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Bananagrams Game

Bananagrams is a FAST and FUN word game that requires NO pencil, paper or board.  All you need is a table.  One hand can be played in as little as 5 minutes making Bananagrams a great family fun as well as being educational!  Bananagrams portability makes it perfect for travel. The whole game is contained within a fun yellow banana shaped pouch that’s just the right size to throw in your handbag…. So just grab the pouch and go! The rules are pretty straight forward. Depending on how many players you have, put all the tiles face down and take a certain number of letter for yourself from the bunch. One player shouts ‘Split’ and everyone turns their tiles over. Then its up to you to try and connect all your letter into intersecting words. You can re-arrange them as many times as you like until you have used all your tiles. Then you shout ‘Peel’. This means all players have to take one more tile from the centre bunch.  This continues until all the tiles are gone. The player to connect the last tile is the winner.  If you are the lucky one you shout ‘Bananas’ and the game is over… But be careful, a single spelling mistake will make you a ‘Rotten Banana!’ 

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Bananagrams Game Reviews

Product Tested by: Wendy Hamley – Benoit Aged 11 Years

Product Tested By Wendy Hamley – Benoit Aged 11 Years

Wendy Awarded The Banagrams 4.5/5

We really like the way this game came in a banana shape.  Lots of interesting items on the website, full of products to buy! Loved the way this is designed as it is really easy to keep pieces together.  Had to read instruction twice but once you have got the rules its great.  The concept of the game was easy to understand and recommended age ideal.  Actually the whole family can play this game.  We played this game with some friends age ranged between 9 years and 12 years..We had great fun, looking at words. This really helped my son as he is not a good speller..Helped him learn new words and fun way of learning to spell.  A good game that keeps my son’s interest.  This is a good quality game and most certainly good value for money.  We all really loved the fact this comes in a banana shape case.  Design is great and would make a super gift and ideal for Christmas present.  One suggestion is if they. Could add a mini dictionary…to stop arguments.  Well design, good packaging and the children enjoyed learning through play.  Wendy Hamley – Benoit Aged 11 Years

Product Tested By Marie Elvy – James 7 Years

Marie Awarded The Banangrams 4/5

Looks fun. Great website so many fantastic gift ideas for all the family. Liked the look of it, easy storage as it’s only small and because it’s made of material it won’t rip like a box would. 1 of the games had a lot of things to remember to shout out or do and we had to keep going over the instructions to check the rules, but the other games were fun and straight forward. I think it is a good game for any child learning to spell it really makes them think! no concerns about him playing it, in terms of age I think you could play this game with any age of child that is learning to spell or to encourage them to spell by starting with 2 letter then 3 letter words and so on and so on…… it kept his attention and he came up with some other ways to play the game so it also used his imagination.  They may get a little bit stuck when they are trying to think of word to spell. He has made up some other games with them. I think maybe it is a little expensive. I liked the packaging as it fits nicely in a draw there is no big box to ram into the toy cupboard. It is a nice ‘Sunday afternoon’ type of family game or Christmas time game. Just the price lets it down in my opinion. A fun game, educational but not too over the top great for the family from kids to grandparents. Marie Elvy – James 7 Years

Product Tested By Janine Read – Joe Aged 8 Years

Janine Awarded The Bananagrams 4.5/5

Good packaging, eye catching. Cool website and the products are eye-catching and good value for money.  Fun packaging, just loved the fact it came in Banana case and easy to keep all the pieces together.  Concept of the game is great and very easy to understand by both children and adults.   Jo understood the game and certainly did capture his attention.  Was also a great game to help with spelling?  A good quality game, maybe a little bit on the expensive side but high play value.  A game that can be played by all the family so everyone can join in.  My son and nephew played the game with a little help from me.  It helped with their spelling and concentration.  Janine Read – Joe Aged 8 Years

We all really loved the fact this comes in a banana shape case.  Design is great and would make a super gift.


Wendy Awarded The Banagrams 4.5/5

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