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About Become a Mumpreneur
The Become a Mumpreneur Membership Course is a fully comprehensive course for mums who want to start their own business. This course takes you through the process of starting your own business from the very beginning. We cover everything from how to think like an entrepreneur to gaining confidence, picking a business that suits you and how to get it all up and running. Become a Mumpreneur is packed with multi-media lessons and a private members area for networking and support. If you’re just starting out this could be the perfect course for you, read on to find out more.
Earn What You Deserve as a Mumpreneur is a 4 week e-course that fits around your work and family commitments. Download it to your computer right now and you can do it at any time of the day (or night!).

What’s included in Earn What You Deserve as a Mumpreneur

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Become a Mumpreneur E-Course Reviews

Product Tested by: Nicki Cawood- Kieran 5 Years &Taylor 9 Months

Product Tested By Nicki Cawood- Kieran 5 Years &Taylor 9 Months

Nicki Awarded The Become a Mumpreneur e-course 5/5

I looked forward to starting this course.  It is advertised as a course that can help you start or build on an existing business and help you earn what you deserve to.  Having seen other resources by both Erica and Antonia I was optimistic about how well it would work and from first logging on I felt very positive. The lessons were bite-sized, regularly delivered and focused, I knew what I was looking at, could clearly see how this could be transferred to my own situation and the variety of back up information available for each lesson is not only relevant, details and useful but family friendly.  None of the lessons made me feel pressured and I could work through them at my own pace.  My favourite lesson was Bam 15:Setting your own income goal.  As Erica stated during this section, it is very easy to be swayed by advertising and what you believe other people are earning. This section and its tools helped me build a realistic goal that became the basis for my final goal. This goal, thanks to the course has been reached and I have now revisited the lesson and the tools to set myself a new goal.  The member’s area is a great resource.  Networking, support, information from Ericaand Antonia but also an opportunity to share hints, tips, resources andexperiences with others. BaM has taught me to never underestimate the importance of support when building / running a business.  The other materials available were excellent!  The site is packed with extra resources. I have downloaded and read /used many of the additional resources available all of which are excellent. They were all clearly written and focused on the point at hand and were easy to understand.  The Tele classes were also very good, as with all the resources that come with BaM, the Tele classes were well presented, easy to understand and convenient for me as a working Mum.  If asked to, I couldn’t think of one way these could be improved. Despite working in my field for a while I feel more focused and motivated now that I have reached the end of this course.  I have set clearer goals for future progression and made many changes that I hadn’t considered previously.  I would absolutely recommend this course to others. Whether you are a complete business beginner or have run your own for a while, this course will work for you.  Going back to basics helps you re think the core sections of your business and building up through the intermediate and advanced levels of the course offers you huge amounts of insights into ways you can change or further progress your business, making it more successful and profitable. I have rewritten my goals, got rid of distractions and things that were wasting time and have organised my work better.  Since completing the BaM course my income has increased dramatically, as has my confidence!This course is deliveredf lawlessly but is not faceless, Tele classes, live webinars, podcasts and more are professionally recorded/run and it’s clear that both Antonia and Erica are experts in their field.  It’s definitely worth the money.  The money I have saved on things I really didn’t need since starting the course would have more than covered the fee, and that doesn’t include the extra I have earned.  I would definitely recommend this course.  Overall an extremely positive experience which has opened my eyes built my confidence and increased my income. Nicki Cawood – Kieran 5 Years & Taylor 9 Months

Product Tested By Cindy Wallis – George 1 Year

Cindy Awarded The Become a Mumpreneur e-course 4/5

My initial impression was that I was excited about what I was going to learn. The thing I enjoyed most about the lessons was the topics I never even thought of before. My favourite lesson was the Affiliate Programme – Working without effect. The member’s area seemed fine although I didn’t use it much. There were other materials available and the Tele classes were a good idea too.  At the end of myc ourse I knew it would have helped to make things easier for me, but it did seem to take up a lot of my time.  I would recommend this to someone who has got a lot of time to go through it all.  Since attending this course I have started looking at possible blogs and affiliate programmes.  The quality of this course is fine and I have no complaints.  If you can utilise it to its full extent then it does offer value for money.  Overall I was keen and excited when the course came out and I hoped to go through it with ease.  Some issues are a little technical but I could figure it out.  For me my biggest issue was time.  I work full time and have a part time job too, that with family commitments left me personally with not a lot left.  Unless you have an hour or two spare, I wouldn’t recommend it.  Cindy Wallis – George 1 Year


Product Tested By Kim Tonkinson – Baylie 4 Years

Kim Awarded The Become a Mumpreneur e-course 5/5

I was excited to start the course.  I was open to any ideas that the course would send my way. The lessons went through step by step how to start a successful business, not all business ideas are successful.  This course helps you determine the good from the bad.  Lesson 40 was my favourite;  however I have a few favourite lessons.  I had to sit down and work out the costing of everything from ingredients, gas to use cooker, time and equipment.  It made me realise what I actually did.  The member’s area was great.  The other mums on there were friendly and helpful.  There was always someone around ready to offer help and guidance if it’s needed.  The other material was excellent, I enjoyed when there was a e-book attached to a lesson as it was good to sit down and look about what I was doing and re-read it if needed.  The tele classes were brilliant being live.  You could ask questions and most of the time others would ask the questions that you didn’t think of.  At the end of my course I felt like I had learnt a lot about my business.  It proved to me that I can make something of my life and not just be a stay at home mom.  I successfully make 1-2 cakes a week now and are able to give quotes all with the help of this course.  The quality of this course is excellent.  I can tell that a lot of time and effort has been put into doing the lessons and it shows as I have learnt a lot.  It offers excellent value for money.  The only way that this course would not be value for money is if you weren’t serious about doing the lessons.  If I had family or friends who wanted to make something of their life I would definitely recommend this course to them.  It’s a fantastic course.  It has all the info and help that I needed to be where I am today.  With the lessons, addition material and online support the BaM course is fantastic and with the lifetime membership to the website so I can go and get any more help and advice is the perfect end to an excellent course.  Thank you BaM.  Kim Tonkinson – Baylie 4 Years





















I would definitely recommend this course. Overall an extremely positive experience which has opened my eyes built my confidence and increased my income.   


Nicki Awarded The Become a Mumpreneur e-course 5/5

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