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Beaba Open Changing Bag

Very spacious bag with lots of pockets and very practical thanks to the large opening which allows you to see what’s inside very quickly. Supplied with an anti-bacterial dummy storage pouch, 2 pushchair locks, a changing mat, a large isothermal pouch and a dirty linen bag.

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£75.00 Available at Mothercare, JoJo Maman Bebe or click online to find more stockists

Beaba Open Changing Bag Reviews

Product Tested by: Debbie Jones – Baby Mollie 8 Months

Product Tested By Debbie Jones – Baby Mollie 8 Months

Debbie Awarded the Beaba Open Changing Bag 5/5

My initial impression was that the bag seemed very big, but once I started using it I realised that it definitely wasn’t too big. The quality of the fabric is OK, didn’t have any problems with it. Easily wiped down when required, and the overall quality is great. Definitely enough sections to fit everything in that is required when you need to take baby out for the day. The bag is very versatile; I can remove the insulated part from this changing bag with all my Daughters food, drink and snacks in it. I love using it, I had just bought a Yummy Mummy bag which I also love but this is much more practical as it fits far more stuff in it, making a day out easier. we are going away in 3 weeks and it is definitely the right size for taking all the essentials we need for the long weekend and will make life easier when out for days out and having to carry around everything an 8 months old needs (food, drinks, snacks, toys, nappies, wipes, creams, and the list goes on…..) I have had lots of comments on it while I have been out with other Mummies – they also think it is wonderful too. Very impressed with every aspect of the bag, cannot think of anything at all to say negative about it. It made my life easier all round and hope that I will be using it for a long time to come. Debbie Jones – Baby Mollie 8 Months

Product Tested By Aoibheann Sims – Rory & Stephen 2 Years & 8 Months

Aoibheann Awarded the Beaba Open Changing Bag 4.6/5

Very impressed. I loved the colours, design and size of the bag. It was attractive but still manly enough for my husband to carry. It was just like something I would use and much prefer it to the backpack type bags.  It was a nice size to fit everything I needed for both my boys, and the design made me feel like a yummy mummy! It’s obviously of great quality.  I have spilled a few substances (formula, juice etc) o it and it has just wiped clean easily. Zips seem strong, the buggy clips and handles don’t appear to be under any stress despite the huge amount I have to carry around which is great. And the shoulder strap is quite comfortable to wear. The changing mat is the softest that I have ever come across in a bag of this kind and has a handy strap for keeping baby in place while you change them. There was adequate pockets and storage for me (I’m an organised person and also a busy mum, so I like and need to be able to put my hand to anything quickly), and I particularly liked how the internal pocket was structured in such a way that items wouldn’t get squashed into it. The sack for dirty clothes is such a clever idea. It’s very big, which is great for me being a mum of two small children.  There is the temptation to over pack it however and I have to keep reminding myself that if I do that it may become impossible to carry round. If I had only one child it might be too big or I might have considered putting my own items in it also instead of carrying a separate handbag. I like that there are various ways to carry it (the buggy clips are great for avoiding the bag being too low and hitting the wheels). It would very likely make a great overnight bag too. I do enjoy the bag both for practical and cosmetic reasons. The bottle bag and dummy pouch are great and very convenient. I did get frustrated by the zips to begin with for the middle section as they only stayed up if you had it zipped the entire way closed (you couldn’t have the top section open at times for quick access) but this is such a minor thing that over all it does make my life easier. It’s a Lovely attractive changing bag that does everything you need a changing bag to do and more. Aoibheann Sims – Rory & Stephen 2 Years & 8 Months


Product Tested By Amy Broom Ruby & Leighton 2 Years

Amy Awarded the Beaba Open Changing Bag 4/5

Stylish, and unlike other changing bags I’ve seen on the market has a nice pattern. Although durable the fabric seems quite cheap. I once brought a handbag off the market made of the same material. Also the lining is a little thin! Although I do like the fact that it is wipe clean and in a changing bag this is essential! Enough sections for all my baby and toddler items when we are out and about all day! For me, as an everyday changing bag it is too big but if you are spending the whole day out of the house or are going away then it is perfect! I enjoyed the fact that I had space for everything at first, with all the different pockets. However as time went on I found it frustrating how even though everything had a space I never seemed able to find something straight away as there were so many pockets. My friend adores the bag. She is due her second baby in September and is hoping her husband will buy her one. A durable and stylish changing bag with enough space for the kitchen sink. Amy Broom Ruby & Leighton 2 Years

Very impressed with every aspect of the bag, cannot think of anything at all to say negative about it.


Debbie Awarded the Beaba Open Changing Bag 5/5

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