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Bebekish 100% Bamboo Muslin – Shiny Stars

Our loving multi-purpose muslin cloths are made of 100% bamboo yarn.

All Bebekish products are sourced and produced ethically.

Product Description

Silky soft fabric.

Anti bacterial and anti allergic.

It is used as a swaddle because it protects the body temperature.

It will keep you warm in cold weather and cool in the heat.

Useable all year round.

It protects babies from UV rays.

Eco friendly product.

It protects your baby as well as the nature.

It absorbs water more than a normal cotton.

It is a breathable fabric.


120X120cm (47”x 47”)

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Price £25.00 Available online

Bizziebaby Bronze Award Winners 2019 Bed Accessories & Bedding 

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Bebekish 100% Bamboo Muslin – Shiny Stars Reviews

Product Tested By Laura Clarke – Robyn Newborn

Laura Awarded The Bebekish Muslin Shiny Stars 5/5

Lovely colour and design. Very soft and thin material. Lovely neutral design, bright and colourful.  As it’s so big it was very easy to use. It’s the nicest muslin we have, not rough after being washed. Being anti-bacterial and anti allergic is was ideal for use with a newborn it was an added bonus. The fact it helps maintain body temperature is a great feature. My baby did enjoy being swaddled in this but there was so much material to use there was always a lot left over. However I know this can be used throughout our child’s first year. We used this lot. Mainly used during feeding and night-time. The absorbency was great and when we used it for feeding it didn’t get wet. Washed well, didn’t shrink or go rough and wrinkled. In this day and age yes very important ethically sourced. The quality is great. Good value.  I would buy this as it is a lovely product. I would recommend at it is great for swaddling and feeding. Can be used to be covered whilst breast feeding. I could not fault this product. Worked well and we loved it. Laura Clarke – Robyn Newborn

Product Tested By Nikola Caswell – Elliot 5 Months

Nikola Awarded The Bebekish Muslin Shiny Stars 4.2/5

Loved the initial appearance, pattern and feel. Beautiful design, gender neutral yet bright and colourful unlike most neutral baby items. Once I got the hang of this was very easy to use. This muslin was so soft and even once washed it maintained its everyone knows babies’ skin is so sensitive and delicate; all parents want to find a product that is going to be kind to skin and not cause irritation or allergic reactions. I am unable to give feedback on controlling body temperature for this  as a swaddle as my son has developed a hate to being swaddled, however, we took to using it as a blanket for daytime naps which I feel the muslin performed well in keeping my son at the right temperature for sleeping. We used this several times. We have used this muslin doubled over as a blanket and also as a play mat. We didn’t use this muslin around water, but I feel that the absorbency is a good feature for the muslin to have. We also used this as a covering on the floor like a play mat, my son loved looking at all the coloured stars and trying to grab them. This was easy to launder. As a swaddle it took me several attempts to try and use it, it is such a big muslin I did struggle, and with a reluctant and wiggly baby we did give up however I think if I’d mastered it, it would have been very easy to use. I think it is important a company and consumer to have ethical values. The material is super soft and feels great quality. Great values as this product is great in quality and design, and is huge in size. I would not buy this as unfortunately for us its main purpose as a swaddle didn’t come into play however if my son had liked being swaddled then I would definitely consider buying it as it is great quality and value for money.  I would recommend as it is a brilliant size, design and fabric, think others would love it and feel it is excellent value for money.  A brilliant attractive product however not full marks as I’ve not been able to use it to its full potential. Everything as noted above. Excellent value for money due to sheer size of product, quality of material used is brilliant and super soft; the bright colourful pattern is very attractive and makes the product stand out. We loved using this as a light blanket for naps and as a play mat and we will continue to do so. Nikola Caswell – Elliot 5 Months

Product Tested By Natalie Swan – Leo 13 Months

Natalie Awarded The Bebekish Muslin Shiny Stars 4/5

It looked like nice muslin and I liked the packaging with the window to show the item and so you could touch it and get an idea of how soft it was. I liked the stars, the bright colours and it felt gender neutral. I’m not a fan of things that are like “boat design for boys” and “unicorns for girls”. Easy to use although my boy had it as more of a comforter than as a swaddle wrap. It was quite thin and swaddling wise I think Velcro ones are easier. Because its bamboo it’s great that it’s soft and breathable but its more of a comforter or light blanket etc. for me than a sleep thing. It feels nice and soft and I appreciate its breathable because I always worry about blankets going over my boys face. I like the idea it is anti-bacterial and anti allergic but I don’t really understand how it works, I think I thought ” that’s good if it works” but it wasn’t a big deal to me because I’m not sure I understand it.  I didn’t notice that it kept my boy particularly warm, if I folded it over on itself to make it thicker it was ok but I don’t know if I’d think it was as warm as a regular blanket. He had it over him and tucked in but I didn’t really successfully swaddle with it but then my boy is a wriggler! I used it in his pram over him as an extra blanket and sometimes in his car seat because then I didn’t need to worry about him pulling it over his face too much. I didn’t notice a big difference between the absorbency compared to my regular mussies for face wiping to be honest. I also used this as a comforter.  This washed really well with my normal laundry load so happy about that. Being produced ethically is important to me. I’d like to know more about the ethical production and sustainability of the bamboo because I’m particularly concerned with environmental issues. Really nice design, really nice material I think personally I prefer slightly thicker mussies but overall really good and I like the larger size. I feel like 25 is a little much for it, I’d probably pay 20 because its larger and made of bamboo but its quite expensive otherwise, I know they put on the pack all the things you can do with it on the back. Maybe if I was totally sure I’d use it for all those reasons Id pay more. There’s not much to stop me recommending it but I think they would think it was a bit pricey. I like the design, the material , the packaging and the ethical side of things but I’d want more detail on the ethical story, I’d like to check that you can safely use as a pram cover because that worries me that that’s on the pack and I think its a bit pricey. Overall I liked the product and it was very handy and convenient to use in different situations (face wiping / make shift bib/ car blanket) but I don’t know about the price and the over the pram suggestion. I would make more of wearing it as a scarf then whip it off to use it for baby because actually that’s really interesting and means I’m carrying less stuff in my bag and I hadn’t thought of it. Natalie Swan – Leo 13 Months






Washed well, didn’t shrink or go rough and wrinkled. In this day and age yes very important ethically sourced. The quality is great. Good value.  I would buy this as it is a lovely product. I would recommend at it is great for swaddling and feeding. Can be used to be covered whilst breast feeding. I could not fault this product. Worked well and we loved it.


Laura Awarded The Bebekish Muslin Shiny Stars 5/5

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