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Becky Mantin’s Nappy Grab Bag

Clever little ideas to make modern parenting that bit easier
Introducing… the Nappy Grab Bag! Everything you need for a single nappy change in one handy pack! Grab and GO!Each NGB contains: one Naty nappy, four Jackson Reece organic baby wipes, one sachet of Weleda Calendula Nappy Change Cream. The pack unfolds to reveal a hygienic, biodegradable changing surface with integrated dirties pouch, which can then be rolled up and sealed with the pull off adhesive strip for disposal.

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£1.99 per pack Available Amazon, Ocado, Waitrose or click online to find local stockist

Becky Mantin’s Nappy Grab Bag Reviews

Product Tested by: Susie Betts – Heidi 7 Months

Product Tested By Susie Betts –
Heidi 7 Months

Susie Awarded The Becky Mantin’s Nappy
Grab Bags 4/5

nice and compact and convenient to have in a handbag. Small and compact,
convenient to have in a handbag, easy to just grab and go on your way out. No instructions
as such, but contents label were helpful to see what was included. Pretty
simple to work out what to do. Good strong materials used. £1.99 seems a little
expensive for what is essentially an item that will be thrown away. This is
ideal for use when out shopping and don’t want to carry a lot. If it was
cheaper then the incentive to buy would be greater. I would recommend. I have found this product useful for having
in my bag when I don’t wish to take all of baby’s things with me, e.g. just
popping to the shops etc. However when using one pack I had to change my baby
in a supermarket changing room and at 7 months old she is now a little wriggler
and doesn’t stay put. In light of this I found the wipes and cream quite fiddly
to open and get out whilst trying to stop baby wriggling off the changing unit,
maybe a small pack of 4/5 wipes and tiny tube/pot of cream would be easier for
mums. I liked the disposable changing
mat and the fact that all the rubbish could be rolled up and binned in one go;
there was no need to fiddle around with a nappy sack. I would be likely to use
this product again, especially if it were to be available for less than £1.99. Susie Betts – Heidi 7 Months

Product Tested By Samantha Howlett –
Pippa 7 Months

Samantha Awarded The Becky Mantin’s Nappy
Grab Bags 4.2/5

like the size of the product seems like it will be easy and convenient to carry
around. Packaging is attractive also. I
think the packaging is a nice colour and size is convenient to bring anywhere
with you. Obviously much smaller than a changing bag so was handy for me to
grab when popping to the supermarket with baby. Instructions are on the outside
of the packaging but are very basic. However, that is all that is required
because the pack is self-explanatory and all sachets inside are labelled
accordingly. I think all of the items
inside the package are brilliant quality. The packaging is sufficient to use as
hygienic surface for changing, the wipes contain no nasties but smell lovely
and 4 is enough to do the job, the cream was lovely and silky and nappy felt
great too! I don’t think the product
offers value for money. Especially because when the items are bought separately
a normal nappy change would only cost you a couple of pence. I would rather
just have the hassle of carrying a changing bag around than paying this much
for a nappy change. Very handy when popping out for quick visit someone such as
supermarket or friends house. You would need to be fairly confident that one
nappy change would be enough. I wouldn’t consider buying the product due to the
price. I do think it is a handy little package to grab when popping somewhere
but I would also be worried that just one nappy pack might not be sufficient so
I would want to take whole changing bag with me. I would recommend the product
with regards to convenience and quality but most mums are on a budget like
myself so the pros wouldn’t outweigh the price. I really enjoyed using the
product when I popped to the supermarket with my baby. It was great to have
everything to hand when I needed it and I loved being able to use the packaging
as a hygienic changing surface. I loved all the products used inside which all
seemed great for sensitive baby skin. It’s a good idea that there’s a self-seal
strip on the packaging so everything can be wrapped up hygienically. This is a great feature if you’re out and
about with no bin nearby. Overall I loved the product but it’s such a shame
about the price. I appreciate that good quality products are used inside which
is reflected in the price but I couldn’t justify spending this price on a nappy
change. Samantha Howlett – Pippa 7 Months

Product Tested By Ali Smith –
Bethany 7 Months

Ali Awarded The Becky Mantin’s Nappy
Grab Bags 3.5/5

thought in principal the product was a good idea having all the items you
needed in one small packet to just ‘grab and go’. However, I think for the cost
and all of the individual packing of wipes etc. I would not use this product
regularly just on occasions. I thought the packaging was minimal on the outside
and a good idea in principal that it could be used as a layer between baby and
the floor. However, it is just plastic so I would need to use a mat or extra
layer if baby was to be lying somewhere not very soft as it is very thin. This
product did not require much instruction as it is just a simple change bag for
baby. However simple and clear. Quality of the product was good. The wipes and
nappy are all reputable brands that I have heard of – just the plastic outer packaging as very thin and I would not
use it in the way described (as a change mat). I would say that is was an
expensive way to change baby for £1.99 a change – particularly when they are
being changed so often and therefore would not use this that regularly –
particularly when I could make up my own grab pack from a larger bag of nappies
which would be much more cost effective. I think this product would be most
useful when you did not want to take too much stuff with you somewhere so for
example on an aeroplane or at a wedding/celebration where you needed to have
minimal items and be more discreet. I probably won’t be rushing out to buy this
product as it is only something I would use on a rare occasion if at all. I
like to have my babies whole change bag with me when I change my baby so I’ve
got access to spare clothing, another nappy should I need it and toys to keep
her entertained. I won’t recommend this product only because it is not a
necessary item I think people should have. With every other cost a baby brings
I’m not sure how many people will regularly shell out for this item at a cost
of £1.99 a change. Overall the product was a good idea for mums on the go or
needing minimal items with them for a change. However, I feel it is not an item
that is a necessity when having a baby and is something you could easily make
up yourself in advance. The product was fairly easy to use – just open the pack
and your nappy, wipes and cream are there. However, you did need both hands to
open all of the packets whereas with a normal packet of wipes you can use just
the one hand to pull out as many as needed with one hand on baby. The nappy is
not a brand I buy but it is an environmentally friendly nappy and fit my baby
well so I don’t have a problem with that. Ali Smith – Bethany 7 Months

I liked the disposable changing mat and the fact that all the rubbish could be rolled up and binned in one go; there was no need to fiddle around with a nappy sack. 


Susie Awarded The Becky Mantin’s Nappy Grab Bags 4/5

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