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Bella B Nipple Nurture Butter

Nipple Nurture Butter is the perfect lanolin-free alternative to other breastfeeding creams. Did you know that lanolin actually comes from sheep’s wool? Nipple Nurture Butter is an excellent alternative for mothers that would prefer a plant-based alternative to lanolin.  We’ve chosen the very best natural ingredients including cocoa, shea and mango butter that are combined and specially-blended to provide excellent soothing and healing properties without using animal by-products. Our plant-based ingredients are food-grade and 100% safe for mother and baby. Nipple Nurture Butter is free of parabens (artificial preservatives). Use before and after breastfeeding to help prevent and soothe sore or cracked nipples. 2 oz. container

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Bella B Nipple Nurture Butter Reviews

Product Tested by: Dawn Telfer – Baby Amber 4 Weeks

Product Tested By Dawn Telfer – Baby Amber 4 Weeks

Dawn Awarded The Bella B Nipple Nurture Butter 4.5/5  

It was a little pampering treat just for me (and my boobs). The product is very thick so a tube is not ideal as it takes a lot of pressure to squeeze out the butter.  Instructions clear and to the point, there is not much to explain with this product really.   After you manage to get the butter from the tube it is a nice consistency to apply to the nipple.  You can apply a thin layer or a thicker layer depending on how sore you are.  Because it is thick you know that it will stay on the nipple and not be absorbed by a breast pad like a cream.  My nipples were not cracked, but I was going through a phase of trying to find a breast pump to suit to me so they were at times very red and swollen.  The butter provided immediate relief for me.  I used the product after expressing milk by pump which varied day to day, but after the first application onto my slightly swollen tender nipples, the effect was immediate and I did not need to use any more until my next pumping session.   Amber didn’t notice the taste at all and as I had a taste also, I didn’t notice any taste either!  The butter itself is lovely and nice to know that it is completely natural as it will at some point end up in your babies’ mouth.  It blends into the skin well without leaving a greasy residue, which saves your nursing bra from getting soiled.  A little goes a long way and as it is in the same price range of other nipple creams but contains only natural ingredients, it is very good value for money.   Once I run out I will buy more. Will be recommending and I will be buying a tube for my pregnant best friend who is due in December.  Another good point to this product is that you can use it to lubricate your nipple when expressing by breast pump and it will not cause any damage to the pumping parts.  A very good value for money natural product that makes breastfeeding that little bit special (and less harsh on your poor nipples).  Dawn Telfer – Baby Amber 4 Weeks


Product Tested By Anna Patterson – Baby Liam 2 Weeks

Anna Awarded The Bella B Nipple Nurture Butter 5/5  

Packaging nice and bright, no need to wash off prior to feeding, looking forward to testing it.  Loved the packaging bright and appealing.   Instructions explain easily what needs to be done and clearly states no need to wash off prior to feeding.  Very easy to apply and rubs in well without being greasy on skin, either nipples or fingers which is great when doing it one handed whilst holding the baby.  My sore nipples only lasted a day.  My nipples have now recovered but I am still applying the cream.   I used the cream after every feed and didn’t feel the need to re-apply between feeds.  I could not comment on whether Liam objected to the taste as I applied after every feed. Excellent product and much better than some of the others on the market I have tried.  This is slightly cheaper than the market leader which a lot of people recommended to me and I definitely prefer this product so good value for money as it worked.  Although other products are cheaper on the market you can not really put a price on pain free nipples when breast feeding.  I have already recommended this product to a couple of friends who are pregnant and the health visitor who had not seen this product before.  Very impressed, nice packaging, nice smell, easy to apply, doesn’t stain clothing, not greasy and most importantly eased sore nipples straight away and my sore nipples had gone after using this cream for 24 hours.  I will continue to use although my nipples are no longer sore and would definitely use it again.  I have recommended this product to people and will continue to do so.  Anna Patterson – Baby Liam 2 Weeks


Product Tested By Rolinda Smit – Baby Daniel 4 weeks

Rolinda Smit Awarded the Nipple Nurture 3.8/5

My initial impression of this product was that it had lovely eye catching packaging and an easy to use tube, along with a thick consistency of the product. I was also pleased that it is 100% natural. I think the instruction for use of the product was very easy to understand, it tells you how and when to apply the product on the tube, also giving you a list of the organic ingredients. I think the consistency of the cream is good but it is not as thick as other products on the market that I have used. However I did find the cream very easy to apply. The cream worked reasonably well with easing my sore nipples and did ease the discomfort upon application but it did not take away the tenderness altogether. I used the cream before and after each feed and also after bathing for maximum effect. My Baby did not seem to object to the taste of the cream whilst feeding. I also tested it myself and it had no noticeable taste or smell. The overall quality of the product is great because it is all natural with no animal products used. If you have sore nipples and this product helps you to continue breast feeding, then I think it is definitely worth the money, it also lasts for a long time. I would recommend this product for Mum’s who are allergic to Lanolin or who prefer to use non animal based products. Rolinda Smit – Baby Daniel 4 weeks

A very good value for money natural product that makes breastfeeding that little bit special.


Dawn Awarded The Bella B Nipple Butter 4.5/5  

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