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BB Language Bear

BB Language Bear by Babogbaby -BB the teddy bear is soft and cuddly and teaches babies, toddlers and children 33 words in Irish, Welsh or English. The buttons on the teddy bears ears, paws, feet and tummy can be easily pressed to hear the words for numbers, colours and shapes. Each language bear is sold separately.BB the teddy bear is €29.99 plus postage and packaging and comes with 3 x AA batteries.

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€29.99 or sterling £24.99 Available to purchase online

BB Language Bear Reviews

Product Tested by: Elizabeth Brindley – Bailey 9 Months

Product Tested By Elizabeth Brindley – Bailey 9 Months

Elizabeth Awarded The BB Language Bear by Babogbaby 4.5/5

Looked like something I would buy for my little one. I would always look at the price first before buying any activity toy then the quality to see if it’s worth the price. I thought this product had both. The packing was very detailed. Very easy to use with clear instructions. This product is very good quality and worth it’s price.  It didn’t take my little one long to work out how to use so good and play value good. Most number, & shapes were understandable but the odd one like three could be hard to understand as it’s an Irish accent spoken in. My little one loves his BB bear. This is a high quality, safe and sturdy toy. Definitely good value for money. I would purchase this item and have already recommended. I loved this product from the start and would defiantly recommend to more friends. Elizabeth Brindley – Bailey 9 Months


Product Tested By Nicola Lawrence – Horatio 9 Months

Nicola Awarded The BB Language Bear by Babogbaby 4.9/5

Looks fab, great colours for boy. Not too expensive and child will learn as well as having fun. I always look at price, brand, reputation and quality in item when purchasing and this item meets all of these requirements. Packaging minimal and instructions easy to follow. This item is made to a high standard. The playability is good but my son does not tend to play with this for very long. Selection of words featured on this toy are good but the word white sounded like rice. This is a good toy and my son did enjoy playing with this. This is a good quality toy, well-made, safe and sturdy. This is good value for money as educational as well as a nice toy. I would consider purchasing this and would recommend. Very good and easy to use, child loved hugging it as well as pushing the shapes. Nicola Lawrence – Horatio 9 Months

Product Tested By Sarah Lord – Ava 9 Months

Sarah Awarded The BB Language Bear by Babogbaby 3.5/5

I was very pleased when we received the bear. It was a really good size & the packaging was lovely, bright & very inviting.  It was also nice that the bear was easy to remove from the packaging as some children’s toys can take forever and require a well-stocked tool box. Initially I would look for a bright toy that catches the eye. Second would be the brand,  I’d be much more likely to purchase something form a well-known brand with a good reputation and good customer feedback. Something that’s age appropriate for my child as on some toys the age range given seems a little out. I do not feel this product has these attributes. It is not a brand I’m aware of and although the packaging was colourful the toy itself is a combination of brown and dark green. The packaging was bright, colourful, showed the product well & was easy to extract the bear from. Really simple to use product so no huge instruction manual but it was all explained well on the box. It would have been nicer if Mr Bear was a bit softer, he’s made out of quite a short stack fabric. Ava did enjoy playing with the bear; he’s a good size so she could hold him well. The buttons to press were excellent, we have a couple of toys where the sensors are just too small and she misses them but these were really easy for her to press. She did often get distracted by a brighter, colourful toy though after about 15 minutes of play. Overall the selection of words was good & it’s so simple to switch between colours, numbers & shapes. One issue I found that although an English speaking bear it had an Irish lilt to its voice and as a result the number three sounds more like Tree when pressed. Ava would happily sit and play with the bear. She does like to put everything in her mouth so tested it well that way too. She did get distracted after about 15 minutes and usually for a brighter toy. It seemed to be really well made.  Ava was pulling its arms, legs, ears and nose as well as biting them all. In terms of the item itself it does give good value for money. However the increased postage cost from Ireland to buy one independently would put me off and make me look for a similar toy readily available on the market. I love the idea behind the product and th eoverall design of the buttons.  The ability to switch between settings was incredibly easy and the sensor pads easy for my daughter to press.  I would have liked the bear to be brighter and a little softer or tactile. Sarah Lord – Ava 9 Months


This is a high quality, safe and sturdy toy. I loved this product from the start and would defiantly recommend to more friends. 



Elizabeth Awarded The BB Language Bear by Babogbaby 4.5/5    

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