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Before Baby Birthing Kit

Our best-selling labour must- have gift set – our natural Birthing Oil to help relieve pain, plus Neroli & Geranium Birthing Mist Spray, cotton flannel & refreshing Lipsalve.Gift pouch includes: 100% natural 60ml lavender & clary sage Birthing Oil for massage or pulse points, as recommended by midwives for natural pain relief50ml Birthing Mist spray for face and body in neroli & geranium scent to balance hormones and refreshPeppermint eucalyptus & shea butter lipsalve to ease nausea and combat dry lips.100% cotton white faceclothComes presented in white organza bag with small wooden heart gift tag in box.

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Before Baby Birthing Kit Reviews

Product Tested by: Clare Bull – Evelyn 5 Weeks

Product Tested By Clare Bull – Evelyn 5 Weeks

Clare Awarded The Before Baby Birthing Kit 4.2/5

Well presented, has a home-made natural feel to it. The natural wood shaving packaging looks lovely but gets everywhere! The wooden heart is a lovely touch. Easy instructions, self-explanatory. More than enough products to last, still using some now. Found the smell of the massage oil slightly over powering, but the facial spray and lip balm were amazing. Very soothing. Clary sage is very strong scent and not for me the other products smelt lovely. Good quality and Well-presented would be a great gift for a mum to be. Very reasonably priced. Only design change would to maybe lose the wood shavings and go for another natural packaging. I would purchase this set and have already recommended. Relaxing and soothing scents especially in the facial spray and lip balm. Not so keen on the massage oil. Clare Bull – Evelyn 5 Weeks

Product Tested By Helen Marchant-Hawes – Jake & Heather 3 years & 6 weeks

Helen Awarded The Before Baby Birthing Kit 4.3/5

Very lovely packaging, nice and natural. Would be a great looking gift for a mum-to-be. Contents well packaged in a sensible sized box! Couldn’t wait to try the products. Lovely looking packaging, Nice and natural and very pretty. Contents in a sensible sized box for the size of the products. Box recyclable. Might have been nice to have a little fabric bag to keep all of the products together in my hospital bag – this is not a criticism it is just a ‘nice to have’. Instructions were very clearly labelled on each product and very easy to follow. Perfect sizing of each product. There was definitely enough to last through my labour (6hours) and some left over. The lip salve was in quite a small container and and I thought that I had lost it for a while, but luckily I found it in time in amongst my hospital bag. I did use all of the products through my labour and I found the lip salve the best and most useful. The other two products where lovely in very early labour and I found it nice to use to have a relaxing massage, however they did not provide any pain relief. The facial mist was nice and cooling. I thought that the fragrance of the birthing oil was very strong and would have preferred a subtler smell. The lip salve was perfect, as was the facial mist. Very high quality products, I would definitely buy this again as a gift for someone. As a gift then this would be lovely, you get 3 products for £16.99 specifically designed for labour that comes beautifully packaged; I would happily pay £16.99 for this set of products. A small fabric bag to put the items in once you have taken them out of the cardboard box would be great, as they get lost on their own in a hospital bag. I would buy this as a gift and recommend. A lovely set of products, which were very useful during labour. Helen Marchant-Hawes – Jake & heather 3 years and 6 Weeks

Product Tested By Angela Playle – Samuel 4 Weeks

Angela Awarded The Before baby Birthing Kit 4.5/5

Packaged well with a lovely smell coming from it. Beautiful packaging with ribbon and wooden heart tag. Instructions were clear and easy to understand, they covered each item in the kit. There was more than enough product and they were just the right size to fit in my hospital wash bag. My partner used the oil to massage my back during labour; I would say the products helped with pain relief but definitely with relaxation. Lip balm was brilliant after labour as my lips were so dry from the gas and air. Products smelt really nice and definitely helped create a relaxing atmosphere. Products appeared to be of top quality. I think it’s a little expensive for the amount of products you get. Products and packaging work really well. Maybe more products in the range to choose from? It’s not something I think people would buy for themselves, but they make really lovely gifts for baby showers etc. I have a number of friends who are currently pregnant and I am considering purchasing as gifts for them. Beautifully packaged and helps to create a relaxing and calming experience. Angela Playle – Samuel 4 Weeks

I would purchase this set and have already recommended. Relaxing and soothing scents especially in the facial spray and lip balm.


Clare Awarded The Before Baby Birthing Kit 4.2/5

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