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Bebecar Multibob Group 2 & 3 Child Safety Seat

The Bébécar Multibob Group 2 & 3 child safety seat  is suitable for use from 15kg to 36kg (approx 3 years to 11 years) making it fully compliant with the latest legislation. As well as its sporty looks the Multibob offers safe travel for your child. The Multibob features an integrated side impact protection system with an adjustable padded headrest for maximum protection. Installation is easy using the vehicles three point seat belt system and the seat cover can be removed for washing. Designed to grow with your child the Multibob seat depth can be increased and the headrest extended automatically moving the backrest into the correct ergonomic position, ensuring that the seat is always in the safest and most comfortable position for your child.

Bébécar Multibob SPP Group 2 & 3 infant car seat. £120.00 available in Racing Red and Midnight.

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Bebecar Multibob Group 2 & 3 Child Safety Seat Reviews

Product Tested by: Mr. Dalton – Luca Aged 3 Years

Product Tested By Mr. Dalton – Luca Aged 3 Years

Mr. Dalton Awarded The Bebecar  Multibob 5/5

Instructions were very simple to understand.  When assembling just requires the bottom seat part to be attached to the backrest. Very simple procedure though.  The seat will last our 3 year old for many years. As he gets older the backrest can be detached so it can function just as a booster seat. Cup holders would make an excellent addition. Maybe a slide on table as well….. It must be pretty comfortable. On the longer journeys we have made with it he has fallen asleep very quickly. He looks quite comfy in it.  Piece of cake to fit in our car. It just sits on the seat and is held in with conventional seat belt. Very Easy.  Easily adjusted both height and width of seat by pulling integrated handle.  Fabric looks great. Hardwearing and very easy to clean.  Overall pretty good design. Would be nice if the angle of recline was slightly greater. Price wise I would say its pretty much in-line with what you would expect from a seat of this quality.  Would certainly consider purchasing this car seat and have already recommended.  Overall, the product is simple to use. MY wife does not drive, so talking the seat out of my car and into the grandparents is very easy. Particularly as there is no difficult fitting required. Surfaces are wipe clean and do not stain. Very happy thank you.  Mr. Dalton – Luca Aged 3 Years

Product Tested By Michelle Maynard – Thomas Aged 34 Months

Michelle Awarded The Bebecar Multibob 4/5

It is a good basic no fuss car seat. The instructions were a lot more complicated than they needed to be.  For one action required it seems to take a few paragraphs to explain and the words and pictures did not seem to match easily.  Eventually the backing can be separated from the base and the base can be used as a ‘booster’ seat.   Thomas does not look comfortable in it BUT I presume this is more for the change in seat rather than this model of seat. He says he is but he seems to be sitting more upright, he will eventually in a ‘booster’ seat. It is easy to fit in the car but again the instructions make it more of an issue. The actual installation is easy.  It is fine to adjust height and width as long as you realise you need to ‘un-Velcro’ the base of the head-rest before trying to raise/lower it.  Personally I found the fabric a little rough and ‘pills’ easily as Thomas clothes rub on it.  It is a basic design WHICH IS A GOOD THING.  For what it is and the RRP I personally feel this item is a little pricey!  After using this car seat I would consider purchasing and recommend to friends and family.  However, I would tell them to install themselves then check back with the instructions to ensure it is correctly fitted, not the other way around.  It is a good basic car-seat but a little on the pricey side.  Michelle Maynard – Thomas Aged 34 Months

Product Tested By Victoria Harrison – Charlie Aged 3 Years

Victoria Awarded The Bebecar Multibob 4.7/5

Upon arrival seemed safe and sturdy.  The instructions are clear with pictures for reference. You need to attach the base to the back, it’s very simple.  The seat back raises to the height of the child, the seat also expands outwards for the larger child to give extra leg room.  The seat is fully padded and spacious.   Very easy to fit, the instructions are also very clear. The only problem I have is that the seat is very wide, great if you have 1 or 2 children in the back but I have 3 children and there was no room for my daughter in the middle of the back seat. I had to put the multibob on the front seat.  Very easy to adjust height and width of seat – only need to hold in a lever and pull up or out.  Good durable fabric, most messes should wipe away, covers can be removed for washing.  I love the look and design of the seat, but it is too wide for a small family car.  Great value for money – long lasting forward facing seat which grows with your child.  I would consider purchasing this seat as I like the seat and it is easy and safe and will grow with my child.  Would certainly recommend.   I like the car seat, so does my son. It is comfortable and spacious, looks good and will last a good few years yet.  Victoria Harrison – Charlie Aged 3 Years

Fabric looks great. Hardwearing and very easy to clean.  Overall pretty good design.


Mr. Dalton Awarded The Bebecar  Multibob 5/5

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