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Bandai Ben 10 The Revolution Ultimatrix

Create exciting battles with the Revolution Ultimatrix! Attach the figure to the Ultimatrix, twist to wind up then press the button to release the spin figure! Ultimatrix includes 1 spin battle alien figure and light up action. For ages 4 and up.

Use the Revolution Ultimatrix to send alien warriors spinning into battle. Attach a Ben 10 minfigure to the Ultimatrix, twist to wind up then press the button to launch the spinning figure and set off the Ultimatix’s light effects . Launch two figures from two Ultimatixes to set up awesome spinning battles. The Revolution Ultimatrix comes with two 35mm mini figures to get you started, Ultimate Cannonbolt and Ultimate Big Chill. You can get more with some of our Ben 10 action figures. The Revolution Ultimatrix needs two LR44 batteries to work, which are included.


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£14.99 Available in all leading toy stores, online, Argos and click online to find local stockist

Bandai Ben 10 The Revolution Ultimatrix Reviews

Product Tested by: JacquiGrainger - Jack 5 Years and Oliver 3 Years

Product Tested By JacquiGrainger – Jack 5 Years and Oliver 3 Years

Jacqui Awarded The Bandai Ben 10 The Revolution Ultimatrix toy 4.6/5

I was a bit unsure what this toy did and how it was different from the ultimatrix we have at the moment.  This toy is a handy size to be easily carried around.  We were very impressed when we saw exactly what it did and how it worked.  My only concern was the cardboard figures were a bit flimsy.  Both of my boys enjoyed playing with it and especially knocking the baddies over.  It definitely helps with hand-eye coordination, motor and cognitive skills.  Don’t think it helps with their patience very much though!! T hey did struggle to get the hang of loading the omnitrix and releasing the aliens.  They love just strapping it to their wrists and pretending they are ben 10 running around and jumping everywhere – it has been fantastic.  Good quality although the baddies were only made from cardboard so they did not last very long – however as the other aliens have to be able to knock them down, I am not sure if it would work if they were made of anything more substantial.  It does offer value for money;  it is about what I would expect to pay for this type of toy.  I would consider buying it for one of Jack’s friends.  I would recommend it to others definitely.  It has been played with for many hours both as intended with adult help to set it up each time and with the boys using their own imagination and making up their own ben 10 adventures.  Jacqui Grainger – Jack 5 Years and Oliver 3 Years


Product Tested By Caroline Roberts – Jack 7 Years

Caroline Awarded The Bandai Ben 10 The Revolution Ultimatrix toy 4/5

Initially it appeared to be a small toy for the RRP of £14.99.  The packaging was suitable for the toy but not striking or eye catching.  The size is suitable for the purpose of the toy as it can be fixed around the wrist of a child.  Unfortunately my son is 7 years old; this just didn’t seem suitable for him after the initial opening and first play of the toy.  However I think the recommended age of 4+ is correct with this toy.  The figures were small so I had to make sure my older son used this away from my 1 year old.  I do think my son would have played more with this toy a few years ago when he was 5 years old as this did not keep his attention for very long.  This toy would definitely assist with hand-eye co-ordination.  Jack loved spinning the aliens around the room using the toy as intended.  The quality of the toy is about average compared to other toys my son has had or played with.  Jack has had similar toys in the past and I believe this toy would be more suitable for a 4-5 year old, and was a bit young for him.  I had to supervise him spinning the aliens off indoors because the parts are small enough for my 1 year old to find (when I couldn’t) and put them in his mouth.  Despite this, it is a fun toy, it has been a pleasure to review, thank you.  Caroline Roberts – Jack 7 Years


Product Tested By Karry Hagen – Simon 6 Years

Karry Awarded The Bandai Ben 10 The Revolution Ultimatrixtoy 4.5/5

My son loves Ben 10 so we were looking forward to trying this out.  The packaging was clear and you could see the product easily.  The size and style of the toy was just right for Simon to play with.  He loved playing with it and has showed all his friends it when they came to visit.  I didn’t have any concerns with him playing with it.  It definitely kept his attention for a while and stimulated his imagination.  It assisted with hand-eye  co-ordination and role play too.  After showing him how it worked the first time he found it simple enough to play with on his own.  I think the quality is really good and offers great value for money.  I am considering buying one of these for my friends little boy who is a Ben 10 fan.  I have already told others about it.  It is a lovely little toy that my son enjoys playing with.  KarryHagen – Simon 6 Years





Jacqui Awarded The Bandai Ben 10 The Revolution Ultimatrixtoy 4.6/5 

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