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Bebekish Breastfeeding Cover

Breastfeeding Cover

Some mums like privacy and they feel more comfortable feeding their baby in public with a nursing (breastfeeding) cover.

Babies love the softness of the nursing cover and they stay on the breast until they are completely full. As a result of it, your little one becomes more contented and happy.

Bebekish Nursing Cover provides full coverage to mums while breastfeeding. Mums can have an eye contact with their babies through adjustable open neck.

Happy babies, happy parents!

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Bizziebaby Bronze Award Winner 2022 Breastfeeding Accessories and Breastfeeding Tops Categories 

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Bebekish Breastfeeding Cover Reviews

Product Tested By Katie Cottrell – Lettie 7 Months

Katie Awarded The Bebekish Breastfeeding Cover 5/5

When this arrived was bigger than I expected. It’s a good concept for new mums who are nervous about breastfeeding in public. A little fiddly at first but now I’m used to it it’s easy to use. The open neckline is good as you can see baby at all times. The organic cotton provided  reassurance that the baby had lots of airflow and was easy to look down and check on baby. The strap is easy to adjust with one hand and I was confident that it would not slip off when feeding. I was confident when feeding in public with this cover as it is large light and looks like a light blanket so does not draw attention to yourself either. The cover is very light baby does not overheat you would not know baby was covered, I look forward to using this in the summer as a sunshade or blanket. This is enough to cover an older baby and mum. I would use this daily. I’ve mostly use this when out in public or at a relatives/friend’s house. This is great to use when feeding in public.  You can easily put the cover over your head whilst holding the baby it’s light and large and gives plenty of coverage. Being organic bamboo the breastfeeding cover is easy to wash and tumble dry’s well. I was surprised to also read all the packaging that this cover can be used as a sunshade and as a light blanket for the warmer weather. It is expensive for what it is but it’s super soft and can be used for lots of uses. The quality is lovely it’s super soft. I would definitely consider buying this for a gift for a new mum it’s definitely something mums would use even if not breastfeeding. I will recommend this product to friends and family, The softness is ideal for a new baby, it gives confidence when feeding in public. I give this cover full marks as the packaging is all recyclable it is environmentally friendly whilst being soft, lightweight, breathable and providing good coverage. This is my fifth baby I wish I found this cover sooner I’ve spent many years trying to hold a blanket over myself and baby. I love the softness of this cover. Katie Cottrell – Lettie 7 Months

Product Tested By Sannah O’Connor – Harris 7 Months

Sannah Awarded The Bebekish Breastfeeding Cover 4/5

I thought the box was attractive and that it looked like a high quality product. I had already tried two breastfeeding covers and thought this design was innovative as it was different to those – I liked how this one allowed the baby to look up through the ring and not be completely shrouded in darkness. Sometimes the ‘tie’ on the ring would loosen and therefore compromise one’s modesty and other times it would be too tight! Absolutely effective having an open neckline. This aspect is definitely the strength of the product. The fact this provides airflow and allows you to see baby is latching properly worked so well.  My previous two breastfeeding covers didn’t allow this and I would often ‘dive’ under them blocking my view in public so I could be getting robbed. The neck strap was effective 80% of the time. As mentioned above, sometimes the adjustable neckline would be difficult to secure in a way that it wouldn’t be too loose but still adjustable. Definitely enabled you to be discreet when feeing. Plus the design was beautiful so it would look like a lovely, flowing top. It was ‘soft’ rather than ‘super soft’, definitely breathable. Couldn’t comment on the anti-allergic property. No problems at all with coverage. I would use this 3-4 times weekly when out and about. Mostly used in public – cafes and restaurants. This did give me confidence when feeding in public especially when dining with male family/friends. Clear instructions on how to launder. Was nice my baby had the ability to look out. I think the price should be a bit cheaper. As it is made to be breathable, it’s slightly more lightweight (thinner) than it should be for winter use. I would buy this but I would wait until it was in the sale and a bit cheaper. I would recommend as it really works well. Slightly priced too high and neckline not easily adjusted as mentioned above. Really enjoyed using this product, it’s a keeper and I will be recommending it to friends. Sannah O’Connor – Harris 7 Months

Product Tested By Zoe Butt – Hattie 15 Weeks

Zoe Awarded The Bebekish Breastfeeding Cover 4/5

The cover is a gorgeous, soft and light material and is so lovely to the touch. The design is really nice- I went for the black with stars on and it was really attractive, and easily went with lots of outfits. I was really impressed and pleasantly surprised when I opened this. It is a really nice idea. As a new mum, I tried using muslins, a joules cape and various other things. Muslins would just fall off, the cape was hard as I would have to park through the high neck to check on my little one- this overcomes all of those problems and is a really handy solution. It is a really good way to feed with ease. Initially I struggled a little bit to figure out how to keep the neck straps together (possibly a traditional apron top would work better although the ability to adjust may be beneficial depending on what you are wearing). The strap sometimes came undone or loosened and doesn’t always remain tight. Other than this, it’s very easy to use and self-explanatory and does the job really well. I didn’t find that I could maintain eye contact throughout as the positioning meant that her head was covered by the main shawl so I don’t think it is too effective if you are trying to maintain eye contact.  Being able to see my baby is latching properly was really helpful rather than having for example to put my whole head into a high neck cape! I like being able to keep a check on her and how she is doing, whilst still having the shawl fully covering me throughout. The additional benefit of air flow is how lightweight the material is – very breathable. I did find the adjustable neck strap often needed tightening and readjusting, and wondered if a standard apron type strap would be better to avoid this. As soon as it was on and the top adjusted appropriately, I felt confident that I could feed discretely. It gives a bit more flexibility as to what you can wear underneath because you know that the cover will protect your modesty. The fact it is made of bamboo, breathable and anti-allergic is probably my favourite thing about the cover. It is really light weight and so, so soft! I felt fully covered at all times. I go out quite often to cafes, restaurants and generally out and about. I don’t necessarily use it every time, depending what I’m wearing and who I’m with but I use it at least a couple of times a week. Mostly used in restaurants and cafes. I did find this easy to use when feeding in public. There are some places where without this, I would have felt self-conscious. I am a big advocate for being able to feed anywhere and everywhere, but for example we went to a pizza restaurant where there was a big group of men in the early 20s on the table next to us. Had I not had the cover with me, I would have felt really self-conscious but this helped me feel very confident in feeding without worrying about this. It was absolutely fine in with my main laundry. I loved that I could feed my daughter anywhere and everywhere with confidence. I do think it is on the more expensive side for the product, but it is so effective and such lovely quality that I do think it would be a worthwhile purchase. Really excellent, such lovely quality and I love the material. I would buy this as I think I will get lots of use out of it for a long time to come. I would recommend for all of the reasons detailed above, I think this is great and the best solution I have come across for feeding with confidence in public. Brilliant product, I would only drop the one point because of the fiddly nature of the neck and that this comes undone fairly often. I really like the product. My favourite thing about this is the quality of the material, how soft this is and that it is super breathable. It offers really good coverage, is soft and babies skin and you have confidence that baby can breathe well underneath. It gives good visibility for mum to check the latch and to see how baby is doing. I loved the added extra that a tree is planted on your behalf when purchasing and how environmentally friendly this is. Overall I would recommend this to others. Zoe Butt – Hattie 15 Weeks


I give this cover full marks as the packaging is all recyclable it is environmentally friendly whilst being soft, lightweight, breathable and providing good coverage. This is my fifth baby I wish I found this cover sooner I’ve spent many years trying to hold a blanket over myself and baby. I love the softness of this cover.


Katie Awarded The Bebekish Breastfeeding Cover 5/5

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