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Be Safe iZi Go Car Seat & iZi Go ISOfix base

When BeSafe designed iZi Go, safety was the most important feature. As well as safety, it was important for us to create a light and robust baby car seat for a carThe iZi Go may easily be lifted in and out of a car or attached to a pram chassis.
With its ergonomic carrying handle and integrated sun canopy, the baby car seat has been created with design in mind. The seat offers user-friendly installation in the car. Installation has been simplified in order to minimize the risk of incorrect use. iZi Go child car seats are possible to install with ISOfix. 
iZi Go ISOfix Base
A combination of heightened safety and easy installation make the BeSafe iZi Go with ISOfix the natural choice for safety-conscious parents. The BeSafe baby seat’s ISOfix base involves a mechanical mounting, which is extremely secure and stable.ISOfix arms can be angled
ISOfix arms can be angled to ensure the BeSafe baby car seat is correctly installed with all the various ISOfix fixing positions in cars.

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Car Seat £129.99 & ISOfix base £119.99 - John Lewis, Preciouslittleone of click online to find local stockist

Be Safe iZi Go Car Seat & iZi Go ISOfix base Reviews

Product Tested by: Kirsty McCrindle – Sophie 1 Year

Product Tested By Kirsty McCrindle – Sophie 1 Year

Kirsty Awarded The Be  Safe iZi Go Car Seat with Isofix Base 4.7/5

This product has comprehensive instructions for the car seat that I found easy to follow.  It was easy to install the base with the IsoFix.  I am not a practical person so my partner undertook this and he found it easy to do. I felt more confident that the seat was secure, fixed with this IsoFix base.  I will always use an IsoFiz base from now on.  It is an excellent special feature.  The car seat comes with a few extras too;  a head hugger and a suncanopy.  The car seat looked very padded and comfortable for my baby. T he safety harness is easy to secure and material felt strong and durable.  When the seat is empty it felt very light, it gives the impression of a sturdy seat but when picked up it feels very light and easy to carry.  I liked the carry handles; they were comfortable to hold for an extended period of time if it was necessary.  I liked the fabric, it felt strong and durable.  The car seat is so easy to fit into the base and takes seconds!  The overall design is fantastic;  I like the shape and materials used.  I would consider buying this car seat from Mothercare, Argos, Babies R Us or Kiddicare online.  I would look for information and advice on buying a car seat online or on the manufacturer’s website.  I think it offers excellent value for money.  It does seem expensive to purchase with the base but the base can be used with other seats so it’s a one off purchase.  I would definitely consider buying this product.  I wouldr ecommend it to others too.  It is easy to use, nicely designed and available in nice colours. Overall it is easy to use and saves me time!  Kirsty McCrindle – Sophie 1 Year


Product Tested By EmilyCrombie – Emeila, Felicty and Charlotte 7 ½ Months

Emily Awarded The Be Safe iZi Go Infant Car Seat with Isofix Base 4.8/5

My first impression of this product was that it looked smart and comfortable.  Instructions made installation of base straight forward.  It was easy to install the IsoFix base to the car and then the seat to the base; it just simply clicks in.  It felt more secure fitted into the base;  there was minimal movement and marker on seat for peace of mind.  I really liked the special feature magnets that hold straps out of the way while you put your baby in the seat. It has an inbuilt head hugger that secures baby and looks like it would support their head in an accident and a sun canopy also built in.  The seat was comfortable for my baby especially around the head part.  It looks quite tight as well as being padded but that makes it secure.  The 5 point harness made it more secure too.  When the seat was empty it was no heavier than any other car seats I have carried.  I really liked the carry handles.  The material was practical – initially I had problems with fit of seat cover but company was efficient in resolving it and has since upgraded the seat covers to remove the problem.  The overall design of this car seat and base are excellent.  I would consider buying this from mainstream retailers (Halfords, Mothercare) as well as independent companies.  I would normally look online for information and advice about buying a car seat.  Like Which or a parent review and forum websites.  This product offers excellent value for money and I would consider buying this one.  I would recommend it to others as it is a safe and good quality seat and base.  The IsoFix base gives you extra peace of mind.  It is a secure and practical seat for safe car travel…just wish we could afford to buy 3!!  Emily Crombie – Emeila, Felicty and Charlotte


Product Tested By DonnaCaldwell – Libby 14 Months and Andrew 10 Days

Donna Awarded The Be Safe iZi Go Infant Car Seat with Isofix Base 4.4/5

I thought this was a very nice looking car seat when it arrived.  It has very clear, easy to follow instructions but found it a little difficult to remove the seat from the base the first few times.  After following the instructions, I found it very easy to install the base with the IsoFix.  I prefer that it secures to the catches, you know it’s not going to slacken off the way a seat belt can.  The seat clips into base very easily and when car seat is in the home, it reclines back so that the baby isn’t at an awkward angle.  The head hugger doesn’t really hug the head but the added, removable padding that a newborn can sit on is a great idea.  My toddler loved this seat and was very comfortable when in it, even though she was sitting backwards and on long journeys sometimes and my new born seems very happy in it too.  The harness is secure and easy to use but if you’re newborn has really thin legs it’s not a great fit.  I found the car seat to be quite light when it’s empty.  I really liked the carry handle;  it’s a nice shape and easy to carry, even when it does begin to get heavy.  The seat fabric is really nice but unfortunately the fabric on the hood is no good if it starts to rain as it just lets the water through. I think the overall design is good and it has some very good features but also a few that could be changed.  I would probably consider going to Mothercare, Mamas & papas, Halfords, Argos, or the The pram centre to buy this car seat. I would get information and advice from the internet or friends about buying a car seat.  Maybe look at Google or Which and review websites for more information.  It’s a nice product but I wouldn’t pay the retail price for it when I could get something similar, cheaper.  Overall the good points far outweigh the bad.  I would consider buying this product but only if it were on offer.  It’s a nice product, and if it was cheaper, I would happily buy it for myself so therefore, I’d recommendit to friends.  My children are very happy with it so that makes me very happy. Donna Caldwell – Libby 14 Months and Andrew 10 Days



 It is easy to use, nicely designed and available in nice colours. Overall it is easy to use and saves me time!   


Kirsty Awarded The Be Safe iZi Go Car Seat with Isofix Base 4.7/5    

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