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Bibado Bamboo Muslin Cover – Poppit On

Poppit On is a lightweight feeding cover and attachable muslin cloth in one – designed for whether you’re breastfeeding or bottle feeding. The unique oval shape gives full coverage of you and your clothes – perfect if you like a cover when breastfeeding, or want full lap, shoulder and back protection when winding or bottle feeding. Adjustable neck poppers keep it in place when using as a muslin. And it’s beautifully crafted from a soft bamboo cotton blend, making it gentle on the most sensitive skin, breathable for baby, and easy to wash and dry.

Multi-purpose item – feeding cover, muslin and wiping cloth in one. For breastfeeding and bottle feeding. Designed for discretion – the oval shape ensures you’re completely covered when feeding. Full lap, shoulder and back protection – so your clothes have ample coverage for those sicky moments. Quick and easy to use – easy fastening with neck poppers to hold it in place. Handy pocket – for keeping your phone, keys or small baby toys close at hand, or for storage of your Poppit On. Soft Bamboo fabric – perfect for newborn skin

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Bibado Bamboo Muslin Cover – Poppit On Reviews

Product Tested By Rafia Mohammed – Halima 3 Months

Rafia Awarded The Poppit-on 5/5

I loved the colour and the material used. I feel the concept is beautiful,  a mother can comfortably breastfeed her baby in public but in a modest way. The instructions were clear and easy to understand. Washing information and taking care of the cover were clearly explained. I found this very easy to use. It hardly took up space in my changing bag and was so comfortable to put on and to burp baby after feeding. I found this extremely comfortable to breastfeed my baby. Both baby and I were covered and at ease. I found this discreet to use out and about. The adjustable poppers on the neck were easy to use and very appropriate.  I loved the material and how breathable it was. It was light and airy for both baby and I. I loved the large pocket, this was definitely an added bonus, I kept a few tissues in there as well as a couple of breast pads. When in a hurry to feed my child I would often faffle around looking for things like, tissues and breast pads,  so having this pocket was a life saver. 100% I found this very effective and easy when winding baby.  Once again there was no faffing around trying to look for the muslin because once baby had been fed I would easily use this poppit-on cover to wind baby. I found this very easy to pack away and take with me on my travels. It was very easy to fold and fit it in to my changing bag. I used this when I would go out to town, my mum’s house and when at home with guests around. So I would say I have used this roughly 15 to 20 times. I used this the most at my mums house I would spend a lot of time there during the day. I think my child liked how cool she was kept and didn’t get too hot for her. She didn’t sweat under this when I was feeding her. I loved the colour, material, style and pretty much everything about this cover. It’s so versatile and has many uses. The quality was 100%. The added bonus of the pocket and being able to use the same cover to wind baby after a feed. I would say this is definitely good value for money. I would be happy to pay more than the retail price. I would definitely buy this again. Having used it so many times myself I can truly understand the benefits this cover would give to any new mum breastfeeding. I would recommend this to friends and family. Breastfeeding is such a special time between mother and child and they should be able to freely feed their child. I feel this cover is really modest in enabling a mother to feed her baby. For this 5/5 All the way 100%!!! This cover has been an absolute joy to use and I am and will continue to use this as long as my breastfeeding journey lasts. It has the additional bonus of a large pocket which can be used to hold tissues, breast pads and even small snacks. It’s so handy to even use the same cover to wind baby after a feed. There is not a single thing I would change about this cover. Thank you for allowing me to trial this poppit on cover. Rafia Mohammed – Halima 3 Months

Product Tested By Kayley Woolliscroft – George 4 Months

Kayley Awarded The Poppit-on 5/5

Looked well packaged in recyclable packaging. I think it’s a good idea! I’m very, very self-conscious so anything that helps with privacy is good for me. I didn’t receive any instructions but it is basically a large muslin  so I don’t think instructions were really needed. I found it easy to fasten the poppers but even easy to just put over your head to get on and off, good amount of space in the neck hole (even for my head!). I did find this comfortable to breastfeed my son. It’s very soft material and it’s not see through generally (though in the garden with direct sunlight there was a bit less opacity). I personally only used this at home as I wasn’t comfortable breastfeeding outside of the house. My guests confirmed that they were not able to see anything when I used it at home. The adjustable poppers are easy to us, although I tend to just put it over my head without unfastening. Love, love, love material. Super soft and thin, my son didn’t over heat underneath which is what I was concerned about. He loved holding onto it whilst feeding too (which was great news for my hair). Pocket is a really good idea and I’ve not seen one with a pocket before. I’ve popped dummies in there so he can have one when he’s finished feeding or tissues for myself when hayfever kicked in. Good little snack holder too! Our breastfeeding journey came to an end during my trial of this product and I still use it almost constantly as a muslin for my sicky little son. Ideal to take on your travels as it is light and folds down to almost nothing. I use this constantly. I loved the feel of the material and it is really absorbent. I pop it on to fetch my son out of the bath and it keeps a lot of the water off me, it’s been used at the beach, it’s been washed almost daily for two months. Used around the home mostly. I use it more now I’m not breastfeeding strangely: bathtime as a little cover for me, as a muslin when out and about, I’ve popped it down on the beach and lay baby down on it, I’ve used it for breastfeeding in the garden, I’ve used it as a little privacy cover if I’ve had to change his bottom and I’m not near public toilets. My son loved the softness of the material. I loved that it washed well, and withstood some fairly heavy use. Lovely quality material, the poppers haven’t come open despite constant tugging from my son.  As much as I loved this product, it wouldn’t be in my budget to purchase for everyday use for myself. I would definitely buy one as a gift for a friend or a baby shower! Infinitely more useful than an outfit that they outgrow 5 minutes later. I buy as a gift. It is just down to personal budget. I would buy 10 if I could! I already have recommended to a friend. I loved the product, the quality and material is beautiful. It has washed well, and tumble dries lovely and soft. There was quite a few loose threads to begin with but I have noticed there are leas as I have used it more. Maybe just a note as one did get wrapped around my sons finger but obviously I was using it at the time so I noticed very quickly and removed it. I also think it could be a little bit bigger as my son has now started to use this as a bit of a security blanket and it’s already becoming a small enough it won’t cover him. He is a massive baby, very much above the 90th centiles for height and weight so it would probably be fine for a more average sized baby. I wouldn’t mark it down for that though as I think that’s just personal preference. Kayley Woolliscroft – George 4 Months

Product Tested By Emeline Imson – Emilia 1 year

Emeline Awarded The Poppit-On 4/5

It was carefully packaged and an instructional leaflet is attached which is very helpful in knowing what to expect from the product. I like its concept, goes well with its name, you just pop it onto your head and instantly covers you up when breastfeeding or burping your baby. The pictures are very clear and instructions of how to use it is easy to understand. It is very easy to use as you just pop it onto your head and gives instant cover when breastfeeding and burping your baby. It is comfortable to use because of the soft texture of the cloth.  Not very comfortable to use outdoors when its windy. The colour and design is great which makes it discreet to use. The poppers are easy to adjust but doesn’t seem to make much difference. I love its soft texture.  It is true that it is gentle even to the most sensitive skin. The large pocket is very handy when you wanted to keep something safe when breastfeeding. It is effective to use when winding my baby.  It offers protection for your clothes.  The soft texture of the cloth is nice and comfortable to baby’s face when resting their head on your shoulders. It is light weight and packable which makes it great for travels. I used it several times when we are going out, eating at a restaurant. I mainly used when off to picnic and trips to the park.  My daughter likes its soft texture and likes to rest her head on it. I like its soft texture and the fact that it’s easy to use. The cloth is of good quality and offers good coverage when breastfeeding. I personally think it is a bit expensive for a breastfeeding cover. I would consider buying it if on offer. I would recommend to a friend as it is of good quality and very useful. It is easy to use and texture of cloth is very soft and gentle on the skin however doesn’t offer enough cover when outdoors and windy. Product is of good quality and I especially like the soft texture of the cloth.  It is easy to use.  Great when using indoors.  However using it outdoors where its windy doesn’t provide good coverage and difficult to hold off.  Also I think it’s a bit expensive.  Emeline Imson – Emilia 1 year

For this 5/5 All the way 100%!!! This cover has been an absolute joy to use and I am and will continue to use this as long as my breastfeeding journey lasts. It has the additional bonus of a large pocket which can be used to hold tissues, breast pads and even small snacks. It’s so handy to even use the same cover to wind baby after a feed. There is not a single thing I would change about this cover. Thank you for allowing me to trial this poppit on cover.


Rafia Awarded The Poppit-on 5/5

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