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Beech’s Milk Chocolate Caramel Butterflies 100g

Beech’s Fine Chocolates – Milk Chocolate Caramel Butterflies – Dreamily soft caramel centres covered in thick milk chocolate shaped as a perfect little butterfly with exquisitely detailed wing patterns.  The blend of silky milk chocolate with the caramel is absolute bliss. – See more at: 


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Beech’s Milk Chocolate Caramel Butterflies 100g Reviews

Product Tested by:

Product Tested By Elizabeth Surcouf – Magnus and Anastasia –
6 & 1 years

Elizabeth Awarded The Beech’s Fine Milk Chocolate Caramel
Butterflies 4.2/5

impressed with the packaging – and would be happy to give this as a gift. I had very high expectations for the
chocolate due to the quality of the packaging, and though not bad, it lacked
the creaminess I was expecting from a milk chocolate and it left a waxy texture
on my teeth and an after taste that required a drink to clear my mouth before I
ate the next one. Was very disappointed about this as I had very high
expectations. The caramel filing is very
sweet but nice. Initial overall texture
was good, but the chocolate was quite waxy in comparison to the almost liquid
nature of the filling. The caramel filling was very runny, more like liquid
honey. It is very important to me that
only natural ingredients, colours and flavourings are using in confectionary. I
definitely look to see if natural ingredients are used, the more natural the
ingredients the better. The box and style of the packaging is fantastic. The ingredient description on the back of the
box was clear and as expected. I was not initially aware all natural
ingredients used, it was only after eating some that I re-read it to see what
was actually in them. Great packaging,
lovely chocolate design, lovely filling, just the overall chocolate taste
wasn’t that great. For a natural
product, with this quality of presentation then definitely good value for
money. However, on flavour scale, it
ranked up there with a much cheaper quality of chocolate – cheap advent
calendar chocolate was the only thing I could compare it to. Actually have a
‘chocolate section’ in our fridge and another in the cupboard – big chocolate
lovers in this house. I tasted this box before it was refrigerated and then a
few days later after it had been. Chocolate
not quite right for my taste, but loved the filling. The chocolate needs some tweaking to get rid
of the aftertaste. The packaging is very
eye catching and if I had seen this in a store would have purchased as a
gift. I would not recommend, but then I
am a huge chocolate lover and it just wasn’t right for me. However I would not
go so far as to say anything too bad about it because it had many good points
too and may be to others taste. I still have some left and my father will
probably eat them when he is next over. Shame
about the chocolate after taste as it was great in so many other areas. Lovely to look at, natural and well filled,
but lacked on the chocolate front.Elizabeth Surcouf – Magnus and Anastasia – 6 & 1 Years

Tested By
Tracey Coulsdon – Jamie & Cherie – 8 & 11 years

Awarded The Beech’s Fine Milk Chocolate Caramel Butterflies 4.4/5

box of chocolates looked well-presented and we all wanted to taste these. Nice chocolate and lovely creamy caramel
filling. The chocolate was a nice
texture, not the best we have tasted but was nice. The caramel filling is lovely, really sweet
and compliments the chocolate. The
caramel filling was not too runny, but as a chocoholic household we tend to
keep all our chocolates in the fridge and sometimes in the freezer too. We all liked these and the box makes it ideal
to give as a gift. I personally do not
check on boxes when buying chocolates to see if all natural ingredients
used. I normally look for a well-known
brand, and also an eye catching packaging showing the lovely chocolates
inside. This box of chocolates clearly
highlights on the back of the box ingredients used and all natural. For our
family it is all down to taste really.
We all enjoyed these and even though they were a bit sweet enjoyed by
all. As you can guess we purchase a lot
of chocolate and these are lovely, well-presented but not the best we have
tasted. Price is comparable to other
similar chocolates on the market so yes value for money and box presentation
would make me pick these up as a gift.
We always keep our chocolate in the fridge and some in the freezer too. Very rarely keep it in the cupboards as can
get too runny if warmer day. I would buy
these again probably as a gift and I would recommend to any chocolate fans with
a sweet tooth. Nice tasty chocolate
caramels and presented in a lovely box. Tracey
Coulsdon – Jamie & Cherie – 8 & 11 years

Product Tested By Sharon Gration – Rosie & Daniel 8
& 10 Years

Sharon Awarded The Beech’s Fine Milk Chocolate Caramel Butterflies 4/5

When these arrived could not wait to try them. Very sweet taste and I have a very sweet
tooth and this was even too sweet for me couldn’t eat more than 2 at one
time. Even kids thought they were too
sweet. Lovely caramel flavour but too
sweet. The texture of the chocolate was
smooth and the caramel was not too gooey.
I don’t really look for natural ingredients on chocolate products. These come in a lovely box, simple design but
very eye catching. You also have a good
description of all ingredients used on the back of the packaging. This confirmed these chocolates were made
using natural ingredients. Good quality
chocolates. I do feel they are a little
expensive. We enjoyed the blend of
flavours and who would not love chocolate and caramel. The taste could be improved by making it not
so sweet. Nice looking box and shaped
chocolates but both myself and kids found these too sweet. Lovely idea but need to work on the sweetness
of the product. Sharon Gration – Rosie &
Daniel 8 & 10 years







The packaging is very eye catching and if I had seen this in a store would have purchased as a gift. 


Elizabeth Awarded The Beech’s Fine Milk Chocolate Caramel Butterflies 4.2/5

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