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BEAR Alphabites Cereal

A naturally better breakfast – BEAR Alphabites Cereal 
We decided to make a better breakfast because sugary, salty cereals made us growl. We’re proud that our new crunchy Alphabites are the first no nonsense delicious cereal for kids, with absolutely no refined sugar or salt.Instead we use coconut blossom nectar, the deliciously sweet sweet sap found in the flowers of the coconut tree, to make our Alphabites naturally sweet and crunchy without the need to add any sugar at all. It’s full of goodness, and has a low GI of 35 which gives you a nice steady start to the day. Our crunchy cereal letters also contain no salt because too much of it makes our bodies shed calcium, not good for growing bones. Grrr.     

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£2.69 Waitrose, Ocado, Wholefoods, Planet Organic and lots of small chains & leading independents or click online to find local stockist

BEAR Alphabites Cereal Reviews

Product Tested by: Lisa Cotton – Evelyn 1 Year

Tested By
Lisa Cotton – Evelyn 1 Year

Awarded The BEAR Alphabites 4.7/5

box looked nice and the cereal looked good and sounded great when in the
bowl. They both tasted nice but the
chocolate ones could have been a bit chocolatier. A really good nutritional breakfast
cereal. Loved the packaging very
appealing to children. A lovely tasty
cereal, quick and easy to prepare in the morning. Very high quality cereal for children. These are more than I would normally pay for
a breakfast cereal but definitely worth the money. Only improvement make the chocolate one chocolatier. I would buy this cereal again and recommend. Pleasantly surprised, and well worth the
price. Lisa Cotton – Evelyn 1 year

Tested By
Julia Winters – Ilani 2 years

Awarded The BEAR Alphabites 4.2/5

packaged, "looks healthy”. Quite tasty,
still taste quite sweet so appealing to toddlers. This cereal is healthier than competitive
products. Very good packaging although
more aimed at parents than children I would say, mainly due to colours of box. This is a healthy cereal easy to pop in bowl
for breakfast in the morning. This is
very good quality. This is more
expensive compared to other cereals. My daughter
liked this cereal and so did I. I would
feel much happier offering my daughter these kind of cereals as opposed to a
lot of the competitors’ products, as they all contain a lot of sugar or taste
"too healthy” to be appealing to children.
I would definitely recommend this cereal. I don’t think the packaging will appeal to
children age 3 years plus, as it’s a bit too bland. However, my two year didn’t
seem to really care. She liked the taste of the cereals but is too young to pay
much attention to alphabet shapes, would have loved animal shaped cereals!
Great product overall though. A really
good and healthy breakfast choice for any toddler. Julia Winters – Ilani 2 years

Tested By
Anna Reid – Bobby 3 Years

Awarded The BEAR Alphabites 4.6/5

liked the design of the box with the bear and Bobby liked the look of the box
too. We had the Multigrain and the
Chocolate cereals to review. Both were
very tasty and made a great sound in the bowl which appealed to Bobby. This is a really good nutritional breakfast
as full of goodness, no refined sugar or salt so full of goodness for Bobby in
the morning. A very healthy breakfast
for children. All cereals are really
easy to pop on a bowl in the morning and I knew Bobby was having a healthy
cereal to start the day. The taste is great;
the product itself is very good. The
price is a bit high compared to the other cereals we normally buy, but due to
the fact these are tasty and healthy too I would purchase more. Have already recommended. Bobby was not really concerned about the
alphabet shapes just liked eating this cereal.
So if my son likes it that is good enough for me. A really good healthy breakfast cereal to
start the day. Anna Reid – Bobby 3 Years



 I would buy this cereal again and recommend. Pleasantly surprised, and well worth the price.


Lisa Awarded The BEAR Alphabites 4.7/5    

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