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The ultimate in infant positioning and support!  An essential tool for babies learning to sit.  The New & Improved bebePOD® now features a removable pommel that allows you to "upgrade” Baby’s First Seat with accessory packages that include a tray, placemat and more!  Lightweight, durable, non-toxic, and easy to wipe clean.

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bebePOD® Reviews

Product Tested by: Claire Jones – Baby Macy 5 Months

Product Tested By Claire Jones – Baby Macy 5 Months

Claire Awarded The Prince Lionheart  bébéPOD®


The product looks very good and good quality. The website is very informative and eye-catching with a good layout of all their new products. It shows the rosettes for the awards it has received from the parenting and pre-school awards. It shows instructions needed for each product well and shows the products been used in photos. It also has a page to bring up instructions for all the products available in a printable pdf form just incase you loose you own user manual. The whole site is easy to use. Well done. The packaging was as compact as it could be with no unnecessary plastic or cardboard.  It seemed to be in packaging that was adequate for the weight of the goods inside. Informative enough at the front and brightly coloured. The instructions were well written out and really easy to follow. Not only was there a booklet inside the box, the instructions were also in photo form on the outside of the box and a label was stuck to the Bebe Pod itself. It looks really comfortable as it is made out of squidgy foam like padding. My daughter seems to sit comfortably inside it. I am confident to a certain extent but you do have to supervise them at all times as it does sit her supported until she wants to look at something to the side at her. She then slips to the side within the mould of the seat. She enjoys sitting in it for about 10 minutes she will then start to arch her back and lean over the side of the seat which then puts her into a position of rolling out so really need to watch this. She likes to be fed while in the Bebe pod.  I can sit her unaided and I can tell that it is helping with the skills of sitting up straight.  Since using this I have noticed now while she is on my lap that she sits better and I feel that may have something to do with the Bebe pod. We take it with us to visit grandparents and it is great for her to sit in while we are all around the table having a meal, she still is at floor level but doesn’t feel as restrained as she would in a car seat. Also while we are enjoying this nice weather it’s nice to have her seated on the grass while my toddler is having a run about. I think that this product is fantastic quality even compared to other brands I have seen of similar products. I think it is good value for money when you think not only is it to teach the skills of sitting unaided but also is a great substitute to a first highchair. Maybe have an added lap belt to prevent them from arching up and over the side. It has been a very helpful product to have around the house. I would recommend it and already have mentioned it to my neighbour and close friend who is expecting a baby soon. A great product for both parent and baby, the ultimate baby seat! Claire Jones – Baby Macy 5 Months

Product Tested By Mandi Morrison – Baby Eowyn 6 Months

Mandi Awarded The Prince Lionheart bébéPOD®

4.5/ 5

A lovely colourful seat that looks quite comfortable. The website has a number of items available, however no pricing, a little uninspired for promoting their products. It has a very sturdy box with lovely illustrations and explanation of the product. It is shaped beautifully and is so soft. At first I was unsure how sturdy it was, however all the fears disappeared when Eowyn tried to throw herself back and got nowhere!! Eowyn absolutely loves it!! She is like a changed child now that she is able to sit up and play with her toys. It is an excellent item to teach her how to sit, however I would question if it would be suitable from 3 months as it suggests. It’s great as she is able to join in the activities and interact and is very well designed. It may be a little expensive, but a good investment. I think it is the simplicity of the product which I love. If it was a little less expensive or on special offer I would definitely buy this product. My Nan saw her in it and couldn’t get over the change in personality from sitting in her rocker and is now telling everyone!! Overall, a great product, that is only let down slightly by the cost. A great seat that my daughter adores, she loves to join in with the rest of the children and it seems to have given her the confidence to sit more on her own. Excellent! Mandi Morrison – Baby Eowyn 6 Months

Product Tested By Louise Dance – Baby Austin Alexander 4 months

Louise Awarded The Prince Lionheart bébéPOD®


This product is bright, inviting, not too big Colourful and shows all accessories and uses. The website is easy to use and also shows babies using the product. Great Clear visual instructions. Instructions in the box were very easy to follow Smooth and safe looking.  My son was a bit unsure at first, 3rd try seemed to be used to it. I would urge parents to not give up if the baby is not happy the first few tries, as my son enjoys using this now, even through initially he was not too keen. I think this was because it was so alien to him and up right where as his others  (bouncer, baby gym car seat) are all quite reclined.  Will be great when trying those first spoonfuls of food. This is also nice and compact to pop in car boot, so ideal for travelling.  We did have a Bumbo which is very similar but our baby was not keen on it as it was tighter on legs. Great safe place for baby to sit, brilliant pre high chair! Louise Dance – Baby Austin Alexander 4 Months

A great product for both parent and baby, the ultimate baby seat!


Claire Awarded The Prince Lionheart bébéPOD® 4.4/5

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