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Our eco-friendly potties are made from waste plant material, so while they last for years in your home they will start biodegrading as soon as you pop them in your garden. The ergonomically designed Becopotty is comfortable and easy to use. The high back offers extra support, while the large splash guard helps keep potty training hygienic. Our potty is not only kind on your baby, but also the environment.

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BecoPotty Reviews

Product Tested by: Claire Duma – Deacan 2 Years

Product Tested By Claire Duma – Deacan 2 Years

Claire Awarded the Becopotty 5/5

We were very excited to receive the Becopotty, as having used real nappies we love the idea that it recyclable, first impressions it’s a small nice looking light weight potty. I found the website easy to navigate round, nice layout and great design and very informative about its products, having looked at the other products they supply am very interested in all items they sell. The packaging was very minimal and recyclable which is great to go along with the product, had all the information on it which was needed. The product is very good quality, this potty has been everywhere with us car, shopping, swimming and restaurants has taken a lot of knocking around shows no marks or dents. Deacan potty trained early and is not very big for his age, The Becopotty was great for him he looked comfortable his legs rested right, he would happily sit there for a long time. He loves this potty finds it easy for him to sit on and will sit on it for long periods of time, and he carries it most places around the house, and out of the house. The potty is easy to empty and clean out nicely with no rims and with it being one moulded unit. The potty shape is great it’s high enough at the back for it to be comfortable and stop splashes and the same at the front with having a little boy to stop splashes there too. The only improvement I would suggest for this potty is as well as the curves to pick it up with at the sides on the bottom, would be for them to put a cut out handle on the back of the potty. This potty was ideal size for young training or smaller toddlers; His bum fits nicely and is great height for legs. I think this is a fabulous idea; makes less wasted plastic and sure when the time comes Deacan will have lots of fun helping me. Becopotty is great value for money, it’s practical and has the added extra of an activity burring it in the garden. It’s a fabulous light weight, comfortable, easy to use potty with the bonus of being greener. Claire Duma – Deacan 2 Years


Product Tested By Pam Murphy – Ellie 2 Years & 2 Months

Pam Murphy Awarded the Becopotty 3.9/5

At first, I thought the potty looked very plain and not appealing to a child at all. The packaging was all that was required, minimal and good for the environment. The quality of the product is great, it’s very sturdy. I think the potty looks a bit straight at the back edge and my daughter doesn’t particularly like it, she gets straight off it whenever I try to put her on it. I find the potty very easy to empty and clean and the shape looks fairly suitable for its purpose. I think the idea of the potty being biodegrading is an excellent idea! I don’t think the product offers great value for money because I personally would he happy with a cheaper potty but if you are all for being green then it would be money well spent. Excellent to use, easy to clean and very environmentally friendly. Pam Murphy – Ellie 2 Years & 2 Months


Product Tested By Liane Young – Edward 2 Years

Liane Awarded the Becopotty 2.8/5

The packaging for the product was suitable and the instructions were simple. I was impressed with the quality but I did not think that the potty looked comfortable. Edward also told me that it hurt him when he sat down on it. I did not find using the potty that easy to empty and clean and I think the size isn’t very well suited for boys. The idea of the Becopotty is brilliant and it is very important to me that you can recycle the potty in the garden but I feel it is better suited for girls. Liane Young – Edward 2 Years

It’s a fabulous light weight, comfortable, easy to use potty with the bonus of being greener.


Claire Awarded the Becopotty 5/5

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