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Baroo Daisy Farm Moses Basket

Length is approximately 76 cms. Width is approximately 29 cms. Height is approximately 20 cms. Suitable from birth until baby starts to pull themselves up. Lightweight easy to carry. Palm reed construction with carry handles. Dressed in two tone luxury poly-cotton fabric. Complete with Hood, drapes and quilt set. Safety foam mattress. Machine washable drape set. Can be used with optional moses fold flat stand or rocking stand. Please note that the moses stand is not included but can be purchased separately.

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Baroo Daisy Farm Moses Basket Reviews

Product Tested by: Dawn Pirrie – Baby Willow 12 Days Old

Product Tested By Dawn Pirrie – Baby Willow 12 Days Old

Dawn Awarded The Baroo Moses Basket Daisy Farm 4.6/5

Good quality, sturdy moses basket. Very pretty hood and mattress suitable for either sex. Website features nice clean images and easy to navigate around. Was a little disappointed with the amount of products the selection is fairly limited. Excellent product information, very informative. Would be better if there was an option to purchase online, or to provide the customers with website addresses of the stockists.  Packaging was a strong reinforced cardboard box, which was great and ensured the basket was not damaged during the delivery process.  Instructions not really needed as product was already assembled, however they were clear and easy to use, as well as being informative with explaining what base was compatible with the Moses basket.  Lovely quality looks extremely well made. The Moses basket is flexible; however it does not bend out of shape. The baroo moses basket is light to carry, so makes it easy to move from room to room, or better still to the grandparents! The quality of the quilt set, fabric and mattress is beautiful. It is soft to touch, which is exactly what you want with a newborn. All of the fabric is machine washable which is also a plus. The stitching of the animals on the quilt gives it a handmade finish; the animals are also made of different material and are very tactile. The mattress is perfect for the moses basket, it is soft and not too thin, so when you press down on it, you cannot feel the base or the palm reed underneath.  This is very generous in size, which is great, the last moses basket I had, was very narrow and every time my baby stretched out it would hit the sides and not settle. Willow is very comfortable in the Moses basket, although I haven’t quite achieved a full night’s sleep in it yet!  I washed the drape set prior to use, absolutely no problems.  I really like this basket, it feels very sturdy and I feel totally safe and secure with Willow in it. The Palm Reed is very rough to touch, but with the drape mattress and quilt set, there are no visible signs of the palm reed within the mosses basket. If I were being particularly fussy, I would say it would be nice if I were able to clip the handles down, these are quite large and it is easy to catch Willow on them when lifting her in and out of the basket. With the palm reed being a natural product and the colour of the quilt and drapes being a neutral colour it really looks beautiful.  It is extremely light to carry (minus Willow)! And easy to move around with.   With the mattress, quilt and drapes included with the moses basket, this is great value for money. The quality is superb and I really don’t think anyone would be disappointed with the Moses basket.  I would have definitely purchased this item and will recommend without hesitation. Dawn Pirrie – Baby Willow 12 Days Old

Product Tested By Vicki Hughes – Baby Oliver 11 Weeks

Vicki Awarded The Baroo Moses Basket (Daisy Farm)  5/5

Really good quality Moses Basket.  I think that the website is easy to use with a wide range of other products available to view.  The products are well designed and the pictures provided are clear and portray the high standard of products on offer.  There is a clear map stating where you can purchase Baroo products from.  The Moses Basket came well packaged from the manufacturer.  Clear and precise instructions.  I am really impressed with the quality of this product; it is well made and sturdy.  I felt very happy putting my new born baby to sleep in this moses basket. The fabric quality is superb.  Great quality safety foam mattress which I am sure my little boy found very comfortable as he was sleeping through from 8 weeks.  From the day we came home from the hospital he looked very comfortable and happy in his moses basket.  It is quite deep and the hood makes it nice and cosy.  The drape set has been washed a large number of times due to my baby having reflux and has come out well and not faded at all.  The construction of this mosses basket is of a high standard and still looks as good as it did 11 weeks ago.  It is really lightweight and we found it easy to carry and move around the house.  I think that the rrp price is a fair price for such a good quality item.  I would definitely purchase this moses basket.  I am giving it to my friend whose baby is due in July if I can bear to part from it. I am really impressed with the quality of this mosses basket and will be visiting a Baroo stockist in the future to purchase some toddler bedding which looks lovely on the website.  Vicki Hughes – Baby Oliver 11 Weeks

Product Tested By Wendy May – Baby Rebecca 7 Weeks

Wendy Awarded The Baroo Moses Basket (Daisy Farm)  4.1/5

First impression positive. The product looks sturdy enough to use and is attractive colours. The mattress seemed flimsy. The website is clear, attractive and easy to navigate. It is written in clear English. I was impressed with the website when I logged on and would be tempted to buy a range of products from them.   It came in a box and plastic packaging.  There were instructions in the box regarding how much bedding babies should have.  The product was pretty self-explanatory! The instructions were limited (they didn’t need to be extensive) and mentioned about bedding requirements for babies. The product didn’t really require much setting up.  The basket is of good quality. We have used it for 6 weeks and it has been very good. The inner fabric is easily washable and the basket is light (easy to carry). The only down sides are the mattress (not firm enough in my opinion) and the handles (they could do with buttons so you can button them down out of the way). It would also be very useful to have the mosses basket stand with it (although this is available to purchase separately I believe).  The inner fabric is soft and machine washable (it is easy to take out of the basket). The basket itself is wicker (as expected).  The mattress I felt was a weakness of the product.  It left a dent fairly quickly – in my opinion the mattress needs to be firmer. It seemed to be a very cheap mattress in comparison to the rest of the product.  She has slept in it since birth and seems comfortable in it.  The drape set certainly washed well. The basket itself is well made. The handles were annoying as they would often get in the way when placing my daughter into the basket.   It was very easy to transport around.  Very good value for money and I would recommend this to others.  Personally I feel this could do with a few improvements, a better mattress and method for keeping the handles out of the way.  This product was attractive, useful and my daughter slept well in it on many occasions.  Wendy May – Baby Rebecca 7 Weeks

Superb quality, stunning design, quick delivery and a beautiful unisex piece of furniture.


Dawn Awarded The Baroo Moses Basket Daisy Farm 4.6/5

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