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Bayrum Body Soap

Shea Butter/Cocoa Butter/Olive Oil All Natural Bar SoapNOT a Melt and Pour Soap No Synthetic Detergents Here!These are the REAL deal made from Scratch and cured for up to 4 to 5 weeks before use! Yes we use tried and true recipes that grandma use to make in the kitchen. We have added some other wonderful natural ingredients grandma didnt know about which make our All Natural Soap even more wonderful.Naturally moisturize your skin with our wonderful All Natural soaps. Our soaps are made with All Natural ingredients

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Bayrum Body Soap Reviews

Product Tested by: Alicia Firth – Alfie 6 Months

Product Tested By Alicia
Firth – Alfie 6 Months

Alicia Awarded The Love Soap Handmade – Bayrum Body Soap 5/5

I absolutely loved receiving the product. It looked stunning
and could be easily given as a present. It had a lovely smell. It is suitable
for men, but women can use this just as much. It has gorgeous colours, and
looks stunning as soon as you take it out of the box. I thought this product
was really well packaged. It came in a beautifully wrapped outside box, and it
was well protected from any bumps or knocks that it may have endured during
delivery. It did take me a good 15-20 minutes to get the wrapping paper off the
box, as it was completely sellotaped up. I loved opening the little soap box
inside, as it was so beautifully wrapped. It is definitely a very good present
for somebody. Very clear and concise instructions were included. I love the
fact they have included information about pregnant and breastfeeding women. I
know this is only small, but I had such a hard time finding products that had
no information regarding whether you can use it if you are pregnant. The
quality is excellent; lovely texture. At first, it feels quite greasy or oily
when you first get it out of the pack. However, this soon changes when you
start using it. It lathers so well, and leaves your hands feeling clean, and
has a lovely fragrance. The fragrance you first get with the Bayrum soap is
very deceptive. You expect it to be a masculine smell. However, when you have
finished using it, you are left with a lovely soapy smell and not a masculine
smell at all. With many soaps, they always leave your hands feeling like you
haven’t washed off all the soap. With Love Soap Handmade, your hands feel clean
without the residue you normally get with normal, everyday soaps. You’re left
with clean, fresh skin and not an ounce of greasiness. It is good to know that
this is vegan and vegetarian friendly; this is definitely a bonus and it is
excellent that Love Soap Handmade have taken this into account. As this is
homemade, this is excellent value for money. It is all natural ingredients and
is worth every penny. It is a generous size, so you will get lots of washes
from one bar. I would buy this again; ABSOLUTELY! I love this product and will
definitely consider trying some more of their products. I highly recommend it; I
have lots of family and friends who love trying new soaps. This would be
perfect as a gift for family or friends. It is packaged beautifully and
definitely has that wow factor. I absolutely loved trying this product out. It
is a gorgeous, well thought out product, and Love Handmade Soap should be
ecstatic with what they have achieved. Like most people, I use general pump
soaps, bought from supermarkets and pharmacies. I have bought soaps before from
a well-known soap store, but Love Soap Handmade knocks all of these out of the
park. My skin felt wonderful after using the Bayrum soap, and felt soft and
clean. I would highly recommend their products to anyone, and cannot fault
these soaps at all. It is a wonderful product that I am privileged to have tested
and reviewed. Alicia Firth – Alfie 6 Months

Product Tested By Lann

Lann Awarded The Love Soap Handmade – Bayrum Body Soap 3.4/5

I thought this product looked colourful but packaging lacks
imagination. The packaging seemed overdone –shrink wrapped in plastic, then in
shredded paper, inside a white gift box, tied with a bow. It was like it was
packaged twice. However, looking on the website, I see that the secondary box
is an optional extra at a cost of £1. There was a clear instructions card with
information on how to use and store the product enclosed. It cleans your skin
but it was very hard and the ‘natural’ bumpy feel of the top was actually quite
scratchy and took from the pleasure of soaping.
It lathered adequately. It didn’t feel like a luxury product. It made my
skin very clean to the point of squeaky. The scent was very faint on the soap
itself, and almost entirely absent on the skin. It is not unusual for us to use
vegan/vegetarian bath and body products at home. I would expect hand-made bath
products to be as animal friendly as possible. I do think that this is
overpriced and I would not buy it again. There are soaps that smell better and
feel nicer at more affordable or equal price points. I hate being negative, but
there is nothing that makes this stand out from any of the other hand-made
soaps I’ve used (and we buy a lot of hand-made!) It feels like it’s trying to
be something it’s not and falls flat at the first hurdle. It’s not basic, it’s
not high end. If the middle market is what it’s aiming for I can’t see there
being strong repeat custom. It doesn’t feel good, the packaging is dull and it
has no unique fragrance. There are other artisan brands there with more
interesting packaging, or more of a wow factor with the product itself. I’d be having a major rethink if I was taking
this to the high street. Lann Niziblian

Product Tested By Sam Fellows – Chase 2 Years

Sam Awarded The Love Soap Handmade – Bayrum Body Soap 4.5/5

This looked lovely when it arrived and the smell was
gorgeous. It was well packaged; perfect to give out as a gift. The instructions
included were clear and easy to read. The quality of the soap is amazing; it is
a lot harder than what we usually use but I really liked it and enjoyed using
it; it was different. My skin felt lovely, soft and clean after using. I was
very surprised it was vegan and vegetarian friendly; this concept is all new to
me. It does offer great value for money; it works well and left my skin feeling
lush. I would consider buying more from this company; this would make a lovely
pamper gift too. I have told family and friends about it already. This is a
lovely product; I will definitely be buying more from this company from now on.Sam Fellows – Chase 2 Years


My skin felt wonderful after using the Bayrum soap, and felt soft and clean. I would highly recommend their products to anyone, and cannot fault these soaps at all. It is a wonderful product that I am privileged to have tested and reviewed. 


Alicia Awarded The Love Soap Handmade – Bayrum Body Soap 5/5

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