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Bandai Noddy’s Wind-Up Car

Turn the key on the back of Noddy’s car and let it go! Comes with a removable Noddy figure.
Suitable for children 12 Months Plus  

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£16.99 Available in all leading toy stores, online, Argos and click online to find local stockist

Bandai Noddy’s Wind-Up Car Reviews

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Product Tested By Corinne Cirkovic – Steven 22 Months

Corinne Awarded The Bandai Noddy Wind-Up Car 4.7/5

This looks lovely; eye-catching colours. The packaging was sturdy and colourful. It attracted my son’s attention immediately. This toy is perfectly portable, a good chunky size for little toddler hands. It has great entertainment value. My child plays with it for at least a few minutes a day. I had no concerns with him playing with it. My son is almost 2 and this is meant for from 12 months, no bits that can come loose. My child loves playing with it – he likes the clicking sounds that Noddy makes and goes vroom vroom when he pushes the car along. It definitely stimulates his imagination. It helps with hand-eye co-ordination, fine motor skills and is just fun. Unfortunately the wind-up mechanism broke, but my child still likes playing with the toy by pushing it along. He has tried to sit in and on it!! He also likes spinning the wheels. The wind-up mechanism broke after two days. The Noddy character and the actual car are of very good quality. The only flaw is the wind-up mechanism. My son turned the key anti-clockwise rather than clock-wise and then it no longer worked. It would be great if there could be some way to add a lock or catch to prevent the key from being turned in the wrong direction. At the retail price I do think it is fairy over-priced. I would consider buying this if the wind-up key mechanism is made stronger so that it doesn’t break. I would recommend it to others but only if they had a 1 to 3 year old child. I don’t think a child above the age of 3 would be terribly interested. It stimulates the child’s imagination especially since it ties in with the Noddy TV series, so great for role-play, imaginative play and building fine motor skills. However, I found that it wouldn’t move very far on a carpeted floor. There were no problems on our wooden floor, but it did not move far on our flat weave carpet. First Class for imaginative play, but as a wind-up toy, it does not work because the wind-up mechanism cannot withstand rough use. Corinne Cirkovic – Steven 22 Months

Product Tested By Kelly Nichols – Thomas 20 Months

Kelly Awarded The Bandai Noddy Wind-Up Car 3.5/5

Looks very cheap but colourful so it definitely caught my son’s eye! Was well packaged, certainly couldn’t be damaged in transit. A good size toy and very bright and colourful. Cannot be used on any sort of carpet as there isn’t enough ‘force’ in the wind up for it to move. My son became bored very quickly. It was ok age wise however I would say maybe lower it a bit to 9/10months start off as it loses entertainment value very quickly. For a younger child it may last a little longer but it didn’t really keep my sons attention for very long. My son learnt very quickly how to wind it up & let it go and also how to move Noddy in & out of the car so was good on the front. Definitely simple enough to play with. He tried to drive it on his wooden train track if that counts?! (He is train mad so he attempts to drive everything on the wooden track!). It looked quite cheap (I wouldn’t pay £16.99 for it!) and the fact you can only use it on flooring such as tiles or wood seems a bit silly but is bright and colourful. Colourful & eye catching but needs something to help it work better on carpeted floors. Kelly Nichols – Thomas 20 Months

Product Tested By Rachel Meller – Ewan 21 Months

Rachel Awarded The Bandai Noddy Wind-Up Car 3.5/5

This is a colourful wind up car with Noddy character. The packaging was a bit tricky to remove from packaging, but showed functions well. It was a good size for toddlers to push around, but Noddy was a tight fit in the car. It did keep him entertained, even after wind-up function stopped. I thought this toy seemed appropriate for age group intended. It is good for co-ordination and role play. It is a simple toy, but still kept him occupied for a while. He even pushed it around his road map rug. I know children of this age group would want to wind up the toy on their own, but may not understand that it can only be turned one way. Other wind-up toys we have do not seem to have been so easily turned the wrong way so they stop working; but otherwise still going strong and regularly pushed round. Initially it looked like an ideal toy for my son. Looked sturdy, but unfortunately an inquisitive toddler didn’t understand that the wind up key could only be turned one direction, as many other toys have knobs that turn both ways. Unfortunately this meant that it stopped working fully and would only travel very short distances. It also only worked on hard floors and not carpets; but still entertained him even with these difficulties. It was difficult for him to get Noddy to sit properly in the car as the steering wheel got in the way of his feet. He still enjoys pushing it round his road rug though. Rachel Meller – Ewan 21 Months

First Class for imaginative play.


Corinne Awarded The Bandai Noddy Wind-Up Car 4.7/5

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