.   Also the Velcro fastening needs to be stronger and the elastic round the legs could do with being a bit tighter. For me the cost far outweighs the benefits, if the price was lowered, the Velcro stronger and elastic tighter then I would definitely consider it.  These nappies are quite good, relatively reliable disposable which are environmentally friendly, but are very expensive to purchase.  Michelle Bews – Baby Freya 8 months


Rebecca Awarded The Bambo Nature Mini Nappies 3.6/5

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