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Bebekish 100% Bamboo Bedding Set

Our bedding sets are produced in Turkey and made from 100% bamboo rayon.

All Bebekish products are sourced and produced ethically.

Product Description

The bamboo with its fast absorbency is anti-bacterial and anti-allergic.

Baby products made from bamboo cotton are proven to be beneficial to health.

Maintains body temperature, keeping you cool in summer and warm in winter.

Anti bacterial and prevents mites.

Its soft texture provides a restful sleep.

Easy to iron.

Package includes

2 pillow cases (35x45cm) (White/Minty)
1 fitted White sheet (70x140cm)
1 duvet cover Minty (100X150cm)
Price £90.00 Available online

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Bebekish 100% Bamboo Bedding Set Reviews

Product Tested By Lucy Little – Leila 3 Years

Lucy Awarded the Bebekish 100% Bamboo Bedding Set 4.5/5

Beautifully packaged, loved that it arrived in a box with ribbon – definitely appeared luxurious. We had the single bedding set. Simply designed, the colour was lovely although I usually would have chosen something with a design on for my children – this felt quite grown up. The fitted sheet fit the bed really well and stayed put the whole time we were testing the product however we found that the pillow and duvet often slipped and we were left with lots of excess material – this may have been due to the silkiness of the material. Very important to me this is Bamboo offering fast absorbency and anti-bacterial. This exudes quality and comfort and I really found it appealing knowing it had anti-bacterial and anti-allergic properties to help support the health of my child. My daughter said that she felt warm throughout the trial and even though there had been a recent drop in temperature, the duvet helped to keep her warm and have a good night’s sleep every night. We have never had an issue before with mites so I can’t be absolutely certain that this was effective as a result of the bedding. My daughter was really happy with the bed sheets and when I talked to her about them she commented on how comfy they were. The set was perfect for us 2 pillow cases, one fitted sheet and duvet cover. Really easy to wash and it dried really quickly. It was easy to iron however I also found that it creased very easily and if on the bed for a couple of days, it became quite creased up. I would also rather not have to iron the bed sheets where possible. This is a very high quality bedding set.  It also washes well, is a great material which is very good quality and I’m certain it will be long lasting. It’s important to know how the items are made and where they come from, particularly when you are using them for your children. It is beautifully soft and feels cool on the skin, a really lovely colour and it feels great quality. It is a lot more expensive than I would usually pay however from what I have seen, the quality and understanding about how the product has been made does show me that it offers value for money and I can understand why they charge this amount for it. For me I would want it to have a better fit on the duvet to avoid it constantly slipping and I would struggle to justify the cost when there are other products out there with lovely designs which my children would favour over a plain design. I would recommend for the way it feels so lovely on the skin whilst also helping to keep the child warm at night – I would love this bedding set in a double/king size for adults. Lovely product, however I would prefer it to have some sort of design to make it more child friendly and fit the duvet better. My daughter absolutely loved trialling these bed sheets, they really helped to give her a good night’s sleep every night. However we often had to re-make the duvet as the duvet had slipped down completely inside the sheet. They felt luxurious, soft and great quality and it was really appealing and exciting knowing what they were made of. Would definitely recommend to others. Lucy Little – Leila 3 Years

Product Tested By Caroline Duncan – Poppy 2 Years

Caroline Awarded the Bebekish 100% Bamboo Bedding Set 4.4/5

Nice colour.  It was packaged really nicely in a nice (Bebekish) box that I’ve kept to reuse. The design in this instant is just a plain colour.  It is a really pleasant shade of pale green. It fits my daughter’s single bed perfectly.  The fitted sheet, importantly, wraps under the mattress to stay in place. For my own children I always like to have the best, so it’s nice to know that this is the case. Without testing the bedding myself, it is quite hard to gauge if it regulates body temperature. Being currently winter, my daughter said she was nice and warm using it when I asked her. My daughter was really happy with this set. She found it extremely soft and comfortable. The set had everything we needed.  I was easy to launder but it would be easier if I could tumble dry it but it does quickly on the clothes horse. The material made it very easy to iron and the creases were completely gone (not just flattened like some material.  The only difficulty was due to the size (single bed size).  It felt like almost silk bedding and is made well. I’ve already washed this three times and it looks no different yet. To me very important ethically sourced. For that price it would be even worse if labour was exploited as there must be a high margin. The quality is very, very good. It’s a very good product, but I don’t understand why it is so expensive. I would need to know why it warrants such a high price (labour, the material, technology) to justify paying it. I would buy this if I saw this on offer for about £40.00.  I would recommend due to how soft it is and being anti allergenic and anti-bacterial. The product is great and well made.  However, it is expensive for bedding.  I always need at least 2 sets of bedding per child in case of accidents or illness and it needs changing during the night, so there is no way I could justify £90 for one set. Has such a lovely soft and silky feeling.  It is also easy to iron.  As it’s child’s being I’d have preferred it to have more pattern, however, my daughter’s favourite colour is green so she loves it.  Poppy doesn’t have any allergies.  Caroline Duncan – Poppy 2 Years

Product Tested By Sam Davies – Sophie & Jake – 5 & 2 years

Sam Awarded The Bebekish 100% Bamboo Bedding Set 3.5/5

When I opened the packaging it was in a lovely sturdy box and the product was wrapped in tissue paper and bound with ribbon. I really liked the colour (we had mint green) and we were trying the single bed set. Very good fit.  It was nice that there was plenty of room with the fitted sheet so it went over the kid’s mattress protector and wasn’t a tight fit at all. To be honest being Bamboo, fast absorbency and anti-bacterial etc., is not something that I think of when buying bedding. I think more about whether the material is nice, if it will wear well and the cost. As we were trying it in the cooler months I can’t comment on whether it keeps you cool during the warmer weather but my daughter did still want to have a fleece blanket on too to keep warm. My little boy however was fine just using the duvet.  To be honest it’s not something that I really think about.  My understanding of mites is that they are in every bed know matter what you do prevent them.  I guess if it helps to prevent them then that’s great but it’s not something that I really think about if I’m honest. The bedding is soft to touch. Both my children were happy sleeping in it. The set was plenty for what we needed.  It was nice that it came with two pillow cases as in my experience with buying bedding sets you only usually get one so it was nice not having to add an extra pillow case that wasn’t part of the set. It was easy enough to wash but it was very heavy when wet. I found it took longer than my other bedding sets to dry. I found it a bit of a pain to iron to be honest.  Once it had dried after washing it was very creased.  I felt like I was ironing it for ages to sort it out.  The material creases very easy too so you have to make sure you kept it very flat once you’d ironed part of it. The quality of the bedding is nice but to be honest it’s not so much so that I would buy this over the type of bedding I currently buy.  I think the material is fine to use on all ages from birth upwards but for me it was frustrating how easy it was to crease. It was nice to know that the products used to make the bedding are ethically sourced.  To be honest, it’s not something I feel I need to make sure that all of my bedding sets are.  I think this is probably reflected in the price of the product. As nice are the bedding is, soft etc., I found that it creased so easy.  Each time I’d lay on the bedding to read bedtime stories, when I got up it was so creased and I found it very frustrating.  When my children climbed out in the morning too I really had to ‘flatten out’ the duvet to try and ease out some creases. For me personally I could not justify paying so much for a bedding set for a child’s bed.  It is more expensive than I pay for a king size bedding set for myself. I think that the price of the product is too much.  I don’t know of many people who would spend so much on bedding set. Overall the product was nice to have been able to try but it’s not something that I would ever be able to afford to buy.  The colour is really nice and not ever bearing.  The material is soft and my children found it cosy to sleep in.  For me it creased too easy and was a pain to iron. The bedding was very nicely packaged on arrival.  There was defiantly no expense spared. The box was lovely and clearly labelled with the company’s name and the product that was included. I liked that there was 2 pillow cases in the set too. The bedding was very heavy when wet and did take longer to dry then other sets I have.  It was very creased once washed was difficult to iron.  On a plus side it was a very nice fit and the bottom sheet had plenty of room to go over my child’s mattress protector without being too tight. Overall I feel its way too expensive for me to ever buy and not something that I feel is worth the extra money to warrant buying. Sam Davies – Sophie & Jake – 5 & 2 years

My daughter absolutely loved trialling these bed sheets, they really helped to give her a good night’s sleep every night. However we often had to re-make the duvet as the duvet had slipped down completely inside the sheet. They felt luxurious, soft and great quality and it was really appealing and exciting knowing what they were made of. Would definitely recommend to others.


Lucy Awarded the Bebekish 100% Bamboo Bedding Set 4.5/5

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